National Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day is a special day dedicated to showing Pops and Nana how much you love and appreciate them.

As the oldest and wisest generation, grandparents, contribute to the education, wellbeing and care of our children. According to over half (51%) of grandparents provide regular childcare for their grandkids.

Use this special day to show them how grateful you are for their support. It also an opportunity for generations to connect and for family history to be passed down and enjoyed.

Sadly, the Pandemic has meant many families haven’t been able to spend as much time together as they would have normally, so there’s even more reason to celebrate that special bond this year.

When is Grandparents Day in The UK?

Grandparent’s Day is usually celebrated on the first Sunday in October. In 2020 Grandparent’s Day will take place on Sunday 4th October.

How did Grandparent’s Day start?

Grandparent’s Day started as a result of Marian McQuade, who campaigned for there to be a special day for families to visit older relatives in nursing homes for nearly a decade. She hoped to connect generations and her hard work paid off in 1978 when American, Jimmy Carter, declared Grandparents Day and National Holiday in The US.

The idea took a while to catch on in The UK, but the celebration was introduced in 1990 by the charity Age Concern and it has been celebrated on the first Sunday in October since 2008.

Fun Grandparent Facts

  • The average age of becoming a grandparent in the UK is 63 years old, but the average age worldwide is just 47 years old
  • The average UK grandparent has between five and six grandchildren, but the largest number on record is 247. A Filipino lady gave birth to 14 children, who themselves produced 107 grandchildren, 138 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren
  • The UK has approximately 14 million grandparents.

Ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day…

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day is slightly more challenging in 2020, especially if your relatives have been shielding during the pandemic. Please follow current government guidelines and make sure everyone stays safe.

  • Make a ‘My Grandpa & Grandma are Special Because…’ card. Ask your child to great creative! They can draw and write all the things that make their grandparents unique and special to them
  • Help your children bake their grandparent’s favourite cake. Earn extra point if you ice it with a message!
  • Create a photo book containing all the special pictures you have collected on your phone over the years
  • Ask your child to interview their grandparents about their lives – they will get a valuable insight into their grandparents and hear about their family history
  • Have a Zoom Party. All sit down for afternoon tea ’together’. You could even arrange for some scones, jam and other treats to be delivered to your grandparent’s house in preparation for the event.

Gift ideas for Grandparents Day

At Inscripture we have a range of personalised gifts that are perfect for celebrating the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. We can engrave a hand-written message from your child, their drawing or even their hand or foot prints onto a gift that they are sure to cherish.