Stationery vs Stationary

Stationery and Stationary are two words that sound the same but have very different in meanings. At a glance, they look similar, but one is spelt with ERY at the end and the other ARY. It’s very easy to confuse the two words, so to save you mixing them up we have put together a mini-guide to help you remember which is which.



The word Stationary (with an A)  means not moving, still or unchanging.


The car was stationary in a queue of traffic.


The word Stationery  (with an E) refers to writing and office supplies like notebooks, paper, pens and envelopes.


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A little trick to remember how to spell them

Remember StationAry as being spelt with an A for “stAnding still” or an AR like “pARked cAR”.

Remember StationEry as being spelt with an E for “Envelope,” or an ER like “papER”.

We hope our quick tips will help you remember the difference between the two words and how to spell them. Don’t forget we stock personalised stationEry. Our stylish notebooks that can be printed with a special message in a loved one’s actual handwriting on the cover or even personalised with a child’s drawing.

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