How Colour Can Boost Your Mood & Wellbeing

Research has shown that colour can affect how you feel, how others perceive you and even your health.

The Psychology of colour

Colours have associations with different moods, feelings, and emotions. Being exposed to certain colours can affect peoples perceptions and behaviour. Wearing certain colours or choosing the right shades for your home can help you feel more relaxed, confident and happier.

What is colour Therapy?

Colour therapists believe that the seven colours of the rainbow relate to the body’s seven energy centres. These energy centres, or chakras, can be rebalanced by exposing them to the right colours.

Find your colour

Which colours are associate with which emotional benefits?

❤️  Red, is a powerful and strong colour. If you’re flagging and in need of an energy boost, red should be your colour of choice. It is also thought to make you feel hungry, so is often seen in restaurants! Wearing red can make people think you are ambitious, determined and passionate.

Orange, is seen as a joyful, warm and comforting colour – perfect for giving you a lift on dreary days. It’s also associated with wisdom so could give you a boost if you have a test or presentation to do. If you wear orange, people might perceive you as being confident, warm and brave.

?  Yellow, the colour of the sun, is seen as optimistic and happy. If you need a confidence boost, it should be your go-to colour. If you wear yellow, people might think you are creative, content and fun. It’s also associated with new ideas and problem-solving skills.

Green, the colour of nature, is seen as grounding. It can help you restore balance in your life and bring you feelings of calm in a busy world. The peaceful nature of the colour can help you deal with anxiety and make you feel more resilient. If you wear green, people may see you as a good listener, generous and moral.

? Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, is considered calming and can help you slow down a busy mind and get focussed. It is also said to help with mental clarity and creative expression. If you wear blue, others could see you as trustworthy, loyal and relaxed.

? Purple, is a vibrant colour associated with energy and imagination. It can help you feel motivated, so perfect if you are struggling with a project. It’s also seen as a spiritual colour representing enlightenment and emotional balance. People who wear purple can be perceived as harmonious and peaceful, but also daydreamers.

? Pink, the colour of romantic love, is seen as nurturing, compassionate and caring. Pink environments are thought to be relaxing and the colour has been used in prisons to calm inmates. If you wear pink, you could be perceived as kind, intuitive and insightful.

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