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Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery is the perfect way to capture your loved ones Fingerprints & immortalise them forever. Keeping your loved ones close, even when they can't be

Fingerprint Jewellery FAQ

What Materials Are Used To Make Fingerprint Jewellery?

At Inscripture, we understand that something as special as a Fingerprint Jewellery deserves only the best materials. That’s why we use top-quality metals for our products, including 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Vermeil, 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil, and Premium Polished Stainless Steel. Every piece we create is crafted with precision to ensure that every detail is perfectly engraved, so you can cherish your keepsake for a lifetime.

How Long Is The Turnaround For Fingerprint Jewellery?

Our beautiful Fingerprint Jewellery is crafted with care and precision within three business days. First, your scan or photo of the fingerprint is uploaded to your item of choice. After that, our team of experts carefully extract the finest details and engrave them onto the item before polishing it to perfection. With this unique, custom-made piece, you can cherish a loved one’s memory for years to come.

Do I Need To Send You The Fingerprint Impression?

We understand how meaningful your fingerprint imprint is to you, which is why we do not require the original. A clear photocopy, scan, or photograph of the fingerprint will do just fine.

Can You Use An Existing Fingerprint I Already Have?

Of course, we offer our Inkless Print Kits to those who require to take a new print, however we can work from any print you have already had taken. We simply require a clear photo, scan or photocopy uploaded to your chosen item

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