What is Remembrance Jewellery?

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture

Mourning a lost loved one is something humans have done since the beginning of time. As we are sentient beings that feel deep emotional connections to others. The care and love we express towards each other were just as critical when humans lived in tribes as it is today. Humans have an innate desire to care for our young, old or sick family members and close friends. Therefore, it is no surprise that remembrance jewellery has been used for centuries as a way to commemorate and remember our loved ones.

What does Remembrance Jewellery Look Like?

Some people choose to wear something simple to remind them of the people they have lost. Others prefer to wear something that others may notice as mourning jewellery and comment on, so they can open up a conversation about their loved ones and keeptheir memory alive.

Many common shapes and symbols have been used in remembrance jewellery throughout its history, such as:

●      Heart – love

●      Circles or discs – eternity or unity

●      Trees – life and nature.

●      Robins – represent the phrase ‘robins appear when loved ones are near’ in Robin Jewellery

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture

●      Bees – teamwork and unity

●      Feathers – honour, wisdom and freedom

●      Angels or angel wings – protection, love and courage

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture

Remembrance Jewellery in Ancient Rome

Even the Ancient Romans used to use remembrance jewellery. They used intricate designs, colours and even incorporated personal objects to enhance the meaning of the accessories. There has even been evidence to show that they used bones and teeth in their jewellery to personalise it.

Although some archaeologists believe the use of body parts may have been a status symbol, it’s also likely that the Romans used these to commemorate their loved ones and bring them good luck.

What is remembrance jewellery? m- InscriptureRemembrance Jewellery in Victoria England


Remembrance jewellery is sometimes known as cremation, mourning or memorial jewellery.

Mourning jewellery, which became popular during the Victorian Era, is one form of remembrance jewellery that uses elements, such as hair or ashes, to personalise the jewellery and increase its sentimental value. At the end of the Victorian Era, the wealthier people in society were using photography to document their families and therefore these photos were also used in jewellery.

Although some of these trends, including the use of hair, aren’t popular today, some items have stood the test of time including making ashes into jewellery or keeping a photo in a locket.

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture

Modern Remembrance Jewellery

People still find memory jewellery helpful when they are grieving as it acts as a beautiful way to commemorate a passed loved one.

Inscripture offers a considerable range of memorial jewellery to allow you to honour your loved ones with a symbolic piece that suits your style. Popular choices include ashes jewellery, photo jewellery, handwriting jewellery and paw print jewellery to remember your furry family members. Each piece will suit different individuals, and you can browse the entire collection to find something that resonates with you and allows you to feel closer to your loved ones for years to come.

What is remembrance jewellery? m- Inscripture