What is Ashes Jewellery?

Ashes Jewellery Ashes Jewellery, also known as cremation or urn jewellery, commemorates the memory of lost loved one and offers a way to keep their ashes safely with you. The jewellery creates a very personal memorial that can be passed down through the generations.

⁠The jewellery acts a tiny urn so you can keep a small piece of your loved one with you whenever you wear it. There is a small screw that, once removed, reveals a compartment that can be filled with ashes or other small sentimental items. The jewellery gives people the comfort of being able to carry their loved ones safely with them. It also offers a way for family members or friends to share a small part of the ashes. The jewellery can either be worn or stored in a jewellery box to bring you comfort when you need it.

People often choose to wear cremation jewellery when attending special occasions like weddings, graduations and family celebrations so they can feel their loved one is part of the event.

You can also gift cremation jewellery to help someone grieve or to a relative that cannot attend the funeral so they still feel involved in the event and have a way to pay their respects.

The different types of Ashes Jewellery

Cremation jewellery comes in a range of different designs so you can find something that suits your style. Cremation pendant necklaces for men and women are perhaps the most popular, but you can also get ashes rings and urn cufflinks too. Urn cufflinks are often worn by the groom at his wedding to honour the memory of a loved one who cannot be there.

How do you fill cremation jewellery?

To fill the Ashes Jewellery you will need the following items

  • A small screwdriver
  • A tiny Funnel and pin (usually supplied with the piece)
  • Glue and a cocktail stick if you want to safely secure the jewellery once filled
  • A soft cloth.


  1. Carefully remove the screw and insert the tiny funnel into the opening.
  2. Use a teaspoon to pour a very small amount of the ashes into the funnel. It’s best to start off with about 1/8 of a teaspoon as you don’t want to overfill the urn or get ash in the thread of the opening. You can always add a little more.
  3.  Use the silver pin to gently push the ashes into the opening of the jewellery. Only fill the item abut 80% full and make sure there is nothing left in the thread at the entrance to the compartment – this will stop you being able to tighten the screw back in smoothly.
  4. Replace the screw into the item and check that it sits flush to the jewellery and turns smoothly. If it doesn’t, carefully remove a tiny amount of the ashes and try again.
  5. Once you are happy that the screw fits perfectly you can choose to secure it in place with glue. To do this, carefully remove the screw and use a cocktail stick to place a thin layer of glue around the thread then screw it back in securely. Use the cloth to gently wipe any excess glue from the jewellery. Let the glue set completely before wearing the item.

What can you put inside your Ashes Jewellery?

Cremation ashes are the most common thing to be stored inside the jewellery, but people choose to store other sentimental items too. You can save a small amount of burial soil or sacred ground to put inside. Make sure that it is very fine and doesn’t contain any stones or lumps that might be too big to fit inside the entrance to the compartment.

If you don’t have access to the burial site you could collect some soil or sand from a place that was special to the deceased.

A small lock of hair can also be stored inside the jewellery or, if you have lost a beloved pet, a little fur or some whiskers.

Other ideas include crushed dried flowers, perhaps from the funeral or you could dry your loved one’s favourite flower. You could even include a spice or herb that you associate with the deceased – the sense of smell is closely linked to memory and can evoke particular feelings. These ideas allow people who don’t have access to the ashes to create a special memorial too.


Cremation jewellery can be personalised to make it particularly meaningful. There are many types for engraving available as well as charms that can be added to a necklace.


Many people choose the have a name, date or quote engraved onto their jewellery item.

Handwriting Engraving

The tiny urns can be engraved with a message in actual handwriting from a treasured note, card or letter your loved one sent you enabling you to keep their words with you always. The engraving matches the actual handwriting supplied perfectly to create a unique and sentimental item. Find out more about Handwriting Engraving, what it means and how to create your perfect piece of Memorial Jewellery.

Hand, Finger or Footprint Engraving

If you have a special print from the deceased it can be delicately scaled down and engraved onto the item for you to keep forever.

Paw Print Engraving

If you have lost a pet, it is possible to get their paw print engraved on to the jewellery along with a name and date to create a special pet memorial item.


You can add a charm to your necklace to give it extra meaning, including the deceased’s birth flower, birthstone or something symbolic like an angel wing.

Ashes Jewellery is a beautiful and versatile way for you to commemorate those who have passed, bringing you comfort and enabling you to keep them close to your heart. ⁠Discover our full Memorial Jewellery collection today.


Ashes Jewellery