How To Talk To Your Family About Your Will

Creating a will is important to ensure your possessions and wealth are distributed amongst your loved ones as you intended and make your wishes known. But it may feel like too complex a topic to bring up with your family members. No one likes to think about losing their loved ones. However, it’s a good idea to talk to your family about your will so they can anticipate its contents and your desires. Although it’s difficult to talk about your will and its general contents can help prevent confusion later down the line.

As a Memorial Jewellery brand that helps many people create memorabilia for their lost loved ones, we understand that talking about death within your family can be heart-wrenching. Therefore we have compiled our tips on how to broach the subject with your kin and ensure they have an opportunity to ask any sensitive questions they have.

Talking To Your Family About Your Will

Be Honest

Be honest and cautious to not overpromise to your family or give them false information about the contents of your will. However, we also don’t recommend that you tell your loved ones the exact content of your will as this may cause problems should you ever wish to make amendments in the future.

Bring Up The Topic More Than Once

You may wish to hire will services every 5-10 years to ensure your will is up to date. Therefore, it is vital that you talk about your will frequently, or at least whenever you have made significant changes you wish to notify your family.

Be Empathetic and Welcome Questions

Of course, talking about your death to your children or other loved ones may trigger them to feel sad and panicked. Therefore, you must approach the subject with empathy and understanding. You may also wish to suggest that if your family are interested in commissioning some personalised Handwriting Jewellery, you will enclose a letter in the will for them to use in their keepsake. Alternatively, you could leave them a print of your fingerprints for some Fingerprint Jewellery. This is a thoughtful way to allow them an opportunity to honour you after you pass and keep something to remind them of you always.

Discuss Your Living Wishes

Another thing you may wish to discuss with your family is your wishes for eldery care, such as your viewpoints ongoing into a care home or moving into assisted living centres. Again, talking about your living wishes with your children or family can help reassure them they are making the decisions you are comfortable with when they need to decide things on your behalf.

Talk About Funeral Plans

Finally, discuss your funeral wishes. Of course, one of the will services you can choose is dictating your funeral plans. However, you can prepare your family for this event by reminding them of your intentions, such as where you wish for your ashes to be scattered.

Open Up The Conversation

Discussing your will is a strange topic of conversation for any family dinner but doesn’t need to be awkward or upsetting. If you go into the conversation with the mindset that it’s necessary to discuss, your loved ones should reciprocate. You may also suggest that your family keep a few ashes to create Ashes Jewellery. Inscripture is happy to help you turn your Ashes into Jewellery or create a bespoke piece of Photo Jewellery so your loved ones can hold a piece of you close to them forever.