National Funeral Exhibition

National Funeral Exhibition - Memorial Jewellery - InscriptureWe are so excited to tell you about our experience at the National Funeral Exhibition last month. The show was a great opportunity to meet people in the industry face-to-face and share our passion for what we do. However, we were very aware that attending the event as a small family business, could be difficult and that we could be coming across as naive or unprepared for what was in store!

We were so nervous about it, but we were blown away by how well received our brand was! Our stand was jam-packed full of funeral directors, celebrants and more for the whole weekend, each full of praise and compliments for our brand, morals, and products.

National Funeral Exhibition - Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture

Here’s some of the feedback we received.

“The quality of Hayley’s products is second-to-none. They are beautifully made and provide comfort at such a difficult time.”

“Such incredible innovation”

“Your Trustpilot score is exceptional”

“So nice to see a quality mens range”

“It’s clear to see why you’re the leaders in the industry”

“I’ve bought your products personally & was so excited to find you were here so I could come say hello”

National Funeral Exhibition - Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture

We were truly overwhelmed by the amazing response and came back to the studio hoping to have gained some potential partnerships.

With the truly inspirational people we had met, we were speechless to hear in our follow ups that almost every single funeral home was keen to work with us & offer our products to their clients. We cannot even begin to explain what an incredible feeling this is.

To read our customer reviews truly means the world to our team but to receive the same feedback from funeral professionals was an incredibly proud moment for our founder Hayley, knowing those are the people who work closest with grieving families & can see the comfort our items & service will bring.

We believe that the best way to understand how our products will make a difference is by hearing directly from people who work in the industry. That’s why we were thrilled to get such exceptional feedback from the show.

National Funeral Exhibition - Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture

We have since been invited to join the National Association of Funeral Directors, SAIF (Association of Independent Funeral Directors) and also the Association of Celebrants to raise awareness of our brand & services within the sector. Again, amazing opportunities to really showcase our professionalism & dedication to our niche.

NAFD Members - Inscripture - Memorial Jewellery

The NAFD in-particular were so impressed by our brand & story they requested us to write an editorial on Memorial Jewellery for their upcoming magazine.

We’ve also been busy writing blog posts and articles for the industry journals, which has brought us some great exposure. We are so proud to be part of this community of professionals who share our core-values & morals.

To be recognised for our hard work, innovation & quality is more than we could have ever wished for & we are truly grateful for every single person who has supported us on our journey so far.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and look forward to continuing to serve you with even better products in the future!

National Funeral Exhibition - Memorial Jewellery - Inscripture