Smoothie & Cocktail Receipes

Smoothie & Cocktail Receipe - Inscripture

Whether you’re getting fit and want to compliment your new healthy regime with a nutritious smoothie or you’re sunning yourself in the garden and want a cheeky refreshing alcoholic beverage, we’ve conjured up these two goodies to keep you going

Green Goddess

Blend together:

40g of Spinach

50g of Blueberries

Half a Medium Avocado

3 thick slices of Cucumber

4 sprigs of Fresh Mint

330ml of Coconut Water


Strawberry Mojito


25ml White Rum

4 Sliced Strawberries

1tsp Honey

Juice of half a Lime

5-6 mint leaves

Soda Water to fill


Now sit back and Enjoy!