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When Inscripture was born as LLB back in early 2016 we had a vision of what we wanted our Brand to be. Over the years we have exceeded our expectations of how quickly it would be achieved but this is not without recognition from other Brands, unfortunately not in a positive aspect but from an imitation prospective.

Larger Brands have the Budget & Social Awareness to squash smaller business & in turn make them look like the imitations so today we have decided to shine a light on the products newly appearing on the market and price comparisons of large Brands with what you get for your money.




Our first observation is for our Iconic Bar Necklace as worn by a number of Celebs, priced with ourselves at just £28. There is a difference in the material this particular Brand has launched this style in however does it warrant a price tag of £120 or are you simply paying for the name




Next is our Handwriting Bead Charms, obviously there is no imitation on this Brands behalf but for a standard charm you are looking at between£20-£150, once again you are paying for the Brand Name? Our Charms using a Loved Ones Actual Handwriting are of the same quality and are priced at just £34 which have a lot more sentime

nt than a symbolic charm. Not that we ourselves are not lovers of this particular Brand, but simply observing the comparisons in what a fully established worldwide Brand can achieve when setting their prices.



We then come to our popular Bee Necklace, now obviously this is has become an Iconic Necklace for another beautiful Brand with a Price Tag of £165 yet, you guessed it, you’re paying for the Brand Name. Although a recent competitor to ourselves sells this particular necklace for £85 in comparison to our £45-£55. In review of their website last week when it was brought to

our attention they have a number of products simular to ours, all priced considerably higher so we are undercharging or are they overcharging, who knows?



Our most recent comparison comes with a sour taste after another business falsely claimed our Stretch Bracelets as worn by Laura Anderson on this years Love Island were in fact theirs. This of course was not true despite the lengths they went to to try and disprove this and tarnish our reputation however thankfully the only attention is brought was positive to ourselves by increasing our Brand Awareness and that in fact, once again, we are cheaper. Our Bracelets are just £18 in comparison to their £22 and are also worn by a number of Celebrities as listed in our Inscripture Celebrities Blog.



Whether comparing to Small Businesses or large Brands when it comes to precious metals, the hallmarked qualities are the same, usually the level of care going into each product is high and Brands are flourishing but why do some charge more than others? Here at Inscripture we are continually recognised for our low prices & it is often a talking point among customers. Although this does then set doubt in some peoples minds as to the quality of what they are paying for but thankfully they always have their expectations exceeded by what they receive and then go on to further recommend us.

So why are we so cheap in comparison you ask? Well simply because the items we create are of such high sentiment, whether it’s a standard personalisation or a loved ones actual handwriting, a drawing or even a hand, foot or paw print, that we do not believe in exploiting someones desire for such a precious item. We work very closely with our Manufacturers to enable the best prices, keep our overheads low in our Essex based Studio and have the most dedicated, hardworking team to streamline every aspect to keep our costs to a minimum so this can then be reflected on to you. Is there any compromise on quality? Not a chance!

We will always pride ourselves on being the most competitive on the market & giving optimum quality at affordable prices because why mark prices up just to offer a Sale later in the year. Unfortunately this means our Sales are minimal, however you can rest assured know you have already paid the best price for your item.

Much Love


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