What Is Gold Vermeil?

Have you noticed the words Vermeil Gold when shopping for jewellery? Have you wondered what it is and how it is different from Gold Plated jewellery? We have all the answers below…

Vermeil is a style of gold plating that is also known as silver gilt. For jewellery to be called vermeil it must have a solid sterling silver base and then a coating of gold over the top. The gold coating must be a minimum of 10-carats, but our high-quality gold and rose gold vermeil jewellery has an 18-carat coating. The gold coating is created with gold leaf or gold powder.

Gold Vermeil looks just like solid gold and shines in the same way, so nobody will realise your jewellery isn’t pure gold. As it is crafted using only precious metals it is more hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

The History Of Gold Vermeil…

The technique of creating gold vermeil was originally developed in France in the 18th century when the majority of large objects produced by goldsmiths were made this way. Now gold vermeil is used to make Crown Jewels and Olympic gold medals as well as jewellery.

What Is Gold Plating?

Gold plating can use any metal as the base and the gold layer can be of differing levels of purity.

Gold plated jewellery costs less than vermeil jewellery as it doesn’t use sterling silver as the base metal. The base metal could be a cheaper metal like steel or brass, which is dipped in gold. This coating tends to be thinner and can wear off over time.

Caring For Gold Vermeil Jewellery

If 18ct Gold Vermeil comes into contact with cosmetics, perfumes or lotions it may dull slightly over time. If you would like to know how to care for vermeil jewellery please visit our Care Guide.

We have an extensive range of 18 ct Rose Gold and Gold Vermeil Memorial Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. Choosing Vermeil ensures you are getting premium, lasting quality, without the solid gold price tag.