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Pet Ashes Jewellery

Losing a beloved pet can be an indescribable sorrow, and finding solace during the grieving process is of utmost importance. We understand the depth of your pain and offer a heartfelt solution to help keep the memory of your cherished pet alive. Introducing our dedicated Pet Ashes Jewellery collection, specifically designed for families seeking a way to carry a part of their beloved companion with them always.

Pet Ashes Jewellery FAQs

How Does The Process Of Incorporating Pet Ashes Into Jewellery Work?

The process typically involves collecting a small portion of your pet’s ashes and securely incorporating them into the chosen jewellery piece. Our skilled artisans handle the ashes with the upmost care and respect, ensuring their integrity throughout the entire process.

Is It Possible To Use The Ashes Of a Pet That Was Cremated Some Time Ago?

Yes, it is often possible to use ashes from a pet that was cremated in the past. As long as the ashes have been properly stored and preserved, they can be used to create pet ashes jewellery. It’s recommended to consult with the jewellery provider to discuss specific requirements or concerns.

Can I Wear Pet Ashes Jewellery Every Day?

Yes, our ashes jewellery pieces are designed to be worn regularly, allowing you to keep the memory of your pet close to you at all times. The jewellery is created with durable materials and craftsmanship, ensuring its longevity and suitability for everyday wear.

Can I Use Fur Instead Of Ashes?

Yes, all of our Ashes Jewellery can incorporate fur, whether it be inserted via a funnel to our self-fill pieces, or set within resin of our Ashes Into Jewellery range/

Is It Possible To Add Ashes From Multiple Pets Into One Jewellery Piece?

Yes, it is often possible to combine the ashes or fur of multiple pets into a single jewellery piece. This can be a meaningful way to honour and remember multiple beloved pets together.

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