Tips For Working From Home


With most of us adjusting to our ‘new normal’ and working from home, we thought we would share some of our tips for making the transition a successful one.

As a family business with a small team, we all work remotely, many of us from home. It’s so incredibly easy to get distracted. The beep of the dishwasher begging to be unloaded, the unruly pile of paperwork eyeballing you from the kitchen table not to mention all that laundry that needs putting away! Here are some of the things that work for us….

Motivate Yourself

Getting out of your pyjamas and into something you feel good in makes a big difference. You can still be comfortable and stylish. Try leggings with an oversized denim shirt or jeans and a simple white tee. A little light makeup and of course some jewellery (view our range here)! A good spritz of your fave fragrance to finish your look.

Find Your Space

Find a space to work, just don’t fall into the trap of working from your bed, trust us it won’t make you productive! We like to light a candle and have a large glass of water nearby to make sure we keep hydrated as we work. Make your desk a happy place to be with reminders of things that make you smile (see our range of personalised desk items here).

Set A Timer

Set a timer on your phone for a break. Use this break to pop the kettle on, step outside to get some air or roll out your mat and stretch for 10 mins.

Take A Proper Lunch Break

Make sure you take a proper break to eat something nutritious to keep you going. Use this time to reconnect with family or friends. If the sun has its hat on get outside ( at a safe distance from others of course ) breathe in the spring air and feel your shoulders inch down♡

Other little tips are….

1. Keep a facial spritz on your makeshift desk- we love Mario Badescu they help keep you refreshed and awake and are particularly good for that afternoon slump!

2. Turn off your social media notifications whilst working, you will be surprised how a quick scroll eats into your work time, making your day longer than it should be.

Keep going guys, we are all in this together ♡