How To Clean Silver At Home And Remove Tarnishing

How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewellery At Home

Owning and wearing silver jewellery should be a joy, but regular exposure to the elements can make your pieces look dull and dirty. Finding out how to care for your silver can feel intimidating, especially if the pieces are sentimental.

As a family-run business specialising in jewellery, the team at Inscripture understand the importance of restoring pieces to their original shine. This blog post will cover how to clean silver at home and bring the brightness back to your beloved silver pieces or memorial jewellery.

What is tarnishing

What is Tarnishing?

Tarnishing means that silver loses its natural shine through contact with Sulphur. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid exposure to this element, and your silver with inevitably react with Sulphur and become flat and dull over time. Luckily, tarnishing is not permanent, and you can easily clean tarnished silver at home.

Stop Jewellery from tarnishing

Top Tips To Avoid Tarnishing Your Silver Jewellery

What to avoid when cleaning silver at home:

● Don’t put silverware in the dishwasher, as this can make tarnishing worse.
● Don’t clean too often (2-6 times a year is sufficient).
● Don’t use coarse materials (especially metal sponges), which can damage the silver.
● Don’t use abrasive chemicals, such as bleach.

Jewellery care

How to ensure your silver receives the best care:

● Do wear your jewellery often. Natural oils and friction will help your silver shine.
● Do store your silver in a soft, sealed bag and avoid damp conditions.
● Do check for gemstones before cleaning, as you may need to alter the cleaning process to care for the stone.
● Do check with a professional if you are unsure.

How to clean silver jewellery

How to Clean Silver Jewellery

Store-bought polishes are available; however, they should be used sparingly as the strong chemicals in these polishes can damage silver over time. If you choose to use a commercial polish, then follow instructions carefully during use. Luckily you can restore your silver to its former glory by trying the simple technique in this article. Better yet, this method for cleaning tarnished silver uses ingredients usually found in your kitchen cupboard!

You Will Need:

● Aluminium foil
● 1 tablespoon salt
● 1 tablespoon baking powder
● 250ml boiling water
● Glass/plastic bowl
● Soft polishing cloths (such as a microfibre towel or 100% cotton cloth)

Jewellery cleaning guideInstructions:

Step 1 – Line the bowl

Line the glass or plastic bowl with aluminium foil, ensuring it is shiny side up. Avoid using metal bowls or pans, as these could create unwanted chemical reactions with the silver.

Step 2 – Add water

Fill up the bowl with boiling water. If you require more water to cover all the items you wish to clean, ensure to increase the baking powder and salt accordingly.

Step 3 – Add baking powder and salt

Add the baking powder and salt to the water.

Step 4 – Place your pieces in the water

Place the pieces you want to clean into the water. After the water has cooled, you can remove your silverware from the water.

Step 5 – Polish

Polish the silver using a soft cloth, either microfibre or 100% cotton. This will remove any remaining tarnishing that hasn’t come off in the water.

Step 6 – Repeat (if needed)

If there is still a tarnish remaining that you wish to remove, you can repeat the method until you are happy with the results. Otherwise, the process is complete, and your silver is ready to wear!


Learning how to clean tarnished silver should be easy, so this simple method will restore the shine and colour to your pieces. If you need help tackling the task yourself, please seek expert advice. You can contact our friendly Inscripture team or read about how to care for your jewellery for more information on keeping your silver pieces fresh as the day you bought them.