Ways To Celebrate Memories Of A Lost Loved One

There are many ways to celebrate someone you have lost and remember the memories of those lost loved ones because it can be extremely emotional. It is important to be able to find a way to cope with such an event. At Inscripture, we work with many people to bring them Memorial Jewellery and other bereavement memorabilia to celebrate their loved ones. Here are a few ideas to help you fill in the void and make the process even just 1% easier.

How To Celebrate Memories of a Lost Loved One

Hold onto something of theirs

If there was something that the two of you shared that has significant meaning to the both of you, hold onto it. There is no reason to get rid of it and if it makes you feel like they’re with you, keep their items for your comfort. This can be anything from a hat, a piece of clothing that reminds you of them, or a piece of sentimental jewellery.

Frame something that signifies their life

If you have something of theirs that they have accomplished or written, it may bring happy memories to your mind when you see it. Maybe you could frame one of their best recipes, a photo of a shared happy memory, or a certificate of their achievements. Frame it, put it on the wall in your home and then you can view it every day and think of them. If you travel a lot, you may also find a Photo Necklace useful as well, to keep your treasured memories with you at all times.

Memorial spot

If they had a favourite spot they liked to visit, inquire with the council if you can put up a memorial in their honour, such as a bench or tree in their favourite park. Get creative and bring your family to visit the spot so you can remember your loved one together. This memorial spot should be different from their burial site and offer a relaxing space to sit and reminisce on your memories together.

Create a personalised piece of jewellery

You can get very creative and organise for a Handwriting Bracelet engraved with their very own handwriting, capture their Ashes into Jewellery or use a copy of their prints to create Fingerprint Jewellery or Paw Print Jewellery, in the case of furry family members. The jewellery becomes a beautiful way to remember them as you can hold onto a piece of them.

Celebrate Memories of a Lost Loved One in Your Own Way

It does not have to be one of the above ways of celebrating a loved one that you lost but come up with some way to do so. However, it can be the first step in healing from this grief that you are dealing with.

The important part of this is that it celebrates that person’s life and the relationship you shared. It should provide you with comfort and healing as you deal with the process of coping with grief.