A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Handwriting Jewellery

In today’s world, we typically choose to send texts, WhatsApp messages and emails over more traditional forms of communication like handwritten letters or notes. But there are those few occasions when we receive a message from a loved one in their own penmanship; maybe it’s a simple “Happy Birthday” message in a card or a “I love you” scrawled on a piece of scrap paper. These intricate signatures are made all the more precious because they’ve become so rare.

And in times of loss, handwritten notes are even more powerful.  They capture the essence of the person with every curve and line, encapsulating certain moments and memories that will in time bring comfort and solace. Rather than leaving these beautiful handwritten messages hidden in a drawer, you can transform them into beautiful pieces of handwriting jewellery to help evoke their presence further.

What is Handwriting Jewellery?

Handwriting jewellery involves creating a personalised accessory that features the actual handwriting of a loved one. Here at Inscripture, we ask that you send us a high quality image of the handwritten note, signature or message. Our skilled craftsmen then meticulously engrave the handwriting onto your chosen jewellery design, whether it be a 925 sterling ring or bracelet, or a gold vermeil necklace or charm.

Many of our memorial jewellery pieces can be customised even further, with room for additional engravings to be added on the back of charms and pendants. The idea is that your handwriting jewellery is completely bespoke to you, becoming a deeply personal keepsake that encapsulates the essence and the personality of the person you’re remembering.

Examples of Handwriting You Can Use

Since almost all communication is done online nowadays, it can be difficult to find an example of real handwriting you can use. Here are some ideas where you might find some:

Birthday Cards: One of the best places to find handwritten messages from loved ones is birthday cards. Check you don’t have any hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Their heartfelt sentiments and personal notes make them perfect for memorial jewellery.

Letters & Postcards: Did your loved one ever write you a letter or send you a postcard while travelling? If so, this might be the perfect place to find examples of their penmanship. Messages that read “miss you” or “love you” would look beautiful on one of our handwriting necklaces or bracelets.

Journals or Diaries: We don’t recommend going peeping unless you have permission! But, if your loved one kept a diary, there’s a chance they mentioned you or a specific occasion that’s special to you both. A short excerpt from a handwritten diary would be a great fit for handwriting jewellery.

Scrap Notes: Sometimes those simple, handwritten notes scrawled on the back of scrap paper can be more personal and meaningful than you might originally think. You might me able to find messages of “I love you” in the most unexpected of places.

How to Order Handwriting Jewellery at Inscripture

Buying handwriting jewellery online here at Inscripture couldn’t be easier. We have designed our ordering process to be as simple as possible, so you can focus more on what’s important, while we focus on creating your beautiful memorial jewellery. Here’s a step by step guide on how to order:

Select Your Design: First things first, visit the Inscripture website and browse through our range of beautiful memorial jewellery designs. We have handwriting pendants, bracelets, keyrings and charms providing ample room to showcase your chosen handwriting.

Personalise Your Choice: Once you’ve chosen your design, it’s time to make it personal. Think about what holds the most meaning for you—a signature, a brief note, or perhaps a special message your loved one wrote. The more personal, the better it will help encapsulate the memories and sentiment you wish to preserve.

Capture the Handwriting: Take a clear, high-quality photo of the handwriting you want to use. Ensure the handwriting is legible and well-lit to help the craftsmen accurately transfer it onto your jewellery.

Upload the Image: During the checkout process, you’ll have the option to upload the photo of handwriting. Here you can also specify if you’d like any additional personalisation, such as a second engraving on the back, or extra charms added to a necklace or bracelet.

Sit Back & Relax: After you’ve placed your order, our skilled craftsmen will carefully engrave the handwriting onto your chosen piece, ensuring it matches the original as closely as possible. Then, your beautiful handwriting jewellery is boxed in beautiful packaging and sent straight to your door!

We hope you’re now feeling fully equipped to create your own piece of handwriting jewellery. Just remember, these pieces are designed to be as unique as you and the memories you hold of your loved ones. Choose a design and an example of handwriting that feels right to you; so you can create a meaningful memento that not only honours their memory, but provides connection and healing.