Why Meaningful Jewellery is The Perfect Gift

Making and gifting jewellery has been a part of our culture for centuries. And meaningful jewellery with a high sentimental value sits right at to top of the list for the best gift ideas. In this blog post, we will explore why jewellery makes a wonderful gift idea for almost any occasion.

Jewellery is Meaningful

Meaningful jewellery is any piece that holds sentimental value (a value that goes beyond its monetary value because of its personal or emotional associations). This could be because the piece was given by a particular person in your life or to represent a momentous occasion, such as a graduation, wedding or promotion. You may even gift personalised jewellery to commemorate a lost loved one or pet.

Popular types of meaningful jewellery include handwriting jewellery or constellation, birth flower or birthstone jewellery (which can consist of their star sign or birthstone or a combination of their birthstone with their partner’s or children’s).

Of course, jewellery is an excellent gift if someone values wearing jewellery, but if your recipient seldom wears necklaces or rings, then gifting them jewellery could be considered somewhat thoughtless. However, there are alternative solutions to personalised gifting. For example, you may give someone a personalised accessory, such as a handwriting keyring or bottle opener, if they aren’t the type of person to wear jewellery or they only wear the same classic pieces daily.

Not Something We Often Buy for Ourselves

Long-lasting jewellery made with precious metals and stones is not something people buy themselves regularly, making quality jewellery the perfect gift for anyone who deserves a top-tier gift this year.

Worn and Appreciated Every Day

How often have you been gifted something that ends up collecting dust in the back of a cupboard? Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned gifts can end up at the bottom of a drawer and forgotten about if they aren’t in regular use.

However, meaningful jewellery can be worn and appreciated every day. Then every time the recipient looks at their ring or holds their necklace charm, they can remember the loved one who gave them the piece and the sentimental value this has.

Jewellery Lasts for Years

Of course, not all jewellery will stand the test of time. But pieces made with precious metals, including 925 sterling silver, 18ct rose gold, and 18ct yellow gold, will last for decades, if not forever.

Therefore, if your budget allows, giving meaningful jewellery made of materials like solid gold is a fantastic gift as the recipient can treasure their necklace, charm, bracelet etc., for their lifetime and then pass the piece along with its sentimental value to their relatives.


Meaningful jewellery that carries personal emotional value can be the perfect gift for multiple occasions, whether you are gifting the jewellery to celebrate a momentous occasion, to help them remember a lost loved one or pet, or as a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘I appreciate you’ present. Check out our Inscripture online store for more personalised and meaningful jewellery gift ideas for your loved ones.