What Not To Say To Someone Dealing With A Loss

If you are reading this post, you likely know someone going through the grieving process and want to know how to best support them. As they experience a whirlwind of emotions, there are certain things that you should avoid saying to them during this time, as these words could make them feel worse about the situation.

Here are some common phrases that you should avoid saying while supporting someone who has just experienced a loss. Some of these may seem glaringly obvious, and some may surprise you. Just know that it’s ok to make mistakes or accidentally say the wrong thing. As long as your intentions are genuine and you listen to the grieving person, you can show support and help them through their loss.

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Don’t say ‘’I understand how you feel’’

Even though this is often a common phrase used to attempt to show empathy to someone who is grieving, is no benefit to saying this. Unfortunately, the grieving process is different for everyone, and therefore, you can’t necessarily know they feel. Even if you are grieving the loss of the same person or pet, you could alienate your friend or family member with this statement.

Don’t say ‘’just give it time’’

Unfortunately, time can’t magically make someone feel better. Steps have to be taken to feel better and to deal with the grief properly. Although time can heal some wounds, it is equally important that the grieving person gets support at this moment, not just for when they are in the acceptance phase of grief.

Don’t say ‘’just move on, you weren’t that close anyway’’

When someone says this to a person in the grieving process, it’s like asking them to forget about them, act like they never even existed and suggests their grief isn’t valid. This can be hard, especially to hear and will likely cause this person to pull away from you. Therefore, it is important to be there for them and support them as they have to go through this journey, no matter your opinions.

Don’t say ‘’it was God’s will’’

This may exacerbate their grief as they may have a hard time with their faith while dealing with this loss and questioning their beliefs. And you should not say it if you do not know their religious opinions or background. Instead, it is best to be there for them as they go through this emotional rollercoaster and show your support.

How To Actually Deal With Loss

Dealing with death can be extremely painful and challenging. It’s hard to know how to be there for someone that has lost a loved one. The best thing you can do is be there and offer your support, so they know that they’re not alone. Encourage them to share their feelings with you and listen when they talk about them. If you aren’t sure how someone is feeling and don’t know how to broach the subject, you could offer them a sentimental piece of Memorial Jewellery. This token of your love can help them know you care and that you are here if they wish to talk about their loss whilst offering the comfort of being able to keep a piece of their loved one close.