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Get The Perfect Engraving

How To Get The Perfect Engraving - InscriptureEngraving guide

We want you to absolutely love the handwriting or personalised orders we create for you. To get the best results, follow our guidelines below…

We think it’s very important for you to be able to see the precious message we engrave onto your item clearly. This is why we have a different number of recommended words that fit perfectly on each item in our range.

Obviously this is dependant on the word length. For example, we can make five very short words larger and clearer on an item than we can make four very long words. If the words end up too small unfortunately they won’t be as legible in the space provided.

Heart Charms

These come in three sizes

25mm Heart Charm used for our Sterling Silver Necklaces. We recommend three to five words (depending on length) on each side.

19mm Heart Charm used for our Bracelets and our Gold and Rose Gold Necklaces. We recommend three to four words (depending on length) on each side.

16 mm Heart Charm used for a number of necklace & bracelet styles. We recommend one to three words (depending on length) on each side. How to get the perfect engraving

Pandora Compatible Charms

16 mm Heart Charm We recommend three words (depending on length) per side of the charm.

15 mm Circle Charm We recommend three words (depending on length) per side of the charm.

14 mm Star Charm We recommend one word (depending on length) per side of the charm.

If you would like a longer message, you could engrave the item on both sides, or consider our Rectangle Handwriting Keyring

How To Get The Perfect Engraving - Personalised Pandora Charms

Photography guide

When photographing the special words or prints you would like engraved on your item, follow our tips to get the best results.

  • The clearer the picture, the better the result will be. Make sure your photo is in focus and well lit. You could take your card outside or to a window to get the best lighting
  • Go in as close as you can to the wording you would like engraved when you take the picture. It should fill the frame. We don’t need to see the whole card or note, just the words you would like engraved
  • Try to get clear, smudge-free paw, finger, hand or foot prints. Unfortunately, we cannot create detail that isn’t already in the picture you supply. We know this can be tricky, so we recommend using one of our Ink free print kits to get the best results.For more information on using our ink-free (& mess-free!) printing kits and getting great hand and footprints click here

For more information on getting perfect paw prints click here

Memorial Jewellery Engraving - Inscripture

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