How To Maintain Relationships During Bereavement

Maintaining relationships with your friends and family is one of the most difficult things to do after the death of a loved one. You may simply want to bury yourself, hide at home and not keep in touch, but it’s important to stay connected as this can help your healing process. Bereavement is probably one of the hardest experiences you will go through, and therefore, it’s important to have support around you during this time.

3 Tips For Maintaining Relationships

Meet up with friends and family

Make sure that you regularly schedule get-togethers with your friends and family as you go through grieving the loved one you have lost. This could be an intimate dinner with your best friend, a coffee date with someone suffering from the same loss as you or a walk with a larger group of people.

The goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and supported through this process, so it doesn’t matter who you gravitate to or what you do with them, only that you don’t isolate yourself from the people you trust.

Spend the holidays with other people

It is important to not be alone during the holidays after you have dealt with the death of a loved one. The bereavement process can take many months or years, and you may encounter an occasion during this time that heightens your grief. You may find that your feelings become overpowering as events such as Christmas or Mother’s Day remind you of your loved one. By making plans for the holidays, you can continue old traditions that your family may have had and start new ones. You may also wish to gift yourself a piece of Memorial Jewellery, such as an Inscripture Handwriting Necklace or an item of Fingerprint Jewellery, to feel as though the person is still with your during these moments.

Plan new traditions

Planning new traditions can help you continue to help hold onto your memories of your lost one. It may also help you to connect with the people still in your life who are experiencing bereavement too. Maybe you could celebrate the birthday of a loved one who has passed or plan a celebration day to gift each other a piece of Photo Jewellery or Ashes Jewellery so you can all hold onto the memories of that person.

Support Yourself and Others During Grief

As you learn to manage your grief after experiencing bereavement, the most important assets are the people around you. They will be the ones that will get you through this challenging time and to the other side. The emotions you feel during this process may be overpowering but it can help to talk these out with a friend or family member. It is important to maintain your relationships as you deal with bereavement. This can be as simple as chatting with them on the phone, or more adventurous as you plan a new activity to do with them. If you are still struggling to reach out it can help to wear Handwriting Jewellery which can start the conversation with your friends about what you are going through or if you are specifically grieving the loss of a pet, you may find the Paw Print Jewellery useful in these moments when you can’t bring yourself to tell your loved ones of your loss.