How To Take Pencil Fingerprints

How To Take Pencil Fingerprints - Fingerprint Jewellery

Are you trying to take detailed fingerprints to create a beautiful piece of Fingerprint Jewellery as an unforgettable gift or even a treat for yourself, then let us walk you through our step by step guide of how to take easy, clear fingerprints at home!

Fingerprint Jewellery: What do you need to do and how to do it

First of all, it’s important that you gather the following materials: a pencil, a plain piece of white paper and some sticky tape. Next, we’re going to tell you step by step how you need to proceed in order to create your own fingerprint:

How To Take Pencil Fingerprints - Fingerprint Jewellery

  • Make sure you wash your hands before beginning, we don’t want to dirty the paper!
  • Grab your pencil and scribble a small area onto the corner of the paper. Make sure you go over the patch several times.
  • Rub yours or a loved ones clean and dry finger over the shaded area until there is a dark mark on your finger
  • Make sure your finger is dark enough.
  • Tear off a piece of the sticky tape, around 4 times the width of your finger and place your finger firmly onto the sticky side of the tape.
  • Remove the tape from your finger very gently so as to maintain all of the detail
  • Turn the tape over and stick it onto the white paper and write the person’s name next to it if you’re looking to take multiple prints
  • Repeat the process using different fingers until you get a result you’re satisfied with to have engraved. Note that the best print is one that picks up all the unique lines and whorls that make up a fingerprint.

What happens after you’re done with the process?

Once you have completed your prints and have one you are satisfied with then please take a clear, well lit photo, preferably in natural lighting, and upload it to your chosen product on our website within the Memorial Jewellery category using our image uploader. If there are multiple prints within the image then please specify your preference of which you would like to have engraved

Creating your own fingerprint has never been so easy thanks to the fingerprint pencil technique. You can now create the perfect piece of fingerprint memorial Jewellery to treasure or even as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Why give fingerprint jewellery as a gift?

A Fingerprint Necklace or Bracelet, for example, is the perfect thoughtful, meaningful gift. If you want to surprise your mother, grandmother or even your partner, a sentimental gift is always welcomed and very much appreciated. You can use the fingerprint pencil technique to create prints from a loved one, yourself or even your child to create a truly special piece of Memorial Jewellery to cherish. A beautiful way to keep loved ones close, even when they can’t be.

These are very special and heart-warming gifts, and we can help you bring this vision to life, all we need is a photo of your fingerprint!