Valentine’s Day Gifts & Ideas 2023

Valentine’s Day Gifts & Ideas 2023

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you may ponder over how to show your love and appreciation for your significant other, best friends and family members. While chocolates and flowers are always a classic choice, why not switch things up and give them a memorable or personalised gift they will cherish for years?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Partners, Best Friends and Family

Personalised Jewellery

No matter who you are looking to spoil this Valentine’s Day, personalised jewellery is always a winner.

Giving jewellery is a thoughtful way to show your love for someone, and the personalised element of Inscripture jewellery can help them feel valued.

Plus, when you gift a piece that fits seamlessly into their current jewellery collection, they can wear a constant reminder of your loving relationship. So when they look down at their wrist or feel their necklace, they can remember how loved they are and think of the special moments you shared.

The secret to choosing the perfect personalised piece is to consider what type of jewellery your partner or friend already wears. For example, if they often wear dainty necklaces, one of the Inscripture sterling silver necklaces with a Valentine’s engraving or a personalised pendant is a great choice. However, if they are more of a bracelet person, the handwriting bangle in silver or rose gold is a classy addition to their collection.

Personalised jewellery is not just limited to necklaces or bracelets. There are also many other pieces of jewellery available in our Valentine’s collection, including Pandora charms, earrings, dog tags, tie clips, cufflinks, pocket watches or even key rings for people who may not wear usually wear jewellery on their person.

Books Club Subscription (Great for Mums!)

All mums deserve to be showered in love on Valentine’s day! Giving your mum, aunty, or mum-like friend a book subscription is a great way to treat them to something to look forward to for a few months.

Mums are notorious for putting everyone else first, so hopefully, you can encourage them to carve out some ‘me’ time and put their feet up to escape into a new world when they pick up their book.

Either sign them up for a book club subscription so they can receive a new book every month, or gift them a few of your favourite books to start them off. Alternatively, you could browse your local charity shops and put together a selection of 3-4 books you think they may appreciate, along with some fancy tea and shortbread biscuits.

Gift an Experience

If you struggle to know what to buy someone for Valentine’s or Galentine’s day, planning a fun day or night out with your loved one can be a great option.

Options include:

Spa day
City break
Drive-in movie night
Afternoon tea
Trip to a Botanical Gardens

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hopefully, these Valentine’s day gift ideas (or Galentine’s day gifts) will help you choose the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your partner or friend on this special day.