Customer Review “Impeccable customer care, trust, and…”

Impeccable customer care, trust, and the personal touch: go for Inscripture

I once heard someone say that if you are treated well as a customer then you will tell three people, whereas if you are treated badly, you’ll tell nine.

That is something I’d agree with. Human beings on the whole are much quicker to highlight shoddy service and poor performance. Bad news evokes more interest and is often in greater supply but thanks to Inscripture, I can start 2023 by bucking this trend by happily endorsing the UK’s first, and leading, handwriting engraving specialists.

It was Christmas 2022 and the most wonderful time of the year was a typically stressful one. Like most people with families, I had a few to buy for and had to think of a suitable present for my daughter to give to my spouse. Lesley, my wife, is an expert present-buyer and embraces the madness of the festive period in a way movie goers embrace the cinema. A lover of jewellery, she had let it be known that an item of silver with an engraving would be something she would like to open on Christmas Day.

So the online search began and Inscripture fitted the bill. A nice, easy-to-negotiate website that provided the service and product I required. And a few clicks later a lovely bracelet with a few chosen words from my daughter was ordered.

Many will say that a number of companies provide that service, have that sort of website, so why is Inscripture so special?

Impeccable customer care

A day or two after the order was placed, Inscripture was in touch. Not with the usual spam of offers that clogs up my emails particularly around that time of year, but a double check that my order was correct. I hadn’t uploaded a photo, just sent the words I wanted inscribed on the gift I had purchased. The message didn’t have an automated feel to it, it felt as though a human being had taken their time to confirm with me that my order was correct. Did I want to upload a photo? Was there a particular font? This was, again, all easy to follow and clear.

Inscripture’s website says its core values have always been to provide a personal customer experience with exceptional quality items at an affordable place. The company had certainly delivered on two of its promises – the price for the item and the service was more than reasonable –  while the reviews I had read had also backed up the ‘exceptional quality’ promise.

Trust and the personal touch

And so the day came. Having been advised to buy early for Christmas, particularly if shopping online, I had made a conscious effort to get organised as early as possible.

Things were going well and I was completing my present list on time, and was able to tick off another box when a parcel arrived from Inscripture.

But the box was empty!

My mind began to race, we had been warned about online scammers making a renewed effort to con people out of their hard-earned money. Had I become another victim to internet criminals. Jumping back on the Inscripture website, I frantically searched for the Contact Us section and found a number of ways to get in touch. As this was a crisis, I opted for the phone number provided.

It turns out I needn’t have worried.

Rather than the hundreds of options followed by being asked to press option pressing 1 or 2 multiple times, before being subjected to mind-numbing music while on hold, I found myself speaking to a human being almost immediately. A gentleman who was clearly experienced, he took me through the process of asking for my order number and within seconds knew which item I had purchased.

Trust of course is a two-way street. He asked me if the box had been damaged or tampered with and I assured him that was not the case. What followed was an explanation of what may have happened followed by the promise that my item would be sent out. The Inscripture employee further advised me with regards to paying extra for secure delivery. This was not a sales pitch designed to squeeze more money from a customer, rather advice to ensure that the present I wanted my daughter to give to her mum on Christmas Day would be at my house, wrapped, and under the tree before 25th December.

I came off the phone appreciative. I did not know if he had been dealing with one or one hundred customer queries that day, either way, he had provided a personal touch that made me feel important and is a fine ambassador with regard to customer service.

And happily, it arrived in a box, safe and sound. They had delivered on their promises and what I wrapped was a truly beautiful item I knew would make my wife and child very happy as receiver and giver, respectively.

The big day arrived and the result was as I expected. Inscripture had not only delivered on its core values, but helped make my Christmas a little less stressful.

A few days after the stat I mentioned at the top popped into my head. I had ticked the box saying I would like to receive emails about new items or latest offers (good jewellery makers always come in handy to a family man) but had largely ignored emails as I enjoyed the festive period. Inscripture had asked me to write a review, I had ignored that too, but then remembered that I hadn’t told three people about how well I had been treated and taken care of.

So this is where I right that wrong and happily endorse Inscripture. A company that keeps its words and more than lives up to its core values. I can say without doubt that I shall be doing business with them again.

I just hope this informs more than three people!

John H: Customer