Style Guide: How To Dress Like A Royal

In recent years there has been a new wave of royal fever with Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) joining the royal family. Not only have these young royals captured the hearts of the nation, but they’ve become style icons for women across the world.

Though both Kate and Meghan are bound by the rules of royal dress code, they have certainly put their own mark on it and created their own signature style. This fresh fashion has photographers everywhere poised and waiting to snap photos of what they’re wearing every time they step foot outside the door.

Both Kate and Meghan choose practical, elegant styles, and retailers across the nation have tried to replicate this through their clothing lines. This means it’s possible to dress like a royal without the expensive price tag! So whether you want to channel your inner Kate Middleton, or embrace the bardot necklines of Meghan Markle, our guide below will reveal how you can dress like a royal too.

Finding the perfect skirts and dresses

Hemlines are every important when it comes to royal style as the rules state that skirts and dresses can’t be too short. For the most part this means skirts or dresses should finish below the knee. Not only does this follow the guidelines but it also adds elegance to your outfit, lengthening the legs and slimming out your figure.

What’s more, when it comes to finding the perfect dress or skirt there are plenty of options thanks to the young royals. Kate Middleton is partial to a double layered dress as this give the illusion of two matching separates, while Meghan Markle loves the bardot neckline dresses we know so well from the style of her wedding dress. Of course you could also opt for a classic wrap dress or asymmetrical skirt, just make sure these are an appropriate length for a royal.

When it comes to choosing patterns, style and colour, Kate has been known to rock the polka dots. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with floral prints or stripes in the summer. During the colder months darker plaids add a youthful but classy touch to your outfit. But whatever you do, just don’t choose anything too bold or bright (that’s the Queen’s forte after all).

Practical royal fashion

While we can only assume that the Queen doesn’t even own a pair of trousers, the young royals aren’t afraid of practical fashion. The Duchess of Cambridge favours more relaxed trousers when she’s out and about running errands, and if she needs to dress it up she’ll add a blazer to add formality to her style.

What’s more, the Duchess of Sussex was sporting the roll sleeve blouses even before she was a royal! These can be paired with trousers for a smart but more relaxed look, and completed with a blazer or collarless jacket. Alternatively, Meghan has often been photographed going about her business in a pant suit, so this could be the perfect choice for more formal occasions or perhaps even business affairs.

And don’t be afraid to rock these styles on more than one occasion! Kate has been known to break the rules of celebrity style by wearing the same outfit more than once (we know, she’s crazy right?) and this is just another reason the nation love her so much.

What to wear on your feet

Now you’ve got your outfit planned out, you need to find the perfect royal approved footwear to match. Another rule in the royal guidelines is that heels cannot be too high, therefore pumps tend to be a favourite of the Queen. But while the young royals have publicly worn larger heels in the past, it’s best to stick to a smaller heel or sandals for a more refined look. And wedges are a no-no. Not because they are too high but because they can be deemed too casual for a royal affair, so keep this in mind when choosing the shoes to match your outfit.

When out on more casual affairs, Kate Middleton is also a big fan of cowboy boots, so it could be worth investing in some neat ankle boots, usually in brown though black may be more your style. These are perfect for a more relaxed look whilst keeping it smart and elegant. They can also be worn year round, paired with a flowing tea dress in the summer or trousers and a jacket in the winter.

How to accessorise like a royal

Finally, you need to know how to accessorise like a royal. You’ll certainly never see the royals walking around with huge handbags – why would they, they have people to carry their things for them and they certainly aren’t walking around with a purse, pack of tissues, used water bottle and umbrella in there. Instead they’ll simply carry a small bag for they essentials, mainly their phone. For this reason it’s best to stick to an elegant clutch bag or a small top handled bag.

That said, Meghan Markle has been shaking things up since she came on the scene with clutches that double as cross body bags. If you opt for something that you can wear over your shoulder like this, just be sure to stick to the rules of small and stylish. This will keep you feeling like a royal without having to hold your bag all day long.

Another accessory that has become a firm favourite with Meghan Markle is the Panama hat – despite this originally being designed for men. This can complete your outfit at more casual events, for example Meghan was seen wearing one of these at a polo match. So if you plan on spending a whole day in the summer sun, a hat can be a good idea. Why not consider following in her footsteps and finding yourself the perfect hat to match. This doesn’t have to be a Panama hat, though this certainly will keep you feeling on royal trend, as long as it’s classy and not too bold (and certainly not a sports cap).