Your Guide To Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial, also known as mourning, keepsake or remembrance jewellery offers a time-honoured way of commemorating those who have passed, bringing comfort and enabling you to keep them close to your heart.

The History of Memorial Jewellery

Mourning jewellery has been worn for nearly 2,000 years. Memorial jewellery as we think of it today began during the Renaissance when the tradition of wearing commemorative rings engraved with a name to honour the memory of loved one became popular.

The practice became increasingly fashionable during the Victorian era, particularly after Queen Victoria lost her husband Albert in 1861. For the next four decades, she wore black and commissioned many memorial pieces. As a result mourning jewellery became very popular, particularly lockets containing a picture or lock of hair, black jewellery made from Jet and pendants or rings featuring cameos or silhouettes of a loved one.

Today there are many options for remembrance jewellery from traditional lockets to urn jewellery. Many people also find wearing an engraved heart, angel wing or feather can provide comfort and act as a reminder too.


Lockets are often treasured keepsakes that are passed down to the next generation. They offer multiple ways to remember a loved one with the option to store a picture or lock of hair inside, as well as engraving a special message, name or date on the outside.

Ashes Jewellery

Also known as cremation or urn jewellery, these pieces offer a way to keep the ashes of your loved one or pet safely with you. They give family members and friends a way to share a small part of the ashes. People also use the jewellery to store the burial soil or hair from a loved one. As well as pendant necklaces, you can also find ashes cufflinks. These are often worn for weddings, graduations or other special occasions when you want to feel a loved one is close to you.

Angel Wing or Feather charms

Angel Wings are considered to be a symbol of protection and the jewellery is thought to bring a sense of comfort and remembrance for those who have lost someone special.

Handwriting Engraving

You can have your Memorial Jewellery engraved with the handwriting of a loved one who has passed enabling you to keep their words with you always. The handwriting from a treasured note, letter or card is engraved onto a bracelet, necklace or charm. The engraving matches the actual handwriting supplied perfectly to create a unique and sentimental item. Find more information about Handwriting Engraving here.

Pawprint Engraving

If you have lost a beloved pet, it is possible to get their paw print engraved on to a charm or piece of ashes jewellery to create a special piece of Pet Memorial Jewellery to treasure.

Whether you are looking for a sentimental keepsake for yourself to treasure or a thoughtful gift for someone close to you, memorial jewellery can be a significant comfort. To find a piece of Memorial Jewellery that you can cherish, explore our range here at Inscripture, the UK’s Leading Handwriting Engraving Specialists.