How To Use An Inkless Print Kit

Get perfect handprints, footprints, fingerprints and pawprints with an Inkfree Printing Kit.

Prints make a beautiful and unique keepsake:

  • A tiny footprint or handprint from your baby or child can help you remember how little they once were
  • A beautiful paw print from a beloved four-legged friend is something you can treasure forever
  • You can use a loved one’s fingerprint to create a memento that is as unique as they are.

The problem is that getting a smudge and mess-free print can be challenging. Fear not, with a bit of planning and an Inkless Printing Kit you can get a great result. Inkless printing kits are a chinch to use and save you the clean up afterwards. Here we talk you through taking a baby’s footprint and handprint, but the process is the same for fingerprints and paw prints. For extra tips on how to keep your pet happy while taking their paw print, click here.

Taking A Baby’s Footprints and Handprints


Timing is everything

Think about the best time of day for taking the print. It could be easiest while your baby is in a deep sleep so you don’t have to worry about them wriggling.

If you think you’ll have more success when your baby is awake, make sure they are comfortable and relaxed in a position where you can easily access their feet. Perhaps while they are having a feed or distracted by a toy.

Do the prep

  • Try to enlist a friend or partner to keep your baby happy and relatively still while you take the print
  • Have everything you need set up ready to take the print before you start
  • Use the paper wisely and work out where you are going to place the foot. You may not get a perfect print first time, so plan how you’ll use the space if you need to give it a second try
  • Have a couple of practice runs without the ‘ink’ to work out how you are going to get the foot to the paper smoothly and check that everyone is in the best position.

Too easy

  • You will need something hard, like a book under the paper to keep it flat
  • Place the paper on the floor or table and have your helper hold your baby and try to keep them happy and distracted
  • Try to have your baby upright rather than lying down so gravity is on your side
  • When you are in position, wipe your baby’s foot with the wipe supplied
  • Hold your baby’s foot gently by their ankle over the paper and lower it down
  • Start by pressing the heel down and then gently push down the toes with your spare hand, applying even pressure so you get a complete footprint
  • Carefully move their foot away as soon as you’ve taken the print by lifting them straight up to avoid any smudging
  • Don’t let the foot touch the paper again to avoid extra marks and smudges
  • Repeat with the other foot if required.



Handprints can be a bit trickier as newborns have a reflex called the palmer grasp which means they naturally clench their fists. Try taking their handprint while they are sleeping so you don’t have to try and release their grasp. Very gently spread your baby’s fingers out and then, apply the wipe over the inside of their hand. Place the palm down on the special paper first, then get ready to quickly and gently push the fingers down before your baby starts to wriggle their hand away.

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