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Handwriting Necklace

Handwriting Necklace - Memorial Jewellery

How Is A Handwriting Necklace Designed?

Inscripture is a leading designer and seller of personalised memorial jewellery and other items. Among our long list of products, necklaces have always been a favourite gift for family and loved ones. But sometimes, a standard chain and pendant combination seems to be clichéd, not least if it’s being given for a special occasion. A Handwriting Necklace can help you preserve all the charm of a traditional gift while adding a unique, personalised touch to show how much you care.

As the name implies, handwriting necklaces feature an engraved extraction of a person’s handwriting. The inscription could show the name of the person who will receive the necklace, or a name that’s special to them, like that of their child, a spouse, or any other loved one. The inscription could also carry a verse, a message, or a favourite quote.

If you are interested in having a handwriting necklace made for yourself or a loved one, it’s worth really taking your time to think about what you would like the inscription to say. Think about what would resonate best with the person you’re giving the necklace to. If it’s a gift that you’re buying for yourself, think about your favourite quote or verse – something that will inspire you, or describe who you are as a person.

Once you have a design in mind, write it down on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. You can also use someone’s handwriting other than your own. If your grandmother sent you a note, for example, her handwriting could be used as the basis for the inscription.

Send the image to Inscripture, making sure that the picture is clear and can be easily read, along with the message you want engraving in that handwriting.

Then, select the design of the Handwriting Pendant Necklace; there are many to choose from. The product description will guide you as to the amount of space available so you can assess whether your chosen inscription will fit the surface space.

Once we receive your order, the actual engraving process begins. The artisans working on your necklace will craft your order with meticulous attention to detail to ensure everything is right.

Once the necklace is done, we place it in a delightful box and deliver it to the address on the order.

How To Create a Handwriting Necklace - Memorial Jewellery

Why Handwriting Necklaces are the Perfect Gift

For generations, people have worn necklaces for many reasons. Some cultures have regarded necklaces as a status symbol, for example, for the wearer to demonstrate their place in society. In other cultures, necklaces have been worn to protect from evil spirits or illness.

But of course, one of the best reasons nowadays for buying a necklace is to give it as a gift for someone special, regardless of the occasion.

Jewellery isn’t a gift given casually – precious pieces like a necklace signify that the person you’re giving it to is special to you. Imagine how much more special the gift would be if it was entirely personalised.

By giving someone a personalised handwriting necklace, you’re telling them that this is a gift that you have poured thought, love, and effort into. It’s not just a last-minute gift picked up from a high-street store.

The process of choosing a necklace alone already shows that you’ve put time and effort into selecting a valuable, lasting gift. The forethought and planning involved to have it engraved at all is a welcome addition to the present. But it is even more special if the design bears handwritten words that are particularly special and meaningful to the recipient.

Of course, you aren’t limited to buying a personalised necklace as a gift for someone else. You can give it to yourself as a gift, by all means. Gifting jewellery to oneself, especially a personalised piece, is a sign of empowerment and self-love, especially if you choose a signature handwriting necklace in a design you love and include an inscription that holds deep meaning for you personally.

Handwriting Necklace - Memorial JewelleryHow to Choose the Right Necklace

There are different types of necklaces to choose from, and you will also typically have to decide on the chain’s length as well. Whether you’re gifting the necklace to someone special or buying it for yourself, there are some factors to take into account before settling on a particular design.

It’s a good idea to think about any symbolism associated with particular shapes and images, especially when it comes to the pendant design. For instance, hearts send a simple message: they clearly state that the person sends love with the gift.

The length of the chain is another consideration when choosing the right necklace. The height of the recipient is often used as a basis for this. Experts recommend that anyone who is 5’4 or shorter looks good with a 16- to 20-inch necklace. People between 5’4 and 5’7 can wear any necklace length; whereas taller women often find that longer necklaces highlight their height even more.

Another factor should be the clothes typically worn with the necklace. Collar-styled necklaces (which are around 14 inches in length) are usually best worn with V-necks, off- the-shoulder tops, and any other dress or top with an open neck. A rope-style (36 to 42 inches) or opera-style (28 to 36 inches) necklace is perfect for evening wear, elegant business attire, or high necklines. A matinee-style necklace, measuring 20 to 24 inches, is suitable for any and every occasion.

Browse through our collection of handwriting necklaces, as well as our other personalised gifts such as drawing and artwork jewellery. These are perfect for the people nearest and dearest to you. If you’d like to speak to us about our products and services, call us here at Inscripture on 01702 861168 or send us an email at


What is a necklace used for?

As necklaces tend to be made of valuable metals and stones, they are often worn to show wealth and status, or simply as a stylish accessory. Necklaces can also be fashioned into religious symbols such as a crucifix to show religious beliefs. There are also memorial necklaces, which commemorate those who have passed away.

How do I pick the right necklace?

First, take the measurements of your neck and choose a necklace that will fit comfortably. For tight necklaces like chokers, add two inches to your neck measurement. For comfortable, everyday wear, add four inches to this measurement to get the right length.

How do I know my necklace size?

First, drape a piece of string around your neck down to the point where you’d like the pendant to hang. Cut the string and lay it straight, and then use a ruler to take the exact measurement. After doing that, you can round that number up to the nearest necklace length offered for the design you are planning to buy.

Can you wear a necklace all the time?

Yes, you can, if you’re mindful of any potential danger – like longer necklaces becoming snagged during sporting activity, for instance. If you do wear your necklace all the time, though, some metals can tarnish much faster than you expect. However, unless you’re allergic to the necklace materials, there are no major health downsides to wearing one all the time.

What is personalised jewellery?

Personalised jewellery such as a signature necklet is a beautiful item that you can give to a loved one for an event, a special occasion, or even ’just because’. Simple engravings can do a lot to make pieces of jewellery much more meaningful and personalised.

Do jewellery stores do engraving?

Some jewellery stores will have one or more people employed who can do engraving on jewellery pieces. This includes custom handwriting bar necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches and more. Check with the store before you place your order if you know you want a personalised item.

How long does it take to engrave a necklace?

Simple engraving of handwriting on neck jewellery can be done in a couple of hours or less. The time required depends on the complexity of the engraving you want, so more complex designs can take longer. Timescales also depend on how busy the engraver is. Speak to your jeweller for a more accurate timeframe for your order.

What should I get engraved on jewellery?

Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, getting an engraved necklace with handwriting will definitely make it much more memorable. What should be engraved really depends on what you or the person you’re giving it to would like. Some common choices include messages or quotes that hold a meaningful story behind them.

Why do people wear jewellery?

People wear jewellery for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s for accessorising an outfit for a special event, others wear particular pieces to remember someone dear to them, or to demonstrate their status. Many pieces of jewellery signify affiliation with a particular cause, whether that’s ethnic, religious, or social, making jewellery much more than just an accessory.

What is the symbolic meaning of necklaces?

Necklaces can hold all sorts of meanings. In particular, gold or sterling silver handwriting necklaces are worn to remember a special event or a milestone, or to commemorate someone dear who has passed away.

In the latter case, these pieces often feature engraved quotes or messages or have special compartments that can hold cremation ashes inside.

where can you buy a handwriting necklaceGuide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length

Here are the different lengths you can get for handwriting necklaces, gold or otherwise

  • Choker. These necklaces come in lengths of about 14 inches, and sit comfortably around your neck. You can wear these with open-neck clothes, off-the shoulder tops, and V-neck T-shirts.
  • Collar. These are necklaces of around 16 inches in length and hang at the base of the neck, where a shirt collar might sit. You can match this type with any outfit for any occasion.
  • Princess. These come at a length of approximately 18 inches and hang at your collarbone. Just like chokers, they can be matched with anything.
  • Matinee. These necklaces are 20-24 inches and sit between the collarbone and bust. These are best worn with business and casual attire.
  • Opera. These handwriting neck chains range from 28 to 36 inches in length and hang just below the bust. You can wear them for evening wear or clothes with high necklines.
  • Rope. These sit at the centre of the bust and are around 36 to 34 inches in length. You can match these with office, business, or evening wear.

How To Choose The Best Necklace To Buy

Below are some tips you can follow when choosing which handwriting necklace to purchase:

  • Check the length of the necklace. You should take note of your neck length before shopping for a necklace. This is something you want to consider, as different handwriting necklet lengths can affect the appearance of the jewellery on your neck.
  • Consider the occasion you are attending. If you are buying the necklace for particular occasions, consider how formal it is and what you will wear. This enables you to choose the most appropriate necklace for the event.
  • Consider the price. When shopping for a necklace, you should consider the price alongside your set budget. Check the quality of the materials and ask yourself how often you’ll wear it so you can see if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Why a Necklace is More Than a Mere Decorative Item

Necklaces are among the most popular jewellery items purchased today. They are available in various designs and lengths, and pendants can incorporate various materials like wood, rocks, plant beads, gems, and more.

Some people use necklaces to demonstrate their social status or for religious purposes; for instance, Christians wear a cross or crucifix necklace to show their faith and devotion to the Lord.

Lots of people wear necklaces to accessorise an outfit or because they love the style of them. There are even necklaces designed for individuals to remember someone they love who has passed away. The handwriting engraved necklace in particular is a popular design for such purposes.

History of Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces have been an important piece of jewellery throughout the ages. These pieces have demonstrated different meanings throughout history.

This type of jewellery, for instance, can signify wealth, power, affiliation with a cause, prestige, level of resources and skill, and/ or elements of identity and position. Necklaces are made today from various materials, such as metal, glass beads, or gemstones. These pieces provide a chance to appreciate and understand cultural practices, aesthetics of other cultures, artistry, and more.

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Best Handwriting Necklace - Memorial Jewellery

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