Mothers Day Gifts | Meaningful Present Ideas for Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and Friends

Mother’s Day Gifts | Meaningful Present Ideas for Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and Friends

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday after the beginning of lent to honour the motherly figures in our lives. In 2023, Mother’s Day falls on 19th March. Therefore, you may have started to think about how to show your appreciation for the endless love, sacrifices, and efforts of your mother, grandmother, aunt, or any other special female who has played a nurturing role in your life.

One of the best ways to express gratitude and love is through thoughtful gifts that convey our emotions and help these extraordinary women feel valued. In this blog post, the Inscripture team have put together our top meaningful present ideas for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Can be a Challenging Time

However, as a memorial jewellery brand, we also recognise that some people may struggle with loss and grief during this time. Therefore, we have put together some articles, such as a blog post on how to talk about death, to help you find an organisation that can help you through this challenging period. You can also find specialised helplines via the mental health charity Mind.

Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Scrapbook or Photo Album – Handmade Gift Idea

If you have a budding passion for showing your creativity, you can give a homemade family photo album or a scrapbook filled with photos and other memories. Even if you aren’t great with arts and crafts, services such as PhotoBox can print an album using copies of your digital images.

Jewellery – Thoughtful Gift

A custom-made piece of jewellery can also be a touching way to show how much you care.

Inscripture offers custom Birthstone Jewellery or Constellation Jewellery, which can make an excellent present for mums and other women who enjoy wearing jewellery and accessories that hold a special meaning. Our Children’s Drawing Jewellery is also a lovely idea for grandparents. Simply choose the piece, and we can engrave the artwork done by their grandchildren on the charms to be cherished.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts sound like a last-minute present idea you might only use if you were in a panic to find a present. However, organising an experience that suits their interests can help you show your love.

Plus, buying a voucher for you both to share will allow you to create memories with your mother that you can both cherish forever.

Experience gift ideas include:

●      Cooking class

●      Wine tasting session

●      Spa day

●      Trip to her favourite destination, such as a garden centre, botanical garden, art gallery, or amusement park.

Thoughtful Cards

Lastly, a thoughtful card with a heartfelt message can convey a loving message to the notable female figures in your life. You can add this gift idea to another present idea, or this simple gesture can be enough to make them feel special and bring a smile to their face.


There are many ways to express your love and appreciation for your mother, grandmother, aunt or other female friends and family members on Mother’s Day. However, you can’t go far wrong with any present, as long as it reflects your emotions and shows how much you value her.