What is Bereavement

What is bereavement - memorial jewellery - inscripture

What is Bereavement?

Although you may have experienced bereavement or are going through a period of grief, it may help you understand the meaning of bereavement, the common signs and potential causes of grief. Of course, learning more about bereavement can’t make your feelings disappear or bring back your loss. However, understanding it may help you know why you feel a certain way and help you feel less alone when dealing with grief.

At Inscripture, we provide memorial gifts for people going through a mourning period. Therefore, we are passionate about helping people cope with grief and feel less alone during this challenging part of their life.

What is bereavement?

Bereavement is the feeling of grief after losing a loved one, job, home, or pet. Any loss or significant life changes can result in feelings of bereavement. Although these feelings will be different for everyone, generally a person will be experiencing emotions such as sadness, depression, sorrow, anger, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Signs of bereavement

Although everyone’s loss will manifest itself differently, here are some common symptoms of bereavement that you may experience:

Sleeplessness or oversleeping
Sadness and crying
Anger, guilt and frustration
Not wanting to eat
Not enjoying things you once looked forward to
Lack of focus or motivation

It is also great to know these signs if your friend or family member is going through grief, so you know when they are experiencing grief, and therefore you know when they may need your support most.

If you are experiencing grief or looking for ways to support a loved one, many people find our memorial jewellery a loving way to commemorate their lost loved one.

What is bereavement - memorial jewellery - inscripture

What causes grief?

Most people assume grief always comes from the loss of a friend or family member. However, grief can come after all kinds of loss, such as losing people or changes in your life circumstances. You maybe even experience bereavement after receiving a diagnosis for a medical condition or experiencing a deterioration in your health.

How to cope with grief

If you are experiencing grief yourself or looking for ways to support a loved one going through the pain of loss, we have several posts on the Inscripture blog you may find helpful:

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As a brand that offers Memory Jewellery, we believe it is also important to provide support where we can. This is why we have set up and run a bereavement support community. This group is free to join on Facebook, and you can talk to others experiencing loss and find comfort in knowing you are not alone. We also urge you to consider talking to a healthcare professional, such as your GP or a therapist, to talk about your grief and the emotions you are experiencing.