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Memorial Jewellery & Gifts

Our Memorial Jewellery collection is a beautiful dedication to a lost loved one. From handwritten messages, your pets paw prints or even Ashes Jewellery, our memory jewellery will ensure that your piece is individual to you and something to always be treasured. Whether it's commemorating the most joyous moments or offering solace during times of grief, as the UK's leading experts, we are committed to providing quality pieces that will become lifelong treasures and we are proud to offer the largest range of Memorial Jewellery in the UK.

Memorial Jewellery FAQs

What Are The Benefits of Memorial Jewellery?

Memorial jewellery is a beautiful way to honour a loved one that is no longer with us. It is a physical reminder of the life and memories of our loved one, and serves to comfort us in times of sorrow.

Other benefits of memorial jewellery include the ability to keep a piece of your loved one close, creating a meaningful and lasting memento, and a sentiment of honoring their life. Memorial jewellery can also provide a sense of closure and help with the grieving process. Memorial jewellery is a beautiful and touching symbol of love and remembrance, and is something that will stay with us for years to come.

Can You Make Memorial Jewellery From Ashes, Hair or Fur?

Absolutely! Memorial jewellery, also known as remembrance jewellery, is a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s memory alive. It is typically made from a combination of ashes, hair or fur, and can be made into necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more. These pieces can be crafted to be as unique as the person it commemorates, and can be made to commemorate any moment or period in a person’s life. Whether you choose a classic look or something a bit more whimsical, our memorial jewellery can be a meaningful way to remember someone special.

What Types of Memorial Jewellery Are Available?

There are many types of memorial jewellery available to commemorate a loved one. Our Handwriting jewellery is a popular way to preserve a person’s signature or a meaningful phrase, and can feature on a necklace, bracelet, or even a keyring. Photo jewellery allows you to capture a special moment in time, and can be engraved onto a multitude of items. Ashes jewellery is a beautiful way to keep a loved one close, with a small portion of a person’s ashes, hair or even fur being placed inside a pendant, bracelet or necklace. Fingerprint jewellery is growing in popularity, and can be used to capture the unique ridges of a loved one’s fingerprint and Paw print jewellery is also a popular choice, with an engraved paw print to remember a beloved pet, perfectly scaled & cleaned up for the perfect keepsake.

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