Our Journey

How Inscripture became the UK’s leading handwriting jewellery specialist

Inscripture’s journey began when I left my career in banking to go on maternity leave for my second child, Isabella in 2015. I’ve always been creative and had an entrepreneurial streak but, until now, was too scared to risk my career on something that could potentially fail. Spending more time in my home town of Leigh-on-Sea, surrounded by small independent businesses gave me the courage to try something new. During my maternity leave, I found a love of creating personalised jewellery & gifts for my mum friends and their little ones. I got a real buzz from giving them something unique that I’d created just for them to celebrate the special bond they had with their children. Keepsakes that they could cherish now and treasure forever. A small idea began to take shape and my maternity leave gave me an opportunity to test the water for my dream – a studio creating meaningful jewellery and gifts that celebrate emotional connections and capture special memories and moments.

Inscripture started with just me at my dining room table, fuelled by passion, lots of coffee and full of ideas. My family were incredibly supportive of all my plans and gave up their time to help me get my dream off the ground. They are still very much part of the business today. In September 2016 I received a birthday card in the post and was talking to my partner about how I loved seeing the handwriting on the envelope and knowing who it was from before I’d even had a chance to look at the signature inside. This started me thinking about how everyone’s handwriting is totally unique and that you recognise your loved one’s words instantly. Imagine if you could engrave those handwritten words onto jewellery?

I was so excited by my idea that I started to look around and see if anyone else was creating handwriting jewellery before researching copyrights & trademarks. To my disappointment, I found a lady in the USA who had created pieces a few years earlier but using a different technique with different results to the jewellery I had in mind. I wasn’t disheartened though as this was still a unique and original product to be launched in the UK that no one else was creating. At first, all our jewellery was stamped by hand, letter by letter, but I soon realised I needed to invest in an engraving machine to create the special jewellery I had in mind. This would let me expand our range and save my back (and my neighbours from the banging!).  The machine would open up lots of exciting new possibilities and I began to brainstorm what else I could engrave that would hold special meaning to people.

I began researching various engraving methods as I knew exactly what I envisioned our jewellery’s finished look to be, I didn’t want a standard diamond cut or engraving that was barely visible, I wanted something prominent that would catch your attention at a quick glance. After months of research and meetings with various companies, I attended an exhibition in January 2017 to really see, feel and test the quality of the options available. This helped me find the perfect machine for me and I finalised our purchase.  It was a scary decision as this was a huge investment but has been the best decision I ever made.

I immediately replicated our hand stamped My Mummy & Me™ Bracelets and started experimenting with my new machine to see if I could extract and engrave those special handwritten words on to a piece of jewellery. After some trial and error, I got a perfect match and was over the moon with the results.

I was so excited about the endless possibilities. Engraving special words from a loved one who is no longer with us, to create a lasting memorial. Cherishing those childhood moments that pass too quickly with jewellery that features their first written words or drawings. Offering a way for people to keep a special message from a love letter close to their heart always.

It was with great excitement and a huge amount of hard work that I launched our Handwriting Range in April 2017. It was hard to keep what I had been working on a secret as I was so excited about our new concept, but after suffering multiple copycats I knew it wasn’t worth the risk of someone stealing my idea before I had even launched it. Although since its launch we have become an “inspiration” to many others & have seen our once original product become a popular choice for imitation.

My partner, Andre, had been helping me package up and send out orders and in October 2017 he left his job & joined me full time. He trained as a master engraver and now helps me every step of the way.

Over the years we’ve perfected our craft and there are very few limits to what we can engrave. It doesn’t matter if the handwritten words are on a patterned background or on lined paper, we can engrave from any colour of pen ink, can restore some letters that have become faded over time and even create new messages using the letters from other words.

We’ve never stopped innovating new ideas and have a number of worldwide exclusives under our belts! We are proud to be fuelled by passion & are now surrounded by an amazing dedicated team who also have a true love of what we do.

As well as our iconic Handwriting Jewellery collection we can also engrave Drawings, Hand & Foot Prints, Fingerprints, Paw Prints, Sound-waves, Illustrations, Photos & have launched a beautiful range of Ashes into Jewellery, meaning we now officially have the largest range of Memorial Jewellery in the UK and are the Leading Experts in Handwriting Engraving.

My dream of turning treasured memories into cherished keepsakes is now my speciality!