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5 Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas for Remembering Your Furry Friend

Losing a pet is one of life’s most heart-wrenching experiences. It can be just as difficult losing a pet as any loved one; at the end of the day, they become members of the family and our best friends. Grieving the loss of a pet looks different to everybody, but one way you can find comfort and solace is through pet memorial jewellery.

In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring 5 beautiful pet memorial ideas that will help you remember your fur baby in a heartfelt, personal way. From thoughtful pet memorial gifts to unique keepsakes like paw print jewellery and nose print jewellery, we hope these ideas will become touching tributes that immortalise the special bond you have with your furry companion.

Pet Ashes into Jewellery

After losing a pet and receiving their ashes, it can be difficult to know what’s the right thing to do with them. Many find comfort in keeping the ashes in a special urn kept close by. Others prefer to scatter the remains of their furry friend in their favourite spot, and some prefer to turn their pet ashes into jewellery.

Pet ashes jewellery is a unique and heartfelt way to keep your beloved companion close, no matter where you go. It involves carefully incorporating a small amount of your pet’s remains into colourful resin which is then captured within beautifully crafted jewellery.

Here at Inscripture, we specialise in creating bespoke pet ashes jewellery and offer a wide range of designs and styles to suit your preferences. Our elegant dog ashes necklaces, pet ashes pendants, ashes bracelets and ashes charms can be customised to perfectly reflect the personality of your fur baby. Choose from different resin colours and metals, including sterling silver, gold and rose gold.

Self-Fill Pet Ashes Jewellery

Another personal and comforting way to memorialise your pet is to design your own self-fill pet ashes jewellery. This unique jewellery allows you to fill a small compartment with a portion of your pet ashes, meaning you’ll always have their remains with you. Included with every piece is a funnel kit and clear instructions so filling the pet memorial bracelet or pendant is made simple and easy.

Our self-fill ashes jewellery collection includes a variety of elegant designs, from bracelets to pendants, rings and charms, all crafted with care to help you cherish your pet’s memory forever. Many of our pet memorial jewellery designs can also be engraved for further personalisation.

Paw Print Jewellery

Another incredible way to preserve the memory of a beloved pet is through paw print jewellery. Every dog or cat’s paw print is as unique as a human fingerprint, making these pieces not just a keepsake but a personalised tribute to your furry friend’s identity. At Inscripture, we offer a hassle-free inkless print kit which makes capturing your pet’s paw print simple and stress free.

Once we’ve received your pet’s paw print, our skilled artisans will engrave the image onto a variety of pet memorial jewellery pieces including paw print necklaces, paw print bracelets and paw print charms. This process allows you to curate a tangible reminder of your pet and find a sense of connection and comfort during times of loss.

Dog Nose Print Jewellery

Like our paw print jewellery, our dog nose print jewellery provides a way to cherish the memory of your beloved pet. Once again, you can capture the unique print of your pup’s nose using our inkless print kit and our master craftsmen will engrave it onto a variety of jewellery designs including dog nose print necklaces, bracelets and charms.

By wearing or gifting dog nose print jewellery, you can not only celebrate the individuality of your pet, but we hope you’ll also find comfort and solace in keeping their memory close. And hey, we won’t judge if you can’t resist giving your dog nose print pendant a little boop now and then—it’s a reminder of the adorable quirks that made your pet so dear to you.

Pet Photo Jewellery

Finally, have you considered honouring your pet using your favourite photo them? Whether it’s a photo of them alone, or you both together, pet photo jewellery is a beautiful way of honouring your pet and their unique personality, becoming a comforting reminder of the joy they brought when they entered your life. At Inscripture, we can create personalised pet jewellery that combines your pet’s photo with other features such as their pawprint, nose print or birthstone.

It’s our mission to design pet memorial jewellery that provides solace and connection; to create beautiful designs that preserve the bond you have with your beloved pet. For help memorialising your pet, explore our range of pet memorial gifts and jewellery on the Inscripture website here.

July Birthstone Jewellery

July… it’s a month marking the very height of summer. It’s often filled with warm, endless evenings, beach trips, barbeques and festivals. For those across the Atlantic, it’s also a month of freedom as people celebrate Independence Day with parades, picnics, and dazzling firework displays. It’s also a month to celebrate those born in July, and what better way to honour them than with some stunning July birthstone jewellery.

What is July’s Birthstone?

When you think about it, there really is no better gemstone to embody July than the Ruby. It’s fiery and energetic spirit is matched by July’s own warmth and vitality. The stone is best known for its vibrant red hues, which can range from a deep crimson to a lighter shade of pink.

Its colour means it is often associated with passion, love and courage, while others believe Ruby to bring health, wealth and wisdom, protecting the wearer from any negative energies. Rubies are also celebrated for their impressive levels of durability, seconded only by diamonds. They boast a unique fluorescence that gives the impression the stone is lit from within, glowing much like the summer sun of July.

The History & Lore of Ruby

The July birthstone was first discovered around 2,000 years ago in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and has been treasured by various cultures ever since. In ancient lore, it was seen as an embodiment of the sun’s warmth and power, bestowing health, wealth, wisdom and love upon its owners. Some cultures also believe ruby to predict danger and cure inflammatory disease.

One of the most famous Rubies is the “Sunrise Ruby,” a 25.59-carat gemstone renowned for its vivid pigeon blood colour.  It was found in Myanmar in the Mogok Valley, a region famous for producing some of the world’s finest rubies. The stone fetched a record-breaking price at auction, selling for 30.42 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in May 2015. This makes the “Sunrise Ruby” one of the most valued gemstones in the world, and thus July birthstone jewellery has become coveted by many.

Ruby’s Symbolism: The Meanings Behind July’s Birthstone

The fiery personality of Ruby is steeped in symbolism. Often referred to as the “king of gemstones”, the rich red hues are often associated with passion, love and bravery. Ruby jewellery is favoured for romantic gestures because of this, often gifted on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Throughout history, the July birthstone has also been linked with courage and protection. In the past, warriors would wear rubies because they believed it made them invincible in battle, while others thought the stone could warn its wearer of impending danger by darkening in colour.

Styling Your Ruby Jewellery

July birthstone jewellery can be some of the most fun to style. Given its associations with passion and love, ruby earrings and pendants are perfect for romantic dates, adding a touch of allure and sensuality to an outfit. It’s also an ideal gemstone to wear when you need some courage or protection. Choose a July birthstone necklace or bracelet for important meetings, presentations or maybe even a first date! It can serve as a powerful talisman for boosting confidence.

Caring For Your July Birthstone Jewellery

Like with all our birthstone jewellery, our July collection should be given some TLC every now and then. We recommend cleaning your jewellery with a gentle solution of warm water and mild soap. You can use a soft brush to remove some of the harder to see dirt and oils, and then a soft towel to dry it off. Avoid using any harsh chemicals that could damage the gemstone and setting, and for extra protection, store your July birthstone jewellery away from other designs in a soft pouch or lined jewellery box to prevent scratches.

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised July Birthstone Jewellery

If you’re on the hunt for some beautiful July birthstone jewellery, we hope you’ll consider Inscripture. We have a stunning selection of July birthstone jewellery that is designed to celebrate your individuality and the magic of the fiery red ruby.

Our necklaces, bracelets and rings can be personalised for a unique touch; add an engraving of a name, date or message or include an additional memorial charm to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Here at Inscripture, our July birthstone jewellery is not just a stylish accessory, but a deeply personal keepsake ready and waiting to be cherished for a lifetime.

The Importance of Compassionate Customer Care in Memorial Jewellery

In times of loss, we understand how even the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference. Here at Inscripture, we pride ourselves on handcrafting thoughtful, heartfelt memorial jewellery that serves as a link to those we’ve loved and lost. We want to help transform your memories into keepsakes you can hold close forever.

We are also deeply committed to compassionate customer care. It’s at the heart of everything we do. From the moment you entrust us with your precious story, we dedicate ourselves to providing a service that respects and honours your journey. Our talented team of artisans and customer service professionals are uniquely trained to ensure that your experience with us is comforting. We’re here to listen, understand, and create special pieces of memorial jewellery and ashes jewellery that commemorates your loss the way you need.

Why Specialised Training Matters in Memorial Jewellery

Like any business should, here at Inscripture, we put our customers first. We believe that every customer’s story should be handled with the utmost care and respect, and as such, our team is meticulously trained to approach every situation with empathy and understanding. Your photos, fingerprints, handwritten messages and ashes are not just materials, but treasured memories of loved ones, so we ensure these elements are handled carefully and respectfully.

All our staff, from our friendly customer service team to our artistic jewellery crafters, are well-versed in the delicate nature of our work. From the initial contact to the crafting process, every step is infused with respect and sensitivity. Handling such precious items requires not only technical skills but also a deep appreciation for the emotional weight they carry. Our bespoke training empowers us to provide a service that puts us above the rest, while also offering comfort and connection to our customers.

Core Components of Our Training Program

1. Understanding Grief: In times of grief, customers deserve true empathy and understanding. So, we train our staff in the stages and expressions of grief to better offer support and provide a compassionate and sensitive service.

2. Skills in Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is a must in the niche of memorial jewellery. It enables our staff to navigate some of the complex emotions that come with loss to help build genuine connections and relationships with our customers. They are trained in active listening and empathetic communication to provide personalised and considerate support.

3. Ethical Sensitivity and Privacy: We understand that our customers need to have a high level of trust in us to send sensitive materials like photos, fingerprints and ashes. So, we pride ourselves on ensuring only the highest levels of ethical standards to maintain customer trust and respect. All our staff is educated on confidentiality protocols and handles all memorial jewellery items with care and respect.

4. Memorial Jewellery Knowledge and Customisation: Beyond emotional support, our team is highly trained in the aspects of our product range. Ask them anything about the materials, design processes, and customisation options available, and they’ll be able to guide you through the journey of creating memorial jewellery. This also allows our team to help better guide our clients in choosing the best designs that reflect their loved one’s memory.

Additional Means of Support

At Inscripture, our goal is to support our customers through grief, and help translate their cherished memories into beautifully crafted memorial jewellery. But, we are always seeking new ways to enhance our training programmes to better understand bereavement care. It’s this commitment that ensures our service remains leading in the memorial jewellery industry while also becoming a steadfast source of comfort for those that need us.

Alongside our compassion team of staff, we are also partnered with bereavement support charity Sue Ryder. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our mission to provide holistic support, allowing us to extend our reach and offer support and resources that will help more effectively. You are also welcome to join the Inscripture community. Many of our customers have connected online over their stories of creating memorial jewellery and how they found solace and connection with loved ones. We’re ready to welcome you too.

June Birthstone Jewellery

The Enchanting World of Alexandrite: June’s Birthstone Jewellery Spotlight

Ah, summer! How we’ve missed you. The warmth of the sunshine, colourful flowers and the possibilities of BBQ’s and outdoor adventures are calling. And for those born in June, you’ll also be preparing to celebrate your birthday! June babies are lucky for many reasons; they can rely on the summer sunshine and beautiful June birthstone jewellery set with Alexandrite.

What is June’s Birthstone?

Alexandrite is honoured as the birthstone of June, and is best known for its captivating, colour-changing properties. Its unique ability to display different colours depends on the lighting around it. In direct light, it appears greenish-blue, while under incandescent light, it transforms to show breathtaking shades of purple and red. This phenomenon is known as the alexandrite effect and adds to the gemstone’s allure and mystique.

The History & Lore of Alexandrite

Following its discovery in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Alexandrite was named after the Tsar Alexander II and quickly became coveted by Russian royalty and aristocracy. It was often used in exquisite jewellery pieces, including tiaras, rings, and pendants, symbolising wealth, status, and sophistication.

Russian residents also believed the June birthstone could bring great fortune and prosperity. They suggested that wearing Alexandrite would bring luck and success to its wearer, especially in matters of love and finances. Additionally, others alleged that Alexandrite could enhance creativity and inspire artistic endeavours.

Alexandrite’s Symbolism: The Meanings Behind June’s Birthstone

Due to its unique colour-changing properties, Alexandrite has come to hold a variety of deep meanings. Often, it symbolises adaptability, balance and transformation, making it a cherished gemstone for those seeking help with growth and renewal. It’s historic associations with good fortune and creativity are also still evident, with many writers and artists choosing to wear June birthstone jewellery for luck and inspiration.

Styling Your Alexandrite Jewellery

Alexandrite is one of those rare gemstones that can completely transform an outfit, all while giving you a touch of good fortune on the side! Its iridescent colour that changes from green to red to purple is perfect for adding a bold accent to an otherwise mono-chronomantic outfit. We can just picture some June birthstone jewellery paired with a simple black dress for a touch of elegance, or even a simple white blouse and jeans for a more casual look.

No matter the outfit, Alexandrite jewellery is perfect for wearing when you need some inspiration, creativity, or positive energy. For example, Alexandrite could be beneficial during important meetings, presentations, or creative endeavours to help stimulate your imagination and enhance your ability to problem-solve .

Caring For Your June Birthstone Jewellery

To ensure your June birthstone jewellery continues to be an iridescent beauty, it’s worth giving it a gentle clean on occasion using a soft brush and warm soapy water. Don’t use harsh chemicals or anything abrasive to clean it, as this can damage the stone and its setting. It’s also good to store your jewellery pieces separately when you’re not wearing them, ideally in a soft pouch or jewellery box, to keep them protected and out of harm’s way.

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised June Birthstone Jewellery

There’s undoubtedly something magical about Alexandrite. We don’t know whether it’s the mesmerising colour-changing hues or its associations with luck, creativity and confidence. All we know is that Alexandrite jewellery is perfect for celebrating your own unique personality. At Inscripture, we have a stunning range of June birthstone necklaces, bracelets and rings for you to choose from, each completely customisable to make it more bespoke to you.

Engrave some of our June birthstone pendants with a name or date or add some memorial charms to our birthstone bracelets to further add special significance. It’s personalised touches like this that make our June birthstone jewellery truly one-of-a-kind. Explore our collection today and add some Alexandrite magic into your life.

May Birthstone Jewellery

May Birthstone Jewellery Celebrating May: The Enchantment of Emerald Birthstone Jewellery

May is a wonderful month. It brings with it a sense of vitality, growth and new beginnings, blooming flowers, warmer days and lush greenery, and for those born in May, the birthstone Emerald. Matching perfectly with the views outside our window, Emerald boasts its own rich green hues and symbolises strength, rebirth and prosperity. These are precious gemstones that have been cherished for centuries for its colour and mystical properties, making May birthstone jewellery a popular choice for all.

What is May’s Birthstone?

The captivating, rich green gemstone Emerald is well suited to be the birthstone of May. It’s a gem of remarkable beauty and rarity, found only in select regions of the world including Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Afghanistan. Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral family and are formed deep within the Earth’s crust over millions of years. The colour is the result of trace amounts of chromium and vanadium, which infuses the stone with a unique and vibrant green colouration.

May Birthstone Jewellery

The History & Lore of Emerald

The exact date of Emerald’s discovery is unknown, but it’s believed to date back as far as 330 BC in Egypt. Cleopatra, the “Queen of Kings” is famously known for her love of Emeralds, reportedly adorning herself in the green gemstones to enhance her beauty and bestow herself divine powers.

Emeralds were also highly valued by the Incas, who revered them as sacred stones symbolising fertility and prosperity. They believed Emeralds were gifts from the gods and often buried them with their dead to bring them good fortune in the afterlife. Emeralds have also been associated with healing powers, including the ability to improve vision and protect against evil spirits.

Personalised May Birthstone Jewellery

Emerald Symbolism: The Meanings Behind May’s Birthstone

It’s clear from Emerald’s history that these beautiful green gemstones have fascinated and delighted civilisations for centuries. And even today, the May birthstone remains a symbol of love, rebirth and prosperity as well as renewal and growth. For this reason, many wear Emerald to promote emotional balance and clarity of thought. They are also believed to enhance creativity, intuition, and inner strength, making them a cherished accessory for those seeking additional positivity in their lives.

Styling Your May Birthstone Jewellery

Emerald is the May birthstone after all, so it’s no surprise it looks particularly captivating in the spring sunlight paired with colourful dresses and floaty tops. It’s a particularly special gemstone to wear to occasions like weddings and graduations since it not only radiates grace and confidence but symbolises new beginnings and inner strength.

Any moment where change or transition is evident, Emerald can help you through it. Maybe you’re moving house or starting a new job and you need some emotional balance, clarity of thought and some extra confidence. In this instance, May birthstone jewellery can help you embrace change and tackle it feeling empowered.

May Birthstone Jewellery - Birthstone Necklace

Caring For Your Emerald Birthstone Jewellery

To keep your May birthstone jewellery shining as brilliantly as the spring sunshine, be sure to handle it with care and avoid exposing it to any abrasive chemicals or materials. To clean it, simply use a soft, lint-free cloth and some mild soapy water. When you’re not wearing your Emerald rings, bracelets and necklaces, be sure to keep them separate from other jewellery designs to avoid scratches.

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised May Birthstone Jewellery

Wearing birthstone jewellery is a great way of expressing your individuality, and the vibrant energy of Emerald is well deserving of those born in May. At Inscripture, we offer a gorgeous selection of May birthstone necklaces, bracelets and rings, all customisable to reflect your personality and store. You can select Emerald birthstone necklaces engraved with a handwritten message or May birthstone bracelets set with meaningful charms. Explore our collection and find the perfect jewellery design to tell your story.

May Emerald Birthstone Jewellery

April Birthstone Jewellery

April Birthstone Jewellery - April Birthstone Necklace - InscriptureCelebrating April: The Elegance of Diamond Birthstone Jewellery

April is generally an exciting time for everyone. It welcomes the blossoming of spring, longer days filled with sunshine and a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings. It’s a vibrant month all about celebrating new chapters, but for those lucky enough to be born in April, it’s also about celebrating a birthday. If that’s you, then you’re paired with diamond, a world-famous gemstone unmatched for its brilliance and beauty. Join us as we introduce you to the magic of April birthstone jewellery

April Birthstone Jewellery - April Birthstone Necklace - Inscripture

What is April’s Birthstone?

For those born in April, you are gifted the diamond as your chosen birthstone. It’s a gem that symbolises strength, clarity, and everlasting love, perfectly embodying qualities we all aspire for. Of all the birthstones, most of us are familiar with diamond. Why? Because these remarkable gems are unequalled in their hardness and beauty.

Formed deep within the Earth’s crust over millions of years, diamonds are made of pure carbon, crystallising under intense heat and pressure. After being mined and carefully polished, they exude an exceptional sparkle and clarity that makes them perfect for adorning luxury jewellery designs.

April Birthstone Jewellery - Personalised Birthstone Jewellery - Inscripture

The History & Lore of Diamond

Diamonds were first discovered in India around the 4th century BCE, where they immediately became valued for their hardness and beauty. It wasn’t long before these rare gemstones made their way across the world and became symbols of wealth and status among the elite. One of the earliest uses of diamonds in jewellery was by royalty in medieval Europe who adorned themselves in the April birthstone to signify power and invincibility.

Many civilisations also believed diamonds to possess magical properties. In ancient Greek, diamonds were thought to be the tears of the gods and splinters from falling stars. It was also strongly believed during the Renaissance period that diamonds could strengthen the bond between married couples. This belief contributed to the tradition we still see today, of giving diamond engagement rings and wedding rings to symbolise an unbreakable bond.

Personalised April Birthstone Jewellery - April Birthstone Bracelet - Inscripture

Diamond Symbolism: The Meanings Behind April’s Birthstone

Due to its immaculate hardness, it fares that diamonds symbolise strength and endurance. Wearing the stone is believed to enhance your own inner strength and resilience and bring balance and clarity to your life. The April birthstone is also a symbol of love and connection, often chosen to mark significant life events, such as engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. It’s a great reason to wear April birthstone jewellery yourself and match with a loved one.

Diamond Birthstone Jewellery - April Birthstone Necklace

Styling Your April Birthstone Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is some of the easiest to style, since it’s a sparkly, colourless gemstone that goes with everything! The gemstone looks especially good with formal attire and suits special events like weddings, anniversaries, or milestone celebrations. Picture yourself in a sleek evening gown paired with a radiant diamond necklace – French kiss! In professional settings, diamond jewellery can also make a powerful statement and project confidence and clarity. Due to its associations with April, wearing April birthstone jewellery during the spring can also help enhance its protective and resilient properties.

April Birthstone Ring - April Birthstone Jewellery - Inscripture

Caring For Your Diamond Jewellery

Even though diamond is the hardest material known to man, this brilliant gemstone still needs some love and attention every now and then. To ensure your April birthstone jewellery shines for years to come, you should regularly clean it with a gentle solution of warm water and soap. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush and a clean cloth to pat it dry. Avoid using any harsh chemicals that can damage the metal setting and don’t be afraid to get it professionally inspected and cleaned every few years to maintain its brilliance.

Personalised Birthstone Jewellery - Personalised April Birthstone Necklace - Inscripture

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised April Birthstone Jewellery

Wearing diamond jewellery is the perfect way to showcase your own individuality, whether you’re an April baby or not. With such a stunning array of designs out there, including our own exquisite range of April birthstone jewellery here at Inscripture, you have an abundance of choice of diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings.

At Inscripture, you can customise your jewellery to reflect your own personal story. Engrave one of our birthstone necklaces with a special date or meaningful word or choose several birthstone rings to stack beside each other. Explore our April birthstone jewellery collection today and find the piece that tells your story just the way you want it to.

April Birthstone Jewellery - April Birthstone Necklace - Inscripture

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Someone Terminally Ill

As bereavement specialists, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right words when a loved one is facing a terminal illness. Traditionally, birthdays are occasions filled with joy and celebration, but for someone facing a serious illness, the day can take on a new meaning. This blog is designed to offer some guidance on what to write in a birthday card for someone terminally ill, one that acknowledges the present reality, but still celebrates their life and the connection you share.

Understand the Context

Before you begin writing a birthday card for someone terminally ill, it’s important to consider the context of your relationship and the recipient’s current situation. Consider their personality, sense of humour, and emotional state. This awareness will help you strike the right tone, and help you decide whether you can afford to add a touch of light-heartedness, or whether you should focus more on being reflective and understanding.

Emphasise Your Connection and Your Memories

It can be the simplest and most heartfelt words that go a long way in conveying your appreciation and love for someone. When it comes to writing a birthday card for someone terminally ill, let them know how much they mean to you and give them some examples of how they have enriched your life. Be specific about some of the qualities you admire and give examples of moments they made a difference. Anecdotes and genuine affirmations like this will really help add value to a birthday message for someone terminally ill.

Acknowledge Their Strength and Courage

For someone fighting a difficult battle, it takes a lot of strength and courage to celebrate a birthday. So why not affirm that. Validate their experience and tell them just how much you admire their resilience. Again, use specific examples of their bravery and determination and emphasise how they’ve helped to inspire you and others. Words like this can be a huge source of comfort and will help to reinforce their strength during challenging times.

Suggest Specific Offers of Help

We have no doubt your loved one is inundated with thoughtful offers of help, but why not be the one to suggest some specific ways you can support them. Rather than simply saying, “I’m here if you need anything”, why not suggest you’ll help with some specific chores. Consider what they might be struggling with and offer help that will make their daily life more manageable. Think about practical needs such as running errands, providing meals or offering transportation to medical appointments. Your willingness to assist in specific ways will make it easier for them to accept your help.

Avoiding Clichés and Empty Platitudes

Finally, when writing a birthday card for someone terminally ill, consider avoiding clichés and empty platitudes. Phrases like “everything happens for a reason” and “stay strong” can feel dismissive and may not provide the comfort you intend. Instead, it might play down their experience and make their complex emotions and challenges feel pushed to the side. Instead, focus on writing a genuine, heartfelt message that acknowledges their strengths, journey and the special connection you share.

Examples of What to Write in a Birthday Card for Someone Terminally Ill

Even with this advice, we understand if you’re still struggling to craft the right message. It’s a delicate task and one that requires thought. Don’t be afraid to take some time to think about what you want to say before putting pen to paper. In the meantime, here’s some examples to inspire your words:

“Happy Birthday! Reflecting on all the wonderful times we’ve shared brings me so much joy. Your laughter and kindness has been a light in my life, and I cherish every moment we spent together. I hope today brings you peace and happiness, knowing how deeply you are loved and appreciated.”

“Happy Birthday. I want you to know that your strength and grace in the face of challenges are truly remarkable. The way you handle everything with such calmness and determination is an inspiration to everyone. I’ve seen you face difficult times with a resilience that leaves me in awe, and your positive spirit never ceases to amaze me. Today, I celebrate not just your birthday, but the incredible person you are and the profound impact you’ve had on my life.”

Final Thoughts

What to write in a birthday card to someone terminally ill isn’t an easy task, so don’t put yourself down if you’re still struggling to find the words. Ultimately, just remember the message is an opportunity for you to share your love and appreciation for that person. Emphasise your connection, make reference to specific memories and more importantly, express your love and gratitude for the memories they’ve given you.

At Inscripture, we understand the importance of these moments and the power of heartfelt words. Remember, the most important thing is to speak from the heart. Your genuine love and care will shine through and provide comfort and connection during a difficult time.

March Birthstone Jewellery

March Birthstone Jewellery March Birthstone Jewellery: Celebrate with the Elegance of Aquamarine

March is a month of renewal, with hints of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a fresh start after winter’s chill. But for those born in this month, March holds an extra special significance with its stunning birthstone: aquamarine. With its mesmerising sea-blue hues and associations with tranquillity, courage and communication, it’s easy to see why so many choose to wear March birthstone jewellery.

March Birthstone Jewellery - Aquamarine

What is March’s Birthstone?

Perfectly timed for when the skies start turning blue again, March’s birthstone is Aquamarine, a stone named after its ocean-inspired colour. Aquamarine is a captivating gemstone that embodies the serene and refreshing qualities of water, the tranquil blues of a clear ocean and the soft, soothing colour of a summer sky.

Aquamarine jewellery is stunning all year round, but it holds a special place in the hearts of those born in March. The mesmerising blue gemstone is known to symbolise tranquillity, courage, and clear communication, aiding March babies when they need it most.

March Birthstone Jewellery - Aquamarine

The History & Lore of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has been treasured by civilisations for hundreds of years, taking its name from the Latin words “aqua” (water) and “marina” (sea). It’s thought that some of the first examples of Aquamarine were used by the Greeks and Romans who valued the stone for its protective and healing properties. They used it in amulets, talismans, and jewellery, often associating it with the sea and believing it could protect sailors and ensure safe ocean voyages.

As you can imagine, the March birthstone has also been revered for its beauty. It has been worn by some of the world’s most revered royal figures; archaeologists have found Aquamarine beads in the sarcophagi of the Ancient Egyptians and famously, Queen Elizabeth II was gifted an aquamarine necklace by the Brazilian government as a coronation present.

Personalised March Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine

Aquamarine’s Symbolism: The Meanings Behind March’s Birthstone

As well as being the March birthstone, Aquamarine carries a wealth of meanings and associations that make March birthstone jewellery popular and wearable. As well as boasting mesmerising blue hues, the gemstone is linked to tranquillity and calmness. It is believed to soothe the soul, reduce stress, and promote a peaceful state of mind.

Aquamarine is also associated with courage and clarity. As we mentioned, historically, it was thought to protect sailors and ensure safe travels, and even now it remains a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. It also helps to enhance clear communication, assisting in articulating thoughts and feelings effectively. This makes March birthstone jewellery a wonderful accessory for those looking to improve their personal and professional relationships.

March Birthstone Necklace

Styling Your Aquamarine Jewellery

With its abundance of calming and protective qualities, Aquamarine jewellery is perfect for wearing during some of life’s more stressful situations. Maybe you’re attending a job interview or a large social gathering and you’re seeking some calmness and inner peace? March birthstone jewellery set with Aquamarine will help you radiate a sense of serenity and confidence to help you navigate those challenges with ease.

Let’s be honest, Aquamarine is also just a stunning gemstone that will elevate any outfit with its bright blue hues. Pair an aquamarine necklace with a classic black dress for a bold pop of colour or opt for aquamarine bracelets and rings to pair with your blue denim jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

March Birthstone Bracelet and Rings - Aquamarine

Caring For Your March Birthstone Jewellery

To keep your March birthstone jewellery gleaming, give it a gentle clean with a soft cloth and some warm water. This will help remove any oil or residue from the stone and setting to bring back its natural shine. We also recommend you store it separately from other jewellery to prevent scratching and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

March Birthstone Jewellery - Aquamarine

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised March Birthstone Jewellery

At Inscripture, we offer a stunning range of March birthstone necklaces, bracelets, and rings, each completely customisable to reflect your personality and spirit. Why not design a radiant aquamarine necklace engraved with your name or a dainty aquamarine bracelet adorned with meaningful charms.

You don’t need to have a birthday in spring to appreciate March birthstone jewellery; honour your uniqueness and magic with a piece of jewellery that best represents you. Plus, some added help with keeping calm and confident never goes amiss!

Ashes Into Jewellery Near Me

Ashes Jewellery - Ashes into Jewellery Ashes into Jewellery: Embrace Cherished Memories with a Heartfelt Touch

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult challenges. The healing process looks different to everybody, but the need to honour and remember the special person we’ve lost is universal. It’s a deeply personal journey and finding the right way to keep their memory alive can be a true source of comfort and healing.

Transforming ashes into jewellery has emerged as a beautiful and intimate option for memorialising those who have passed. The unique form of remembrance allows you to forever hold a tangible connection to your loved one, wearing a piece of them wherever you go. Here at Inscripture, we create these timeless treasures for you, no matter your location in the world

Ashes into Jewellery near me - Inscripture

Why Choose Ashes Into Jewellery?

Ashes into jewellery is a truly personal way to honour a loved one’s memory. By combining their ashes into a thoughtful, memorable piece of jewellery, you’ll forever have an intimate keepsake and tangible connection to that special someone. Whether you choose an ashes necklace or ashes bracelet, you’ll be able to carry a piece of them with you always.

But this form of remembrance is more than just keeping their memory alive; it’s also for you. It’s so you can find comfort and peace in the presence of something that holds their essence. It can be a gentle reminder of the love and moments you cherished when you need it most.

Ashes Jewellery near me - Inscripture

We’re Here for Everyone

No matter where you are in the world, Inscripture is here for you. We believe everyone deserves the chance to hold their loved ones close, and our memorial jewellery offers a beautiful way to do just that. From ashes into jewellery to other heartfelt keepsakes, we deliver compassion and care globally.

Distance should never stand in the way of honouring a loved one. Our commitment is to ensure that you can keep their memory alive, no matter where life takes you. Let us help you create a lasting tribute that reflects the love and memories you hold dear, providing comfort and connection across any distance.

Free Ashes Kit - Ashes into Jewellery near me

Our Free Ashes Into Jewellery Kit

We understand that handling a loved one’s ashes can be emotionally challenging, so we have designed a free ashes into jewellery kit to simplify the process. The kit includes everything you need for the respectful and straightforward creation of your memorial jewellery. Inside, you’ll receive a pot for safely storing and sending a small amount of ashes, a ring sizer to ensure the perfect fit if you’re choosing one of our ashes rings, and a comprehensive instruction guide that details the process.

We take every step to minimise the complexity and enhance the care involved in turning ashes into jewellery. The free kit ensures you can focus on the meaningful aspects of creating memorial jewellery, rather than worrying about the logistics. Leave it to us to make this journey as easy and as considerate as possible. We promise to honour your loved one’s memory with the utmost respect and compassion.

Memorial Jewellery near me

We Specialise in Heartfelt Memorial Jewellery

At Inscripture, we are proud to be the UK’s leading expert in memorial jewellery, renowned for our empathy, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail. As grief and bereavement specialists, we understand the profound emotional significance behind every piece of ashes jewellery we create. Our commitment goes beyond craftsmanship; we honour your memories with the utmost respect, ensuring that every item serves as a meaningful tribute to your loved ones.

Ashes into Jewellery near me

Respect & Care is Priority

Our priority is handling your loved one’s remains with the utmost respect and care. We approach our ashes into jewellery making service with the highest seriousness, ensuring every piece is crafted in a sterile environment and treated with reverence and dignity. Our talented team of craftsmen and women are fully trained to dedicate their full attention to every item to meticulously transform ashes into beautiful, unique memorial jewellery.

Ashes Jewellery near me - Inscripture

How is Ashes Jewellery Made?

We believe that ashes jewellery is not merely a creation but an artistic tribute that intertwines emotion with craft. Our team of master craftsmen use a combination of modern technology and traditional techniques to delicately blend a small amount of ashes with vibrant resin in your chosen colour to create a bespoke piece of memorial jewellery.

Through a meticulous process, we combine the resin with your chosen cremation ashes, hair or fur and carefully apply it layer by layer. This delicate, but worthy, process delivers a glossy stone-like appearance, with the ashes suspended within the resin like 3D floating flakes.

Ashes into Jewellery near me - Resin Colours - Inscripture

Personalised Memorial Jewellery

Our collection of ashes jewellery arrives with an array of customisation options to ensure a personalised tribute that reflects the style and personality of your loved one. Choose from elegant ashes pendants to sleek memorial rings, and designs for both men and women of every taste.

Moreover, our range of coloured resin allows you to choose the perfect shade that resonates with your loved one. Whether it’s your own favourite colour or the beloved colour of your lost loved one, each piece can be adorned with a resin that holds sentimental significance.

Personal Ashes Jewellery Near Me - Inscripture

Ashes into Jewellery Engraving

In addition to our wide selection of designs and resin colours, we offer an engraving service for all our ashes jewellery. Personalise your memorial jewellery even further by adding a heartfelt message on the back of your ashes into jewellery necklace or incorporate real handwriting onto a bracelet. No matter what you choose, your skilled team will ensure your jewellery reflects the individuality of your situation, creating a unique and meaningful tribute to honour your loved one.

Grief Support Community - Inscripture - Memorial Jewellery near me Join the Inscripture Jewellery Community

Know that you are not alone in your journey of grief and remembrance. You can join the Inscripture community whenever you feel ready and share your story with how your memorial jewellery provided solace and connection with your loved one. Together, we can navigate the journey of grief with compassion and support, offering understanding and comfort along the way.

Our Ashes into Jewellery service offers more than just a special keepsake; it’s a compassionate and beautiful way to preserve memories and honour your loved ones. With our global service, free ashes kit, and commitment to respectful and careful creation, we ensure that your memories become enduring tributes that you can cherish forever. Visit us today to learn more and start creating your bespoke memorial jewellery.

February Birthstone Jewellery

February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst Celebrate February with the Enchanting Amethyst: Your Guide to Birthstone Jewellery

Most of us associate February with the hot drinks and snowy landscapes of winter and all the love and romance that comes with Valentine’s Day. For a set few though, February is a month of festivity as they celebrate turning another year older. And of course, with February birthdays comes beautiful February birthstone jewellery.

February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst

What is February’s Birthstone?

To all you February babies out there, you got lucky. Your birthstone is the beautiful Amethyst. Boasting hues of deep purple, soft lavender and royal violet, Amethyst might just be one of the most spectacular gemstones on the planet.

But, Amethyst has more than just a pretty face. It’s believed to possess special powers, bringing to its wearer peace, protection and inner strength. It’s said to bring clarity of the mind and soothe the soul, making it perfect to wear as part of February birthstone jewellery.

February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst - Birthstone Necklace

The History & Lore of Amethyst

The story of Amethyst is as rich and vibrant as the gem itself. It dates back to ancient times when the February birthstone was prized for its beauty and mystical properties. The Ancient Greeks associated the purple gem with the god of wine, Dionysus, and strongly assumed it could ward off intoxication—a belief that led to the creation of goblets carved from the gemstone to prevent drunkenness during feasts and celebrations.

Amethyst has also been used by various cultures for its purported healing and protective qualities while the Ancient Egyptians and medieval Christianity have revered the stone as a symbol of divine connection and inner peace.

February Birthstone Necklace - Amethyst

Amethyst’s Symbolism: The Meanings Behind February’s Birthstone

It seems some of the past attributes assigned to Amethyst are evident today. The lilac stone is still believed to have protective and purification properties, shielding those around it from negative energy. It is thought to promote a sense of harmony and balance in one’s surrounding and as such, is commonly worn as jewellery or placed in the home to promote a positive atmosphere.

Many also choose to wear Amethyst jewellery to sooth the mind and calm the spirit. It is often used in meditation practices to promote relaxation and mental clarity, warding off feelings of stress and anxiety. Whether you simply wear Amethyst as part of February birthstone jewellery to celebrate your birth month, or you wear it for its list of beneficial properties, you’ll no doubt feel grounded and secure amidst life’s chaos.

February Birthstone Bracelets and Rings - Amethyst

Styling Your Amethyst Jewellery

Wearing Amethyst jewellery is a fantastic way of embracing the peaceful and positive energy of February’s birthstone. Whether you’re heading to a yoga session, a meditation class, or a calming dinner date, Amethyst pieces can enhance your sense of tranquillity and well-being.

Imagine wearing a stunning Amethyst pendant with a flowy bohemian dress for a relaxed, free-spirited look, perfect for casual gatherings or weekend outings. For more formal occasions, like a business meeting or a wedding, a pair of elegant Amethyst earrings or a delicate February birthstone necklace can add a touch of sophistication and promote a calm and focused mindset.

Caring For Your February Birthstone Jewellery

Amethyst is a durable gem, but it still requires some care. We recommend cleaning your Amethyst jewellery with warm, soapy water and a soft brush, before patting it dry with a clean cloth. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or prolonged sunlight, which can fade its vibrant colour.

February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst - Inscripture

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery

One of the most fulfilling ways to showcase your unique style, and obtain a little calming energy along the way, is by creating your own personalised Amethyst birthstone jewellery. At Inscripture, we offer an exquisite range of birthstone necklaces, bracelets, and rings, each customisable to reflect your personal story.

Imagine a stunning Amethyst necklace engraved with a handwritten message, or an elegant Amethyst bracelet adorned with meaningful charms. Let your style shine with personalised February birthstone jewellery from Inscripture, where every piece tells a unique story.

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