Fun Lockdown Activities for kids

Here are some fun activities to keep your children educated, entertained and exercised during quarantine! Our guide includes the lowdown on online resources and lots of fab free printables for you to download.

Set a Treasure Hunt

Think about how many clues you’ll need, which areas of the house you can utilise and an easy route to follow. Create a letter to your child from a pirate who has lost their treasure and needs their help as an exciting opener for the event.

If you’re feeling creative you can get rhyming and write your own clues or, to save you some time, we’ve designed a ready-made hunt for you to download.

Download our Printable treasure hunt here

Build a den Den

Making a den is great fun and will keep your little one amused for hours, just get them to agree to help with the clean up before you start!

Collect together some blankets, sheets, cushions or pillows and then search the house for a suitable den location. Under tables works well or the old favourite of a sheet over the top of two dining chairs is a good option. If it’s a nice day and you have a garden, you could always set up outside.

Once the structure is created fill the inside with cushions and blankets to make it as cosy as possible. The kids can take their favourite books and teddies inside and play by torchlight to make it extra exciting. Don’t forget to use the torch to make a shadow show inside the den.

Things you need to get started:

  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Cushions or pillows
  • Favourite books
  • A secret password to gain entry
  • A torch.

Have An Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Grab yourself 20 minutes for a cup of tea (or G&T!) with our indoor scavenger hunt. Send the kids off hunting for the items on our list while you take a well-earned break. A scavenger hunt is also a great activity for your children to do during a group call. Email our PDF to all the parents beforehand – the children can all search for the items, while you get ten minutes to catch up with the grown-ups! When then the kids come back they can show their friends what they have found.

Download our Printable Scavenger Hunt here.

Join an online class

There are so many fabulous resources out that to help you structure your day. We’ve put together a list of the Inscripture team’s favourites…

PE with Joe Wicks

Join thousands of other and  Start your day with a workout! The Body Coach has been donating the advertising profits from his video for the NHS so you can feel extra good doing it!

Where: YouTube     Time: 9:00 am     Day: Mon-Fri

Steve Backshall Online Home School

Post questions about wildlife, conservation, geography or exploration and, if you’re lucky, Steve will include the answers in his lesson!

Where: Facebook     Time: 9:30 am     Day: Mon-Fri

Art lesson with Simon Hetherington

Make sure children are ready with some paper, pens, pencils or crayons for a live art lesson.

Where: Facebook     Time: 10:30 am     Day: Mon & Thurs

Let’s Go Live with Science with Maddie and Greg

The CBeebies’ favourite, Maddie Moate will be giving a live science lesson each morning, exploring a different topic each week.

Where: YouTube     Time: 11:00 am     Day: Mon-Fri

Dance with Oti Mabuse

Oti leading her junior dance warriors in a fun themed lesson!

Where: FaceBook     Time: 11:30 am     Day: Mon-Sun

Story Time with David Walliams

Storytime with the popular funny guy and children’s Author.

where:     Time: 11 am     Day: Mon-Fri

Draw with Rob

Children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph has lots of video tutorials on his channel showing children how to create anything from sausage dogs to aliens!

Where: YouTube

BBC Bitesized

Bitesize has 150 new lessons every week to keep your kids on track with their learning. The lessons feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games.

Where: Bitesize

Have an armchair adventure

Their doors may be firmly closed but many museums, zoos and theme parks are offering a virtual tour within their walls so you can get a little culture and magic from your couch!

The British Museum

Delve into Arts and Culture via the online exhibitions, stories and a timeline, including a project looking at the Mayan World.

National Gallery of Art Washington D.C

Visit two online exhibitions – American Fashion from 1749-1895 and painting by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

Van Gogh Museum

You’ll find a selection of things to do for everyone – from young children through to die-hard art lovers.

San Diego Zoo

has live cams keeping you and the littles occupied at this fabulous zoo!

The Houston Zoo

live cams show giraffe feeding time, elephants and rhinos amongst others

Disney World

Bring the magic into your front room with google street views allowing you to step inside all of the parks.

Daily Lego challenge

Challenge your kids to a daily lego challenge and get them building. We’ve created 14 ideas below to keep you going for the next two weeks.

Download our Printable Lego Challenge here.