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Pet Memorial Ideas for Your Loved Ones Experiencing Loss of a Pet

Here are three ways to help your loved one commemorate their pet’s life and cope with grief after losing a pet, including organising a pet memorial, gifting them priceless pet memorial jewellery and supporting them emotionally.

Hold a pet memorial

Although we tend only to consider formally commemorating the lives of our lost friends or family, it can be just as powerful in the grief process to celebrate the life of a pet.

After losing a pet, your friend or family member may feel too overcome by their grief to organise a memorial for them. Offer to take the reigns and arrange a memorial walk in their dog’s favourite place or take them out for a coffee to reminisce on their pet’s life. Offer a shoulder to cry on and the chance for them to share their favourite memories of their pet.

Pet memorial gifts for your loved ones

Being in a quiet house without the presence of a pet can be overwhelming and challenging. When your friend is used to their pet being around and now has to cope with the empty feeling of their home, sometimes offering a gift to show you are thinking of them can help. We’ve had tremendous feedback from our customers about our ‘In Memory of Pets’ gift collection to say they found holding onto a physical item that reminded them of their pet helped when they were feeling low.

Pet Memorial Jewellery & GIfts

Our top choice for dog and cat memorial gifts is Paw Print Jewellery. We can engrave anything from this range with a mini picture of the pet’s paws or nose so that they can feel their pet close to them. If you can’t decide on one of the cat and dog memorial gifts, this Silver Paw Print Locket is a great choice. We especially love this dog remembrance gift as it allows the pet’s paw to sit near their heart where it belongs.

Pet Memorial Paw Print Jewellery

Empathise with your loved ones

Along with gifting them one of the above pet loss gifts, your time and support are among the most helpful things you can give your loved one. If you have lost a pet yourself, you know how lost and lonely someone can feel after saying goodbye to their furry family member. When they are ready, they will reach out to those around them who can understand how they feel. However, it can help to gently remind them that you are here for them when they need you.

Thank goodness for friends like you!

To support a friend through their grief after losing a pet, be there for them when they need to offer a shoulder to cry on. You may also wish to show your love for your friend with one of these pet memorial gifts. However you choose to support your friends grieving the loss of a pet, just know they appreciate having a person like you in their life.

Pet Memorial Jewellery