Why You Should Take Pet Loss Seriously

Why you should take pet loss seriously - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture After creating Paw Print Jewellery for a number of years, we have noticed that pet loss isn’t discussed in the media or between friends nearly as much as it should. Losing your pet can be one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences and is likely to bring up similar feelings of grief that you may expect if you were to lose a friend or family member.

Here is why you should take pet loss more seriously and allow yourself time to grieve the loss of your furry friend and some unique ways to commemorate your pet’s life.

Why You Should Take Pet Loss Seriously

Pet Loss Disrupts Your Routine

Having a pet is a massive part of your world and a significant part of your daily routine. Therefore, when your pet no longer needs you to feed, walk or cuddle them, you can feel at a loss about how to structure your day. Pet loss is as significant as losing a member of your family that you lived with and should therefore be treated as such.

Pet Loss Isn’t Different From Other Forms of Loss

Pet loss isn’t something we naturally wish to talk about with friends, colleagues or family or even think about in our own minds. Losing a family member and somebody you have shared unconditional love with for a long time is significant no matter how many legs they have. Pet loss is as severe as losing a person, and therefore it’s essential to be kind to yourself during this grieving process.

How To Celebrate Your Pet’s Life

Memorial Jewellery

Creating a piece of jewellery to remember your pet can be powerful. Many people note that jewellery can help significantly during their grieving process as they can physically hold something that reminds them of their pet when they are feeling low. For example, you may wish to choose Ashes Jewellery or wear a Photo Necklace with your favourite picture of your pet so you can hold it when you feel sad. Similarly to Fingerprint Jewellery, you may also wish to commission Paw Print Jewellery if you think your pet’s time is near and want to organise a personalised piece.

Why you should take pet loss seriously - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture Create a Photo Album

Just like turning your pet’s ashes into jewellery to keep forever, you could also create an album to hold the snapshots of your memories together.

If you are anything like most pet owners, your phone memory is probably bursting with pictures of your animals being silly, playing with their favourite toys or posing for the camera (or rather looking at the treat behind the camera). Although it may feel too painful to look at the photos, it can help you have them printed in a book that you can reach for when you wish to look back and reminisce over the good times you shared. You could also gift a pet album to your friend experiencing loss, so they don’t have to create the book themselves.

Make a Donation in Their Name

Continue your pet’s legacy by donating to an animal charity or organising a memorial bench in their favourite spot. For example, if your dog or cat was a rescue, you could contribute to the organisation that saved them so the charity can continue to save more pets. Donating in their honour is a lovely way to remember them.

Why you should take pet loss seriously - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture

How to Grieve Pet Loss

Everyone deals with loss differently, and there is no right or wrong way to go about your grieving process.

If you wish to learn more about how to grieve the loss of a pet or seek support for your pet bereavement feel free to read the previous articles on the Inscripture blog. Additionally, you may also wish to visit our website to see the range of Photo Jewellery available for you or your loved one.

Why you should take pet loss seriously - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture