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Father’s Day Gift Ideas With A Difference

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Repairing your toys, driving you to your friend’s house, giving you advice, teaching you to drive – it’s a busy job being a dad! So, with Father’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect gift to say ‘thank you’.

Choosing gifts can be tricky and dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. But if you want to show him how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years, perhaps it’s time to bypass the novelty socks and choose him a present that he’ll truly love.  To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 great Father’s Day gift ideas with a difference.

1. Experience days

Buying vouchers for a day out can be a really great gift. Whether this is for an escape room, paint balling or a sky diving experience, you can choose the activity that you know your dad is going to love. Giving them an experience instead of a physical gift makes a nice change and means they can create memories to cherish forever. Better yet if you book an experience day for two, that way they can choose someone to join in the fun with them (and you never know, they might choose you!).

2. Personalised jewellery

With more men embracing jewellery trends, there are now more options available to them than ever before. So why not gift your dad with something truly meaningful. You could choose a bracelet, ring, watch or necklace depending on his style, and have this personalised with either his name or initials in his or your own actual handwriting. This is something he can treasure for years to come.

3. Something for the kitchen (or garden)

Does your dad love to cook? Or perhaps he’s the opposite – is he a hopeless cook who could use a hand? There are some great gifts out there that can really make his life easier. Lazy pans allow dads to make a quick and easy fry up (with less to clean up afterwards!) or alternatively you could choose him some great tools for cooking outside on the BBQ. If he’s already got all the gear, why not add some spice to his life with meat rubs, spices or chilli sauces – there are some great gift sets out there that you can choose from.

4. Engraved gifts

Add a personal touch by having your gift engraved. There are a number of great gifts that you can have personalised in this way depending on your dad’s interests. For example, hip flasks, whiskey glasses or tumblers, watches, golfing equipment, key rings, or cufflinks. Choose the perfect gift for your dad and have it engraved with a special message from you.

5. His favourite tipple

What does your dad love to drink – beer, whiskey, gin? Whatever his favourite tipple may be, you can make it extra special this Father’s Day. There are a number of upcoming retailers and unique new stores producing interesting and delicious drinks. Whether that’s a local ale, flavoured gin, smokey whiskey or funky bottle of tequila. Help your dad kick back and relax on Father’s Day with his favourite drink.

6. Something retro

If your dad is a bit of a collector, or perhaps he has one thing in particular that he loves, why not find him something retro to add to his collection. If he supports a football team, look for old memorabilia, or perhaps he loves a particular sports star, writer or artist? Track down something they’ve signed or produced years ago. When it comes to finding something like this it can get a little bit pricey, but there are a number of vintage stores both online and on some high streets that hold a huge range of retro pieces, it’s just about tracking down the perfect one.

7. Gaming gifts

Your dad might be a gamer and with new technologies emerging all the time there’s always a new release or new attachment to try out. Think VR (virtual reality) headsets, Playstations and top of the range gaming chairs. There are so many gift ideas for the gamers in your life, but if you’re unsure what to buy, you can always gift him with physical vouchers or online credits that allow him to choose what he wants himself.

And it doesn’t just have to be a techie gift. If you know your dad loves an evening in playing board games, or can’t resist an opportunity to get down the local for the weekly pub quiz, why not get him his very own quiz game for at home. Pick from a huge range of fun and hilarious board games so that dad can delight in a family or friends games night in.

8. Useful gadgets

Dads love a gadget! Whether that’s a bottle opener, multi-tool, miniature game, keyring, soap dispenser or radio – if it’s a weird and wonderful gadget, dads are sure to love it! There are a number of novelty gifts out there for you to choose from, so you just need to decide whether you’re going to pick something to make him laugh, or whether you want to opt for something that will come in very handy (bonus if it does both!).

9. Interesting foods

Is your dad a bit of a foodie? Treat him to some of the more creative foods that have been popping up in recent years. You’ll have your choice from chocolates to condiments, you’re bound to find a unique taste your dad will love. Choose from whiskey chocolates, spreadable rum chutneys or chilli gummy sweets, there are so many retailers offering weird and wonderful creations.

10. Travel accessories

If your dad is always jet setting here and there, help him on his way with some unique travel accessories. Perhaps a suitcase printed with his own face, a personalised passport cover, travel books to give him inspiration or a scratch wall map that allows him to showcase everywhere he’s been so far. Give him a gift that is sure to remind him of you every time he travels.

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Which Love Island Personality Are You?

Love Island Contestants

Love Island 2018 was fueled with drama, budding friendships, a lot of re-coupling and loyalty…? Hmmm, well either way it consumed our every thought, Whatsapp message, conversation and meme we tagged our mates in. Oh yes, it was a big one. In fact, you probably found yourself gossiping about Dani, Megan, Wes and Laura like they were your next door neighbours. And the best news is, Love Island 2019 is almost here!

But as you sat each day and watched religiously between the hours of 9pm to 10pm, did you ever wonder which Love Island cast member was most like you? Perhaps you found a connection with an islander that every other member of the nation seemed to disagree with, because you are secretly two peas in a pod. Don’t pretend you didn’t, because we all did!

If you’re still not sure where you would fit in the villa, we’re here to tell you which Love Islander best matches your personality and who might be your ‘type on paper’.

The Player

Happy to move from partner to partner, settling down is not the player’s style. Why stick with just one person when there are so many out there, right? In the age of Tinder and Bumble what does monogamy even mean anyway. This indecisive character is content playing the field and sliding into everyone’s DMs.

Are you a player?

Does the thought of settling down bore you? If you always find yourself sneaking out in the morning or texting multiple people at once, you certainly fit the bill. Players like you always have one eye on the door to see if someone better will walk through it – and you’ve no hesitations moving on if they do.

Your love Islander match: Megan Barton Hanson and Adam Collard

You know what they say, don’t hate the player, hate the game, right? Your perfect match is commitment-phob Megan Barton Hanson who had her fair share of the Love Island lads, and Adam Collard who wasn’t afraid to make his move when someone better came along.

The Peacock

Always in the middle of every argument, drama or DMC going, the peacock loves being centre of attention. If a relationship isn’t loud and public, fuelled by jealous rage, huge rows and an over the top apology, then they don’t want to know. The peacock is at their best when all eyes are on them, which of course they usually are because they’re making a scene.

Are you a peacock?

Do you love being the centre of attention? If you can always be found strutting about, getting involved in drama whether it’s yours or not, you my friend are like the peacock, putting on a big display to attract attention and make sure everyone is looking at you (though sometimes for the wrong reasons).

Your love Islander match: Georgia Steel

Dead set on everyone knowing how ‘loyal’ she was, Georgia wasn’t afraid to get involved in the drama and bitching of the house, and if you dare question her motives – well, she was just being loyal, OK!

The Joker

The joker can remove any negative vibes from the room and cheer you up instantly. A hilarious prankster they love nothing more than making their friends and family smile. A little bit less confident in themselves, they use humour to make you fall in love with them, which you will because they are hilarious. The most important thing to the joker is finding someone they can have a laugh with, whether that’s a friend or partner.

Are you a joker?

If you’re always cracking jokes, playing pranks and constantly being told how funny you are then you’re the joker of the group. If people can’t help but smile when you’re around it’s because your funny personality and positive vibes are infectious.

Your love Islander match: Jack Finch

Less confident than the rest of the lads, Jack seemed a little coy at first. But his funny nature, banter and jokes were enough to secure him the lovely Dani for the entire season.

The Genuine One

The genuine one will drop anything to help their friends or family, but will also call them out if necessary. A genuinely caring soul they just want happiness and to spread positivity to those around them. Plus they try to avoid drama where possible and don’t like to make a big scene. They’re just happy being them and they accept everyone else for who they are.

Are you genuine?

If you’re not one for getting bogged down in gossip or drama and you’re much happier when everyone is just relaxed and having a good time, then your personality match could be a genuine one. You prefer people to be themselves and you’re always there to lend a hand when someone needs you.

Your love Islander match: Dani Dyer

Coupled with Jack from the start, the pair made a genuine connection. Dani was not interested in the bitching, backstabbing and re-coupling, but she was there to comfort her house mates when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

The Hippy

Into all things peace, love and harmony, the hippy just wants everyone to get along and find world peace. Not afraid to whip out a guitar and start a sing along, or share their views on the planet and human rights, they can sometimes be referred to as the ‘hippy dippy kind’. They mean well of course, even if you don’t always agree with what they’re saying.

Are you a hippy?

Are you the first to share your opinion, especially when it comes to being vegan, animal rights or plastic waste? Then you might be considered the hippy of the group. But don’t take this as a bad thing, there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about the world around you.

Your love Islander match: Eyal Booker

Despite not wanting to come across as a preacher (or even be seen to use the word preacher too often), Eyal wasn’t afraid to share his opinion, especially when he felt passionately about something.

So which Love Islander are you and your friends?

Steal Their Style

There is nothing worse than being stuck for what to wear & clueless about the latest fashion trends so we often look to the Celebrities for inspiration. They always look fab, have the insider knowledge on whats hot and whats not and of course they are sent the most popular items from various brands to showcase them, us included.

Our Jewellery is worn by a number of celebrities, which can be found on our “Inscripture Celebrities” Blog but for now we will be focusing on the latest styles and how you can “Steal Their Style” with our items.

Firstly the iconic Alex Monroe Bee Necklace is a favourite amongst some of the most famous faces including Sienna Miller, Rochelle Humes, Emma Watson & Amber Davies but with that comes a higher than average price tag. Our Bee Necklace is available in Silver, Rose Gold & Gold, won’t break the bank at just £45-50 and, although we are biased, we think it is much nicer.

Next up is the Diamonte Circle Pendant Necklace which has been styled by brands such as Pandora & Thomas Sabo. A delicate yet stunning necklace to flatter & complete any outfit. Worn by celebrities such as Amber Turner, Courtney Green & Chloe Meadows, again with a higher than average price tag but our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia is a clear winner at just £30

Our signature Bar Necklace is loved by a number of celebrities but it has also been seen on the beautiful Jessica Alba, personalised with her children’s names, Queen Bee Beyonce herself, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis & also Khloe Kardashian. Again ours is available in Rose Gold or Silver at a bargain of just £28 or you can personalise it with a loved ones Actual Handwriting for just £38. Its the ultimate ‘go to’ necklace for attention to detail with a personal touch, even Kate Middleton wears a necklace personalised with her children’s names


The stunning Blake Lively is also a lover of personalised Jewellery who has been spotted wearing 2 Personalised Rings, each with her Children’s initials, however these are reported to cost over a whopping £1000, which makes our Initial Halo ring an absolute steal at just £18. Celebrities such as Reece Witherspoon & Jennifer Anniston have also been spotted wearing this style.

Our Rose Gold Bangles are also a hit with our favourite Celebrities but are also worn by celebs such as Kristen Bell, Bella Thorn & Jessica Alba containing the location co-ordinates of their favourite place. Our Celebrities wearers have personalised their with positive affirmations or inspirational quotes on the inside & their birthdays in Roman Numerals on the outer side. Also available in Silver for just £24 or with a loved ones actual handwriting for just £34

Recently spotted on a number of the Love Islanders is a very apt Palm Tree which you can’t help but love as the ultimate Summer Accessory & we just so happen to have one of our very own available in Silver, Rose Gold or Gold at just £24!!!

If you see a style you love, just let us know as we have many more Jewellery items yet to be released and we may have something similar just waiting to be released, just for you.



Dani Dyer & Laura Anderson

We are super excited to be seeing our Jewellery worn by Dani Dyer & Laura Anderson, despite a dampener being put on it when another company falsely claimed our Stretch Bracelets worn by Laura Anderson were theirs. We can 100% confirm this is not true and also their attempts to clutch at straws making false accusations are also as false as their claim that they are the supplier of these items. We are huge advocates of supporting small businesses so it is such a shame when other do not have the same ethics.

Working with such amazing ladies is such a HUGE accomplishment so we can’t blame them for trying but at least admit when you are caught out guys.

Firstly our girl Dani Dyer was spotted in our Rose Gold Popcorn Bracelet with Bee addition and didn’t she look lovely



Then the lovely Laura Anderson was seen wearing our Personalised Rose Gold Stretch Bracelets in Hot Pink (Star) & Black (Circle) which are personalised with the positive affirmations ‘Hope’ and ‘Strength’.


We still have a number of items yet to be spotted so please keep your eyes out for Inscripture Jewellery & keep us updated if you spot any cheekiness from other companies trying to steal our limelight.

We work extremely hard to work with such amazing opportunities and we truly appreciate our loyal customers standing by us knowing who the true suppliers & creators are.

Much Love

Inscripture ♡

Inscripture Celebrities


Dani Dyer

Laura Anderson

Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green & Shelby Tribble

Our Rose Gold Bar Necklace is loved by Chloe, Courtney & Shelby. Chloe & Courtney also wear our Rose Gold Bangle & Stretch Bracelets which are worn to symbolise their friendship #besties

Olivia Attwood

Olivia wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace, Rose Gold Bangle and both her & Baby Cash have been spotted in their Mummy & Me Bracelets. Along with Amber Davies in their #Sisters Stretch Bracelets

Laura Hamilton

The beautiful Laura Hamilton from A Place In The Sun wears our Personalised Bar Necklace

Sarah Ashcroft

Model/Influencer Sarah Ashcroft wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Jess Hunt

Model/Influencer Jess Hunt wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Malin Anderson

Former Love Islander Malin Anderson wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Rachel Fenton

Former Love Islander Rachel Fenton wears our Rose Gold Bar Necklace

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