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When Inscripture began we never imagined we would have our very own Jingle on the Radio, yet here we are a couple of years down the line airing on our favourite Radio Station, we still get goosebumps every time we hear it.

Always pursue your dreams as they really can come true and never give up as the most challenging moments are always the most rewarding.

Price Comparison

When Inscripture was born as LLB back in early 2016 we had a vision of what we wanted our Brand to be. Over the years we have exceeded our expectations of how quickly it would be achieved but this is not without recognition from other Brands, unfortunately not in a positive aspect but from an imitation prospective.

Larger Brands have the Budget & Social Awareness to squash smaller business & in turn make them look like the imitations so today we have decided to shine a light on the products newly appearing on the market and price comparisons of large Brands with what you get for your money.




Our first observation is for our Iconic Bar Necklace as worn by a number of Celebs, priced with ourselves at just £28. There is a difference in the material this particular Brand has launched this style in however does it warrant a price tag of £120 or are you simply paying for the name




Next is our Handwriting Bead Charms, obviously there is no imitation on this Brands behalf but for a standard charm you are looking at between£20-£150, once again you are paying for the Brand Name? Our Charms using a Loved Ones Actual Handwriting are of the same quality and are priced at just £34 which have a lot more sentime

nt than a symbolic charm. Not that we ourselves are not lovers of this particular Brand, but simply observing the comparisons in what a fully established worldwide Brand can achieve when setting their prices.



We then come to our popular Bee Necklace, now obviously this is has become an Iconic Necklace for another beautiful Brand with a Price Tag of £165 yet, you guessed it, you’re paying for the Brand Name. Although a recent competitor to ourselves sells this particular necklace for £85 in comparison to our £45-£55. In review of their website last week when it was brought to

our attention they have a number of products simular to ours, all priced considerably higher so we are undercharging or are they overcharging, who knows?



Our most recent comparison comes with a sour taste after another business falsely claimed our Stretch Bracelets as worn by Laura Anderson on this years Love Island were in fact theirs. This of course was not true despite the lengths they went to to try and disprove this and tarnish our reputation however thankfully the only attention is brought was positive to ourselves by increasing our Brand Awareness and that in fact, once again, we are cheaper. Our Bracelets are just £18 in comparison to their £22 and are also worn by a number of Celebrities as listed in our Inscripture Celebrities Blog.



Whether comparing to Small Businesses or large Brands when it comes to precious metals, the hallmarked qualities are the same, usually the level of care going into each product is high and Brands are flourishing but why do some charge more than others? Here at Inscripture we are continually recognised for our low prices & it is often a talking point among customers. Although this does then set doubt in some peoples minds as to the quality of what they are paying for but thankfully they always have their expectations exceeded by what they receive and then go on to further recommend us.

So why are we so cheap in comparison you ask? Well simply because the items we create are of such high sentiment, whether it’s a standard personalisation or a loved ones actual handwriting, a drawing or even a hand, foot or paw print, that we do not believe in exploiting someones desire for such a precious item. We work very closely with our Manufacturers to enable the best prices, keep our overheads low in our Essex based Studio and have the most dedicated, hardworking team to streamline every aspect to keep our costs to a minimum so this can then be reflected on to you. Is there any compromise on quality? Not a chance!

We will always pride ourselves on being the most competitive on the market & giving optimum quality at affordable prices because why mark prices up just to offer a Sale later in the year. Unfortunately this means our Sales are minimal, however you can rest assured know you have already paid the best price for your item.

Much Love


Steal Their Style

There is nothing worse than being stuck for what to wear & clueless about the latest fashion trends so we often look to the Celebrities for inspiration. They always look fab, have the insider knowledge on whats hot and whats not and of course they are sent the most popular items from various brands to showcase them, us included.

Our Jewellery is worn by a number of celebrities, which can be found on our “Inscripture Celebrities” Blog but for now we will be focusing on the latest styles and how you can “Steal Their Style” with our items.

Firstly the iconic Alex Monroe Bee Necklace is a favourite amongst some of the most famous faces including Sienna Miller, Rochelle Humes, Emma Watson & Amber Davies but with that comes a higher than average price tag. Our Bee Necklace is available in Silver, Rose Gold & Gold, won’t break the bank at just £45-50 and, although we are biased, we think it is much nicer.

Next up is the Diamonte Circle Pendant Necklace which has been styled by brands such as Pandora & Thomas Sabo. A delicate yet stunning necklace to flatter & complete any outfit. Worn by celebrities such as Amber Turner, Courtney Green & Chloe Meadows, again with a higher than average price tag but our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia is a clear winner at just £30 or a Personalised alternative at just £28. Which would you choose?

Our signature Bar Necklace is loved by a number of celebrities but it has also been seen on the beautiful Jessica Alba, personalised with her children’s names, Queen Bee Beyonce herself, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis & also Khloe Kardashian. Again ours is available in Rose Gold or Silver at a bargain of just £28 or you can personalise it with a loved ones Actual Handwriting for just £38. Its the ultimate ‘go to’ necklace for attention to detail with a personal touch, even Kate Middleton wears a necklace personalised with her children’s names


The stunning Blake Lively is also a lover of personalised Jewellery who has been spotted wearing 2 Personalised Rings, each with her Children’s initials, however these are reported to cost over a whopping £1000, which makes our Initial Halo ring an absolute steal at just £18. Celebrities such as Reece Witherspoon & Jennifer Anniston have also been spotted wearing this style.

Our Rose Gold Bangles are also a hit with our favourite Celebrities but are also worn by celebs such as Kristen Bell, Bella Thorn & Jessica Alba containing the location co-ordinates of their favourite place. Our Celebrities wearers have personalised their with positive affirmations or inspirational quotes on the inside & their birthdays in Roman Numerals on the outer side. Also available in Silver for just £24 or with a loved ones actual handwriting for just £34

Recently spotted on a number of the Love Islanders is a very apt Palm Tree which you can’t help but love as the ultimate Summer Accessory & we just so happen to have one of our very own available in Silver, Rose Gold or Gold at just £24!!!

If you see a style you love, just let us know as we have many more Jewellery items yet to be released and we may have something simular just waiting to be released, just for you.



Dani Dyer & Laura Anderson

We are super excited to be seeing our Jewellery worn by Dani Dyer & Laura Anderson, despite a dampener being put on it when another company falsely claimed our Stretch Bracelets worn by Laura Anderson were theirs. We can 100% confirm this is not true and also their attempts to clutch at straws making false accusations are also as false as their claim that they are the supplier of these items. We are huge advocates of supporting small businesses so it is such a shame when other do not have the same ethics.

Working with such amazing ladies is such a HUGE accomplishment so we can’t blame them for trying but at least admit when you are caught out guys.

Firstly our girl Dani Dyer was spotted in our Rose Gold Popcorn Bracelet with Bee addition and didn’t she look lovely



Then the lovely Laura Anderson was seen wearing our Personalised Rose Gold Stretch Bracelets in Hot Pink (Star) & Black (Circle) which are personalised with the positive affirmations ‘Hope’ and ‘Strength’.


We still have a number of items yet to be spotted so please keep your eyes out for Inscripture Jewellery & keep us updated if you spot any cheekiness from other companies trying to steal our limelight.

We work extremely hard to work with such amazing opportunities and we truly appreciate our loyal customers standing by us knowing who the true suppliers & creators are.

Much Love

Inscripture ♡

Inscripture Celebrities


Dani Dyer

Laura Anderson

Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green & Shelby Tribble

Our Rose Gold Bar Necklace is loved by Chloe, Courtney & Shelby. Chloe & Courtney also wear our Rose Gold Bangle & Stretch Bracelets which are worn to symbolise thier friendship #besties

Olivia Attwood

Olivia wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace, Rose Gold Bangle and both her & Baby Cash have been spotted in their Mummy & Me Bracelets. Along with Amber Davies in their #Sisters Stretch Bracelets

Laura Hamilton

The beautiful Laura Hamilton from A Place In The Sun wears our Personalised Bar Necklace

Sarah Ashcroft

Model/Influencer Sarah Ashcroft wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Jess Hunt

Model/Influencer Jess Hunt wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Malin Anderson

Former Love Islander Malin Anderson wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Rachel Fenton

Former Love Islander Rachel Fenton wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

What Our Customers Think

“I can’t explain how nice of a keepsake my gift was for my family. I opted for the keyring with some regular font on the front and a (sadly passed away) family member’s handwriting engraved on the back. When it arrived I could not believe how similar it was to her actual writing – it was so alike. Everyone in the family loved this gift and I need an opportunity to purchase from them again.

In comparison to their competitors, I felt this brand offered a better price and had a nicer selection of products” Sophie P

“Anyone who hasn’t checked out this wonderful company needs to get on it! I recently came across a handwritten message from 1980 written by my late husband. Then by chance saw Inscripture on FB they transferred it onto a heart charm which I now wear on a chain around my neck. Thank you so much it’s a wonderful idea and the service is second to none. 💜” Diana H

“Shed a tear this morning, my beautiful handwring script bracelet arrived , its like ive got a piece of my mam with me always. I love it.” Sian D

“I received my bracelet today and it’s just perfect. I am delighted with it. I ordered it on Friday night and it arrived Tuesday. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company” Amanda B

“Received my bracelet on what would have been my nan’s 82nd birthday and it’s absolutely stunning!!! Excellent value for money and fast delivery too. Will definitely be ordering again soon” Staci H

“Fast delivery, beautifully boxed, great service will return. Perfect inscription bracelet purchased and great quality thank you” Username

“I absolutely love the necklace. It’s so beautiful. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you so so much!!” Chloe Q

“Ordered the love heart inscripted necklace and love it! Arrived so quickly!! Will definitely recommend to everyone 💓” Cloja S

“I ordered a bracelet for my daughter’s wedding with a message on it in her late grandmother’s writing, it was absolutely perfect and my daughter loved it. I was amazed at the speed it came , so thankyou inscripture you made our day even more special with this beautiful idea.xx I would highly recommend this company and the quality of their product” Ann W

“Ordered a charm from this company i asked for my grandad’s handwriting off a birthday card id kept. I ordered on the Saturday my charm was here by the tuesday. It’s amazing, it’s more than i thought it would be. I now have a piece of my grandad with me all the time.
Thank you so much” Kayleigh J

“I’m definitely not someone who normally leaves reviews, but I had to for this company. I lost my nana at the beginning of this year and wanted something to always have on me to remember her. I stumbled upon this company on Facebook and loved their products. I ordered a bracelet on Sunday from this company, I then changed my mind about the message as well as wanting to use a different image of hand writing late Monday afternoon. They got back to me straight away and agreed to change my order (I changed my mind twice!). And I still received my order on Wednesday morning. And it’s better than I ever thought it would be. A truly amazing thing to have as a memory of my nana. I’ve already recommended this company to my family – and they’re placing their orders this week!!” Sarah

“Amazing jewellery! Ordered a bracelet for my wedding day to bring a late family member into my special day. The bracelet arrived and I couldn’t be more happier with it – it’s perfect!  Would highly recommend this company if you want something Unique and personal :)” Leelou P

“Got teary-eyed when I claimed my bracelet and pendant for my mom with my brother’s handwriting in the postal office. We both loved it so much. I waited for 20 days because I live in the Philippines. And it was all worth it. No words can describe how happy I am with it. I will definitely recommend it. Thank you, Inscripture for your wonderful work.” Grace R

“Got my bracelet today..just beautiful these guys are amazing ♡♡♡♡♡” Kristina T

“I can’t thankyou enough for the gorgeous personal piece you recently created for me, it was a gift for mums birthday & all I can say is wow.
We were overwhelmed with emotion at this amazing Sentimental piece.
Looking forward to ordering more. I can’t recommed you enough. Delivery was super fast and efficient.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou” Samantha H

“I bought a personalized bracelet let for my boyfriend with my handwriting and it was just perfect! He loves it👏👏” Ioana S

“Would 100% recommend using this website to anyone:) I ordered my handwriting gift on Thursday and it came the following Monday in perfect condition and even with a free charm! The bracelet turned out even better than I expected with the handwriting behind identical to the one in the photo I sent, it’s a perfect sentimental gift to my partner who loved it❤️.
Couldn’t be more happy” Teegan W

“My necklace with my mum’s handwriting on is nothing short of perfect! Thank you so much for such a beautiful item of jewellery I will wear with pride 💕” Lisa

“Ordered a handwriting piece of jewellery on Friday and received it the next Wednesday. They have done a fabulous job on it and captured the writing perfectly. If you want a special pressie for someone or even yourself don’t hesitate to order from them. Thanks again for doing a brilliant job x x” Claire J

“Beautiful jewellery with not just personalised but handwritten engraving which is stunning! I love every piece of the collection and the price and service is brilliant. Would definitely recommend for a totally unique gift!! 😊” Joanne C

“Very pleased with my keyring, all my questions were answered very quickly it arrived really quickly too. The keyring is wonderful, it is so nice to have my sons handwritten message to look at and keep close. Thank you” Lorraine D

“I have the heart bracelet with my late mum’s writing The message is from my mum and my late dad. I absolutely love this bracelet. I would recommend this company 100%” Anne M

“Ordered the love heart necklace with my beautiful angel mum’s handwriting engraved on it. Absolutely over the moon with it. Very quick service, detail is perfect and is so worth the money, would happily have paid more. Will definitely be looking to order another keep sake for my daughter with her angel grans name/handwriting.. Thank you so much” Nicola L

“Incredible service, very well priced & super quick dispatch and delivery. The item itself is superb quality, and very well made. I don’t know how they create these pieces of jewellery but to have something as personal as the handwriting of a loved one so perfectly placed onto a necklace is just incredible. I’m so pleased with my item, I would have paid double the price. Thanks so much x” Sarah L

“This is a beautiful piece of jewellery. Great quality and amazing price too. I ordered in the Sunday and came by the Wednesday. Very happy!” Perry A

“Fantastic customer service and product! Would highly recommend!” Jack W

“I ordered a bracelet with my mums handwriting on it. Ordering was simple and my order arrived very quickly. Love the bracelet and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Wearing this makes me feel my mum is with me. Thank you so much” Karen S

“Amazing high quality products with a fast delivery – I ordered a heart necklace engraved with my Grandma’s handwriting from a birthday card she’d sent to me and it is perfect I wear it everyday. Would recommend 100%, thank you :)” Vickie T

“Absolutely excellent service, I ordered a personalised bracelet, when it arrived I was stunned at how beautiful it is. Will def order again in the future 😍” Andre RRead more…

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