How to create the perfect layered look

How to layer necklaces Layering is THE necklace trend that has been building over the last few years. We can see why – it lets you add your personality to an outfit, it’s an easy way to upgrade a plain top into this seasons hottest look and who doesn’t love a trend that means you can wear all your favourite jewellery at once?

But how do you perfect the look? Read our style guide and you’ll be layering like a pro in no time!

Which styles of necklaces should I put together?

This look is all about having fun, and thankfully there aren’t too many rules. Mixing vintage and modern, gold and silver, chunky and dainty all works, if you get it right!

In fact, the trend works best if you blend styles, lengths, colours, textures and metals. The main rule to follow is to make sure the necklace chains are different lengths so the necklaces sit gracefully at a variety of points around your neck.

Our top tips for layering success

  • Start with a base necklace to act as a point of focus. Pick a piece you love, probably with a pendant and work from there.
  • Coin necklaces have been the on-trend base choice his season.
  • Now start building your layers with a range of necklace lengths
  • Contrast chunkier chains with dainty pendants
  • Use personalised and sentimental items so the combination represents you
  • Make your look unique, so as well as updating with a few of this season key trends, get some of your older pieces out of retirement and add them into the mix
  • Have fun with it – mix metals, styles and old pieces with new.

Great lengths

Our necklaces come in a range of chain lengths, so you can get the desired cascade look. Here is our guide to where each chain length should sit.

Necklace length guide

What should you wear with your layered necklaces?

You don’t want the neckline of your top to clash with your necklaces, so we recommend either going for a round neck sweater – the prefect look for chilly Autumn days. Or a low cut dress, or deep v-neck for a glamorous evening look.

Insta Inspo

Need some more inspiration? Here’s how our favourite influencers are layering their necklaces…

Personalised Gold Locket

Gold Layered Necklace

Ready to Wear

If all this sounds like hard work, check out our layering range – we’ve launched double chain pendants for 2020 to save you shopping and styling time! ⁠

Layering Necklaces

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