Why Are Cards So Meaningful?

We look at the benefits of sending and receiving handwritten cards and why buying cards is having a renaissance.

Today we have so many ways to communicate instantly that sending a greetings card by snail mail is often forgotten about. A card takes longer to write and involves more care and thought from the writer, which makes it much more personal and meaningful than a text or email. 

Card sales have been booming

During lockdown sales of stationery were reported to be up by 300% by Papier. With a surge in the purchase of cards, it seems that lots of people returned to more traditional methods to connect with friends and family they were unable to see.

We can see why – receiving a card is a special experience. You hear some post landing on your doormat. The surprise of seeing a coloured envelope in amongst the pizza delivery menus and bills instantly makes you feel happy. We bet it will be the first thing you open.

Cards Are Sensory

The act of receiving a card involves many of your senses. You look at the address and try to guess who sent it by the handwriting. You hear the tear as you rip open the envelope. You smile as you see the picture on the front and run your hands over it. You turn the card over in your hands as you open it to read the message.

Cards Take Time

In the days of digital communication, the fact that someone has taken the time to visit a shop, select a card they think you’ll like, compose a message, buy a stamp and post it makes you feel extra special. They’ve invested that time, money and thought into you. The effort involved shows how much they care.

Cards Celebrate Life Events

Cards are used to mark the most significant events of our lives whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, bereavement or declaration of love. Receiving a card gives you something tangible to display, keep and look at whenever you need a reminder of those kind words and that special moment or day.

Cards make Memories

As we mentioned, cards are often kept and looked back on. Sending an email or text just doesn’t have the same impact. You rarely go back through email messages from several years ago – they are forgotten too quickly, without the physical reminder of the sentiment. A card can be treasured for years and be read again and again.

Cards help you get your message across

You can express things that might be hard to say face-to-face in a card. This could be an apology or a message of sympathy, where you need to carefully consider your words. A card gives you a chance to plan what you want to say and a way to explain your feelings. Often email and text messages can be reactionary and sent in haste. Writing a card gives you time to think about your response and word it carefully.

Cards make you happier

There are even emotional benefits for the sender of the card – studies have found that writing a thoughtful message to someone can make you both feel considerably happier.

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels