Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

There are countless ways to celebrate a loved one that has passed away, from more traditional celebration ceremonies and scattering of the ashes to personalise unique events. Losing someone close to you can be one of the most challenging things to overcome, and you may wish to continue celebrating their life to help bring you some closure and help you cope with the grief.

In previous posts on the Inscripture blog, we have discussed other memorial ideas to celebrate your loved ones, such as ordering memorial jewellery or creating a memory jar. However, there is no one-size-fits-all way to plan a memorial moment. So here are five more ideas for celebrating someone’s life after they have passed away.

5 Memorial Ideas For Loved Ones That Have Passed

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

1.   Travel to your loved one’s favourite places

Travel to their favourite sites, countries or restaurants, and do what they love to do and walk in their footsteps for a few hours or days.

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

2.   Celebrate their birthday each year

Take the time to remember the person you lost every year on their birthday. This can be a barbecue, a small get-together, or a large party – whatever you think the person would have enjoyed. You can organise the same event every year or try something new and write them a letter to tell them about your adventure and leave it on their grave.

This can be a great way for families to gather each year and continue the traditions for years to come. In addition, it can bring your family closer together and bond over their shared grief.

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

3.   Plant a garden in their memory

Creating a natural garden gives you and the family and friends of the loved one a place to visit when they want to remember the person who has been lost. Gardens can also improve local biodiversity and give back to the community so others can appreciate the small things in life and reflect.

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

4.   Wear matching ashes jewellery

If you have lost someone in your family, you may wish to request to turn some of their ashes into jewellery so you can all keep a part of them with you. Additionally, it may be nice to order the same or similar pieces as your other family members so you can all have something that reminds you of each other.

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture

5.   Start a nonprofit in their honour

If your lost friend or family member was passionate about a specific cause or perhaps died of a certain condition, you may wish to open a nonprofit in their honour. This is a lovely way to further their legacy and the passions that they had throughout their life. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just start locally and raise funds and awareness for the causes that were close to their heart.

Get Creative!

Get creative with it! Ask your loved ones for their ideas and personalise a memorial day for your loved one.

You can honour your loved ones and their legacy in many different ways. Of course, the formal memorial service or funeral can help their friends and family members come together to celebrate their life. Still, you don’t need to stop there, and you can continue having more memorial moments for years to come.

Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones - Inscripture