What is Sue Ryder?

What is Sue Ryder?

Sue Ryder is a charity in England, Scotland and Wales that specialises in helping those with terminal illnesses. This includes palliative, neurological and bereavement support for those diagnosed with a terminal illness, their loved ones or their carers.

You may have seen the sky blue and white logo on one of their charity shops in your local town, which help raise money to fund the £55 million a year costs of running the services.

What is Sue Ryder?What Support Does Sue Ryder Offer?

Sue Ryder has 11 centres around the UK and can offer palliative (care through a life-limiting health condition and end-of-life care) and neurological support (care specifically for health conditions that affect the brain or central nervous system) from health care professionals and nurses at these specialist care centres or arrange in-home visits.

They aim to help people with terminal illnesses make the most of their life and receive targeted support to help them through grief and changes to their health. They also help loved ones through anticipatory grief and prepare for the future.

They can also offer bereavement support services online, including a community page to speak to other people in similar situations, advice about grief, and professional counselling over video chat. They also offer information on specific topics surrounding the diagnosis or loss of a loved one, including how to cope with grief, help children through a family loss, and plan for the future.

How To Access This Support

If you or someone you know would benefit from the services offered by the incredible team at Sue Ryder, you can enquire about a specific support service via their website.

What is Sue Ryder?Sue Ryder Founder’s Story

Of course, the charity’s name if Sue Ryder, suggests it was started by a caring individual before growing into what it is today. Sue Ryder was, in fact, a real person who dedicated her life to helping others.

Sue was a humanitarian who started working in these caring roles during WWII. However, unlike many, she didn’t return to her pre-war life and continued to dedicate her life to helping people with palliative and neurological support.

Sadly, Sue passed away in 2000, but her legacy lives on through the work done by the incredible people within the Sue Ryder charity.

What is Sue Ryder?Sue Ryder X Inscripture Memorial Jewellery

As a memorial jewellery brand, Inscripture were keen to partner with Sue Ryder as we have heard how many of our customers have benefited from the care they received from the charity.

We hope to add an easy way for our customers to make a donation to the Sue Ryder charity when they purchase items, such as our ashes jewellery.

We are also part of the ‘grief kind’ campaign as we understand that some people prefer to opt out of newsletters during particular times of the year that may bring up unpleasant memories of their suffering.

Please check back in with us in the coming months for new announcements concerning our partnership.

What is Sue Ryder?