Ways to Commemorate a Loved One

Ways to Commemorate a Loved One - Inscripture

There are countless ways to celebrate their lives after they have passed and many years on, so we have compiled 21 fabulous ideas to help inspire you to get creative when you are planning an event or another unique way to mark their life. Allow your shared memories with a lost loved one to live on by commemorating them.

As a memorial jewellery brand, we have spoken to numerous people about how they have coped with their bereavement. While some people prefer to mourn in private, others prefer to gather their nearest and dearest while grieving. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, so get creative and find a way that suits you or use this list for some inspiration.

21+ Ways to Commemorate a Lost Loved One

1.    Read their favourite book
2.    Do a random act of kindness for a stranger, such as paying ahead for someone’s order in a drive-through order or giving someone some flowers
3.    Write them a letter to tell them about your life and what you have been up to. You can keep this in your home or deliver it to their grave
4.    Cook their favourite meal and enjoy it while watching their favourite TV show or movie

Other Ways to Celebrate a Lost Loved One

Here is a quick recap of the other celebration and memorial ideas from the previous posts on the Inscripture blog:

5.    Hold onto something of theirs
6.    Frame something significant
7.    Organise a memorial bench
8.    Create personalised memorial jewellery
9.    Donate to their favourite non-profit organisation
10. Plant a tree for them
11. Make a memory jar
12. Travel to your loved one’s treasured places
13. Celebrate their birthday
14. Grow a community garden in their memory
15. Start a charity for a cause they cared about

Ways to Mark Pet Loss

Losing a furry family member can be just as hard to deal with as losing a person you are close to; pet loss is a valid cause for grieving. Unfortunately, many people who have not had pets or shared the same experience of having animals in their home can’t relate to the hole they leave in your everyday life when they pass. However, we believe that pet loss should be taken seriously.

Here are six ways to celebrate your pet’s life and mourn your loss:

16. Hold a pet memorial
17. Give yourself a dog memorial or cat memorial gift
18. Volunteer your time at an animal shelter
19. Donate to an animal charity
20. Order a canvas print of your favourite photo with your pet and proudly display it on your wall
21. Wear an item of personalised paw print jewellery to remember them

Ways to Commemorate a Loved One - Inscripture

Check out our previous post on pet memorial ideas for more information.

How to Order Memorial Jewellery to Commemorate a Loved One

If you think you would benefit from some memory jewellery, we have some handy guides on how to order memorial jewellery and ashes jewellery. Otherwise, feel free to browse your favourite category and choose from pieces such as handwriting jewellery, robin jewellery, or photo jewellery.

Ways to Commemorate a Loved One - Inscripture