Pet Bereavement Support Services

Pet Bereavement Support Services - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture The time following the loss of a pet is highly challenging and emotional. Pets are a huge part of our daily routine and our family, and the loss of their presence can be overwhelming. If you are feeling emotional due to pet bereavement, you may be searching for some support beyond that of your family and friends.

It is worth speaking to your local GP about the counselling services available in your local area or where you can self refer for therapy. However, in the meantime, these pet bereavement support services can provide resources, helplines and instant messaging services to help.

As a Memorial Jewellery brand that provides Paw Print Jewellery to many grieving pet owners, we are thinking of you during this time.

Pet Bereavement Support Options

Blue Cross

The Blue Cross is one of the largest organisations in the UK offering free support for anyone who has lost a pet. The confidential service is run by volunteers who can provide listening services on the phone when you are distressed or feel lonely. Although the volunteers won’t share their personal experiences with pet grief, many of them have experience pet loss themselves and can, therefore, offer an empathetic ear.

How to contact Blue Cross:

●      0800 096 6606 (between 8:30am to 8:30pm every day)
●      Live chat feature
●      Online form
●      Facebook community

Cats Protection

The Paws to Listen Grief Support run by Cats Protection are another helpline you may wish to use if you are specifically dealing with the loss of a cat. Cats Protection set up the initiative to allow grieving cat owners a friendly chat with trained volunteers who can sympathise with their grief. They also have a list of resources and guides for you to read when the helpline is not available.

How to contact Cats Protection:

●      0800 024 94 94 (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm)
●      Support form


If you seek support after hours, the Samaritans offer a non-judgmental support helpline for anyone experiencing feelings of distress or sorrow. Although anyone feeling this way can call the Samaritans, the volunteers are certainly used to listening to those suffering from the grief of pet loss.

How to contact Samaritans:

●      0845 790 9090 (24 hours)

Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse work with anyone experiencing grief, including pet bereavement. They specialise in bereavement support and offer an instant messaging service if you don’t wish to talk over the phone.

How to contact Cruse:

●      0808 808 1677 (daytime helpline every day, see schedule for more information)
●      Online chat

EASE (Resources Only)

If you are seeking support information on behalf of your loved one, are not ready to speak to someone or are already seeking talking therapy for your loss, you may prefer to gather some useful support information to help you in your grief.

EASE offers a podcast and support information on pet loss written by a pet bereavement support specialist. These guides can help you prepare for pet loss via euthanasia, support a friend in their grief, etc. If you are seeking information for your friend or family member in their loss, you may also wish to gift them a sentimental piece of photo jewellery to give them something to hold in moments of sadness.

Sending Hugs!

Losing a pet is a complex, emotional, and stressful time and you may feel utterly alone in your grieving as the rest of the world carries on as before. However, there are support services available for grieving pet parents to help. Hopefully, these resources can support your grieving process and help you feel less alone during this awful time.

Pet Bereavement Support Services - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture For more information, read our Memorial Jewellery blog on how to grieve the loss of a pet or ​​join the Inscripture bereavement support community on Facebook to seek support from others who are experiencing loss.

Pet Bereavement Support Services - Pet Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture