What is Actual Handwriting Jewellery?

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What is Actual Handwriting Jewellery?

Handwriting Jewellery is a beautiful way to keep a meaningful message from a loved one close to your heart at all times. The handwriting from a note, letter or card is engraved onto a bracelet, necklace or charm. The engraving matches the actual handwriting supplied perfectly to create a unique and sentimental item.


Handwriting Necklace

The process

The handwriting can be taken from an existing special card, letter or note, or you can write some words specifically for your item of jewellery. There is no need to send the engraver your precious message – simply take a clear photograph of the note and upload it when you are selecting your product, whether it’s a Handwriting Necklace, Handwriting Bracelet or maybe even a Keyring or Frame. The master engraver will then extract the text from your photograph and create an engraving that matches the handwriting perfectly.

The engraver can also piece together words from different sources to get the exact message you desire.

How to order a Handwriting Necklace

Engraving ideas

  • Many people choose to engrave a treasured note from a loved one so they can have their words with them always.
  • Handwriting jewellery makes a beautiful gift – let someone know you love them and are thinking of them with a personal message engraved in your writing.
  • You can choose to engrave a special date, hand-drawn sign or location on your item to remember a special event.
  • You can engrave your child’s writing onto a piece of jewellery – a lovely way to treasure their first written words or a card they have sent you.
  • We can also follow the same process to engrave drawings, foot, hand or paw prints on to jewellery.

With so many options you can create the perfect piece that is unique to you.

The Handwriting Experts At Inscripture

  • We are an Award Winning family run business which has been creating our iconic Handwriting Jewellery since 2016.
  • We are experts at engraving the handwriting exactly as it appears in the image you supply of your special message. We don’t create an imitation or replica of the writing, we engrave it precisely as it was written.
  • We can advise on what will work best on your piece of jewellery so you are sure to get something meaningful you will treasure.
  • We’ve worked hard to make our ordering process is very simple – just select your item, upload a photo of your special message and place your order.
  • We know each handwriting item we create is unique and extremely sentimental to its owner so we take great care in ensuring each step maintains the quality and detail from start to finish.


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The Inscripture Handwriting Range

Our Handwriting range includes Handwriting Necklaces, Handwriting Bracelets, Handwriting Charms and rings made from silver, gold and rose gold. We also make bespoke gifts like picture frames, notebooks and keyrings. We have products for both men and women and ranges for special occasions like weddings, Mother’s Day Father’s Day and Birthdays. Explore our full Handwriting Jewellery collection.

If you have any questions or bespoke order enquiries please do not hesitate to ask – we will be more than happy to help.