Why Fingerprint Jewellery Makes The Perfect Gift For New Mums

Why Fingerprint Jewellery Makes The Perfect Gift For New Mums - InscriptureWhen buying a gift for a new mum, you’ll likely want to find something unique that will last for years to come. Personalised jewellery made of precious metals is one option for the perfect keepsake they can treasure for life. At Inscripture, we make 100s of personalised jewellery pieces for countless occasions, and fingerprint jewellery is one of our top choices for a gift for new mums.

What is fingerprint jewellery - Inscripture

What is Fingerprint Jewellery?

Fingerprint jewellery is one of our specialities at Inscripture! Simply print the fingerprint at home with a pencil or inkless kit and send it to our team. Then we will capture your loved one’s exact fingerprint pattern and engrave it onto a piece from our fingerprint jewellery collection. We use advanced laser technology to carve each unique fingerprint into the metal before polishing the item so you can wear it daily.

Fingerprint Jewellery - InscripturePopular Types of Fingerprint Jewellery:

Fingerprint bracelets
Fingerprint charms
Fingerprint necklaces 

Why fingerprint jewellery makes a great gift - Inscripture

Why Fingerprint Jewellery Makes a Great Gift?

As you can take a baby’s fingerprint at any age, fingerprint jewellery is a great gift for a push present shortly after birth, for their first Mother’s Day, or on their child’s Christening day. Fingerprint jewellery allows new mums to keep a piece of their baby with them at all times and immortalise the early moments of their newborn’s life.

Personalised fingerprint jewellery made using the most accurate engraving technology is a great gift to help celebrate the birth of a new mum’s firstborn child. It can also be a permanent reminder that you believe they are the best parent for this beautiful baby.

Many new mums often struggle to leave their babies after spending so many weeks or months caring for them on maternity leave, so fingerprint jewellery is a lovely way for them to keep a piece of their child on their person while they make the difficult transition back to work.

On our website you can also choose the metal colour the new mum wears most frequently. So, for example, if your friend, spouse or sister often wears yellow gold jewellery, you can find a selection of gold fingerprint jewellery to compliment the items they already wear and enhance their jewellery collection.

Plus, depending on the jewellery item you choose for them, you can add extra charms at a later date for their fingerprints, the grandparents’ fingerprints or any future kids’ fingerprints (if they plan to have any more children).

How to Take Fingerprints at Home

Like any bespoke piece from Inscripture, you need to send us a copy of your baby’s or loved one’s fingerprint(s) for us to engrave it onto your chosen piece. You can collect the fingerprints with a pencil and plain paper or using an inkless print kit. Then we can get to work creating the unique gift for yourself or a sister, cousin or friend who has just become a new mum.

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How To Use An Inkless Print Kit - Inscripture

How to use an inkless print kit – order your Inkless Print Kit here


A fingerprint necklace, bracelet or other jewellery item is a lovely gift for a new mum to preserve their cherished memories with their new infant. Luckily, taking fingerprints at home is easy, and the gift can often be a wonderful surprise for the new mum.