How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend


Find a gift that is as great as your bestie, with our present buying guide.

Your best friend is always there for you and knows exactly what you need when times are tough. Whether it’s great advice, a well-timed joke or a large glass of wine! Your bestie supports you through bad haircuts, break-ups and unreasonable bosses. They will babysit your kids so you can go on a much-needed date night, share a bottle of prosecco with you after a hard day or suggest a yoga class when they know you need to de-stress. Whether it’s someone you met on your first day at nursery school or a new work colleague you clicked with instantly, finding a gift that is as unique as them can be tricky.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this. Follow our dos and don’ts of gift buying and you are sure to find something they will love.

Things you should do …

  • Make the gift look fabulous – don’t underestimate the joy of opening a beautifully packaged gift. To make it extra special, you can turn the act of giving into an event – create a mini treasure hunt that leads them to the gift and raises the excitement level!
  • Make a list of the things your BFF enjoys, spend five minutes really thinking about what makes her smile. Are they into being pampered? A movie lover? A foodie? An on-trend fashionista? Obsessed with astrology? A self-care guru? Green-fingered? A gym-junkie? A bookworm?
    Now try to come up with a gift idea to match each thing on the list, from your list of ideas choose your favourite option that is within your budget.
  • Think about an experience they will love, instead of a physical gift. A meal out, a beauty treatment or tickets to a gig or show. It doesn’t have to be a big-ticket item – If your friend is a busy mum, you could offer to look after her kids while she goes for a long walk and then reads a magazine you’ve gifted in her favourite cafe. Give her the opportunity to do something she wouldn’t normally get a chance to do.
  • Get Personal. A bespoke Personalised gift is unique and feels special. Many items can be personalised with their name, a mantra, a reference to a significant event or even to a joke you’ve both shared. How about an initial or name necklace in a classic style they can wear every day? A friendship bracelet engraved with a handwritten message (find ideas of what to write on a friendship bracelet)? A book you know they’ll love with a personalised bookmark inside?  A gift that relates to their birthdate, whether it’s their zodiac sign or birthstone (find out more about their birthstone and their meanings)?
  • Gift a subscription. Give them a gift that keeps on giving! You can get a monthly delivery of almost anything and then your bestie gets reminded of you every time they received their package. It could be a letterbox bouquet of flowers or a packet of coffee beans for someone who lives for their caffeine-fix.
  • Think about a significant event that has happened to your bestie and find a gift that celebrates it. Frame that selfie from a recent trip you took (shop personalised frames). Get them a keyring with their new puppy’s paw print engraved or have one of their child’s drawings engraved onto a necklace for them to treasure forever. Make it about the things they love and create a reminder that will make them smile whenever they look at it.
  • Think about what they really need. It could be more time, a night off cooking or an afternoon of pampering. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, you could put together a pamper package for them to do at home including a face mask, a meditation podcast and new nail polish. Or offer to come around a cook her a three-course meal and do the dishes afterwards!
  • Get creative! Are you a knitter, a baker or a crafter? Give them a little bit of you and make them something – jam with a personalised label, bake a box of their favourite biscuits decorated with their initials or make them a scented candle.
  • Find a cause that is close to your friend’s heart. A donation to a charity they support or gift that will make a difference to something they care about will really show you understand the things that are important to them.
    1. Adopt an elephant! Perfect for animal lovers – the WWF will send them regular updates on your chosen species, plus a cuddly toy
    2. Twin their toilet and give a child access to hygienic, safe conditions and clean water. You will be given a gift certificate with a picture of their toilet’s twin on it
    3. The cancer charity, Macmillian offer a range of gifts as well as the option to make a donation in honour of somebody who your friend was close to
    4. We donate 20% of the sales from our Our NHS Rainbow Stretch Bracelet to the valuable work the NHS are doing during the COVID19 outbreak.

Four things you shouldn’t do when buying a gift:

  • Buy a joke gift. You might get a quick laugh or a smile, but in the long term, if it’s not something they can use, it will find it’s way to the charity shop. Focus on long term enjoyment, not just the laugh you get when the gift is opened.
  • Be afraid to ask for suggestions. A gift doesn’t have to be a surprise for them to love it. It’s better to get them something they really need than struggling to come up with an idea that might not be quite right.
  • Worry about giving a gift voucher. It’s OK to give a gift card, just make sure it’s from a shop they love or one that can be used at a variety of places. The more specific it is, the less likely it is to be used.
  • Overthink it. Putting lots of energy and time into buying a gift makes you feel closer to your BFF, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated! Your bestie will enjoy a gift if it’s something they like, no matter how much effort went into its purchase.

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