6 Quirky Christmas Trends For This Year

Christmas Table Decoration

Christmas is an exciting time of year, everyone is full of festive cheer and looking forward to spending some time with their loved ones. You’ll probably be familiar with the December routine, the shops are full of the usual Christmas trees, decorations and gifts, as busy shoppers flit around getting ready for the big day. And as ever you prepare yourself for the influx of red and green, holly leaves, tinsel and baubles.

But if you fancy side-stepping the usual Christmas traditions this year, or simply adding a little extra to your usual Christmas Day, there are plenty of new trends for you to choose from in 2019. It’s never to early to begin planning the perfect day, that’s why we’re bring you a list of six quirky Christmas trends for you to try out this year.

1. Have an ABC Christmas

This trend is particularly fun if you have younger children in your family, but more than anything it’s a quirky way to add some creativity to your Christmas Day. The theme suggests that you choose a decoration, in particular baubles, for each letter of the alphabet. This can be a great way to get your family involved, assigning letters to everyone and allowing them to choose their decoration. This also means that by the time you’re done you’ll have a truly unique and personalised Christmas tree covered in a range of colours, textures and motifs.

2. Add a touch of tropical to your big day

The festive season brings with it plenty of parties and social occasions, and you can let your fun shine through in your Christmas decorations as well. And no, this doesn’t simply mean adding glitter to everything! One of this years’ biggest and most unique trends is the use of tropical motifs. In fact, this Christmas it’s out with the cold and in with the new. Consider ditching your Santa and snowmen and instead choosing all things tropical like cacti and flamingos.

Sounds crazy, right? By way not make this your brightest Christmas yet and embrace the colours of the tropics. Choose vibrant colours for your tree and tropical motifs for your mantel piece. This playful theme has dominated summer in recent years – you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of all things covered in flamingos or pineapples – but now it’s winter’s turn for a taste of the tropics. And what better way to start than on Christmas Day.

3. Sidestep traditional colour and patterns

What do you picture when you think of Christmas? Red, green, gold and glitter everywhere. So this year why not sidestep the traditional colour schemes and go for something more daring. This year blue has been added to the colour palette, midnight hues, aqua and light blues are going to be all the rage. That and the bright tropical colours we mentioned earlier in the article.

What’s more, Christmas trees are even changing colour. Why settle for a tree that’s just green when you can have all the colours!  A new multicoloured tree has been launched just in time for Christmas Day 2019, so why not go all out quirky and get yourself a brand new multi-coloured tree.

And finally, patterns are also going to play a big part in Christmas 2019, but we’re not talking about the traditional trees, snowflakes or tartan. This year stripes and spots will be taking the lead – even better if these fall into your vibrant colour schemes.

4. Be environmentally conscious

This year has been the ‘year of the environment’. We’re increasingly hearing more about our negative impact on the planet and more people have begun to try and lessen their impact on the earth. If you’re environmentally conscious or you’d like to be more eco-friendly this year, you can carry this through into your Christmas Day. Consider how much waste is produced each Christmas, because of this many companies are now offering more socially responsible alternatives.

While you might just assume that wrapping paper is recyclable (it’s paper, duh) you would be wrong. Some wrapping papers use print and chemicals that aren’t recycled and that’s why you should choose natural or biodegradable alternatives this December. Not only this, but why not choose sustainable Christmas cards too or those made from recycled paper.

Lastly, if you really want to be socially responsible you can choose eco-friendly crackers. Yes, these really do exist! Consider how much plastic waste is made from the toys in crackers each year, so why not choose more environmentally friendly Christmas crackers. All of these offer you the opportunity for a quirky day, which will have a better impact on our planet.

5. Think about your table layout

Take your table to the next level this Christmas. Another key trend for 2019 is going to be all-out table decorations and place settings. Yep, you read that right. Treat your Christmas dinner as if it were a huge and important event (even if there’s only four of you). Personalised place settings can add a touch of whimsy to your day and festive centrepieces can make you feel really fancy as you sit down to your roast dinner.

6. It’s not just about the big day

Don’t forget that the festive season begins at the beginning of December and the countdown to Christmas can be just as exciting as the day. But this year instead of choosing your average, traditional advent calendar, why not go for a quirky alternative. A huge number of brands have begun putting together unique advent calendars to help with your countdown. From beauty products to prosecco, vegan chocolates to small bottles of gin, you’re sure to find the perfect calendar for you.

Better still, you can even buy empty calendars to fill yourself for a loved one. You can get these from a number of craft stores and choose the perfect fillers for yourself or a friend. These could be tea bags, chocolates, makeup or stationery – it’s really up to you!

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