How to Style Your Jewellery This Summer

We love summer. The blue skies, warmer temperatures, tasty barbeques and trips abroad are good for the soul. Plus, it’s the perfect time to experiment with jewellery. The warm and sunny days provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing new styles; light and breezy summer outfits give us ample room to layer ourselves in stunning jewels and since summer is all about vibrant and lively colours, our jewellery should be too!

So, to help give you some summer jewellery inspiration, here’s a guide on how to style different jewellery collections from Inscripture to make the most of the season…

Anklets are a Must

If we were only allowed to wear one piece of jewellery during the summer, it would be anklets. Perfect for beach outings, summer festivals or even casual daytime wear, these dainty bracelets go around your ankle and add a subtle sparkle and touch of boho elegance to your look. We recommend pairing an anklet with your favourite swimsuit while heading to the beach or poolside. It’s a simple but beautiful way to elevate your look.

Alternatively, why not stack multiple anklets for a festival-ready look. It’s giving boho-chic, especially when you combine different metals and textures to create a unique, personalised look. We think our Duo Chain Anklet in silver and our Rose Gold Beaded Anklet is the perfect coupling for occasions like this.

Nature-Inspired Bee Jewellery

Since summer is the time when nature is in full bloom, it makes sense to complement the natural splendour with some nature-inspired jewellery like our stunning Bee Jewellery Collection. Our fuzzy, striped winged friends are synonymous with the overall vibrancy of the season and wearing bee-themed pieces is a gorgeous way of matching the harmony of the natural world around you. Plus, bees symbolise community and sweetness – qualities we all aspire to find during summer.

Bee jewellery is also more whimsical and fun compared to most other summer jewellery styles. And since summer fashion tends to be more relaxed and playful, it’s the perfect chance to experiment with new styles. Bee jewellery adds a touch of fun and light-heartedness to your outfit. We can just imagine our Bee Stud Earrings and Bee Bracelets creating a stylish ensemble for a garden party or brunch.

Layering Necklaces

With temperatures getting hotter, our summer wardrobes start to consist of lighter, breezier outfits to keep us cool. No matter whether you lean more towards sundresses, tank tops or off-the-shoulder blouses, it’s likely that your neckline is exposed, providing the perfect canvas for layering necklaces. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with different lengths and styles to create a look uniquely yours.

Layering summer necklaces also gives off an effortless, thrown together look. It’s chic, boho-inspired with minimal effort, making it match the laid-back vibe of summer perfectly. We recommend layering multiple delicate chains together for a stylish put together appearance. For example, our 18ct Gold Vermeil Crystal Sun Necklace would look beautiful combined with one of our Birth Flower necklaces on a longer chain length.

Stacking Earrings

If you’ve got multiple piercings in your ears, stacking together different metals and styles of earrings is another great way to style your jewellery this summer. The season is all about having fun and expressing your creativity and mixing and matching lets you do just that. And of course, summer is often the time for updos and shorter hairstyles to keep cool, so stacking earrings is a great way to draw attention to your ears and add an element of interest to your look.

Summer is also a time where we find ourselves becoming more spontaneous. One minute we’re relaxing at the beach and the next we’re in a bar dancing the night away. Stacking earrings means you’re ready for any event thrown at you; they suit the effortless style of a beach day just as much as a sophisticated evening out. We’ve already got our Sterling Silver Diamonte Star Huggies and Moon & Star Stud Earrings packed in a case ready for our summer holiday!

Colourful Birthstone Rings

Last but certainly not least, we can’t leave our house this summer without at least one, or maybe two, of our birthstone rings on our fingers. Adding colour and personality to our wardrobe, each birthstone carries personal significance, making it not only a beautiful addition to your summer jewellery collection, but a meaningful one. Wearing your birthstone, or that of a loved one, can feel special and intimate, making your summer accessories more than just fashion statements.

And don’t worry, we won’t tell if you just want to wear our birthstone rings simply because you like the colour. We do it too! Summer is filled with bright blue skies and colourful blooms, and our birthstone jewellery joins in with the season’s vibrancy with an array of colourful gemstones to choose from. We’re definitely matching several of our birthstone rings with corresponding colourful dresses this summer.

As we’ve explained, styling your jewellery this summer is all about having fun and expressing your unique style. Don’t get tied down with particular trends; wear the accessories that make you feel powerful and beautiful, whether that be wearing delicate anklets, nature-inspired bee jewellery, layering necklaces, stacking earrings or colourful birthstone rings. Explore all the above and more here at Inscripture.