July Birthstone Jewellery

July… it’s a month marking the very height of summer. It’s often filled with warm, endless evenings, beach trips, barbeques and festivals. For those across the Atlantic, it’s also a month of freedom as people celebrate Independence Day with parades, picnics, and dazzling firework displays. It’s also a month to celebrate those born in July, and what better way to honour them than with some stunning July birthstone jewellery.

What is July’s Birthstone?

When you think about it, there really is no better gemstone to embody July than the Ruby. It’s fiery and energetic spirit is matched by July’s own warmth and vitality. The stone is best known for its vibrant red hues, which can range from a deep crimson to a lighter shade of pink.

Its colour means it is often associated with passion, love and courage, while others believe Ruby to bring health, wealth and wisdom, protecting the wearer from any negative energies. Rubies are also celebrated for their impressive levels of durability, seconded only by diamonds. They boast a unique fluorescence that gives the impression the stone is lit from within, glowing much like the summer sun of July.

The History & Lore of Ruby

The July birthstone was first discovered around 2,000 years ago in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and has been treasured by various cultures ever since. In ancient lore, it was seen as an embodiment of the sun’s warmth and power, bestowing health, wealth, wisdom and love upon its owners. Some cultures also believe ruby to predict danger and cure inflammatory disease.

One of the most famous Rubies is the “Sunrise Ruby,” a 25.59-carat gemstone renowned for its vivid pigeon blood colour.  It was found in Myanmar in the Mogok Valley, a region famous for producing some of the world’s finest rubies. The stone fetched a record-breaking price at auction, selling for 30.42 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in May 2015. This makes the “Sunrise Ruby” one of the most valued gemstones in the world, and thus July birthstone jewellery has become coveted by many.

Ruby’s Symbolism: The Meanings Behind July’s Birthstone

The fiery personality of Ruby is steeped in symbolism. Often referred to as the “king of gemstones”, the rich red hues are often associated with passion, love and bravery. Ruby jewellery is favoured for romantic gestures because of this, often gifted on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Throughout history, the July birthstone has also been linked with courage and protection. In the past, warriors would wear rubies because they believed it made them invincible in battle, while others thought the stone could warn its wearer of impending danger by darkening in colour.

Styling Your Ruby Jewellery

July birthstone jewellery can be some of the most fun to style. Given its associations with passion and love, ruby earrings and pendants are perfect for romantic dates, adding a touch of allure and sensuality to an outfit. It’s also an ideal gemstone to wear when you need some courage or protection. Choose a July birthstone necklace or bracelet for important meetings, presentations or maybe even a first date! It can serve as a powerful talisman for boosting confidence.

Caring For Your July Birthstone Jewellery

Like with all our birthstone jewellery, our July collection should be given some TLC every now and then. We recommend cleaning your jewellery with a gentle solution of warm water and mild soap. You can use a soft brush to remove some of the harder to see dirt and oils, and then a soft towel to dry it off. Avoid using any harsh chemicals that could damage the gemstone and setting, and for extra protection, store your July birthstone jewellery away from other designs in a soft pouch or lined jewellery box to prevent scratches.

Celebrate Your Individuality with Personalised July Birthstone Jewellery

If you’re on the hunt for some beautiful July birthstone jewellery, we hope you’ll consider Inscripture. We have a stunning selection of July birthstone jewellery that is designed to celebrate your individuality and the magic of the fiery red ruby.

Our necklaces, bracelets and rings can be personalised for a unique touch; add an engraving of a name, date or message or include an additional memorial charm to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Here at Inscripture, our July birthstone jewellery is not just a stylish accessory, but a deeply personal keepsake ready and waiting to be cherished for a lifetime.