Ashes Jewellery – Commemorate Your Loved Ones

What Is The Purpose of Ashes Jewellery?

Inscripture is an award-winning online store selling customised jewellery, trinkets, and other memorabilia. We create everything from accessories engraved with a loved one’s handwriting to jewellery that contains a lock of hair or the ashes of the deceased. Among our many different products, ashes jewellery is some of the most sought after. But despite the rising popularity of ash jewellery, there is still confusion as to what this type of jewellery is for.

Losing a loved one is always distressing, and the thought of no longer having them with you inevitably takes its toll on your well-being. Jewellery that’s designed to hold a small amount of a loved one’s ashes offers the opportunity for the owner to honour their memory and keep them close at all times.

Ashes jewellery, also known as cremation jewellery, is a type of memorial jewellery created to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. This could be a spouse, a parent, a dear friend, or even a pet. As the popularity of cremations increases, so wearing or keeping ash jewellery has become more common too.

If the idea of carrying someone’s ashes with you wherever you go seems strange, it may surprise you to learn that it has become a more acceptable practice in recent years. But it might even come as a bigger surprise that memorial jewellery is by no means a new thing. Historically, it has been a commonplace practice in some parts of the world for centuries.

History Of Ash Jewellery

As far back as the 17th and 18th centuries in the United Kingdom, for instance, people traditionally wore jewellery that commemorated their deceased loved ones. From this period until the early 1900s, the deceased’s families were given mourning rings that served as a symbol of their social status. These rings bore inscriptions with the name, date of birth, and deceased family member’s death date.

During the Victorian era, people had found new ways to remember their loved ones, dead or alive. Among the most popular practices at that time was keeping a lock of their hair. During the American civil war, soldiers commonly wore pendants containing their loved ones’ hair inside. And Queen Victoria herself kept a lock of her husband Prince Albert’s hair when he died in 1861. She had this encapsulated in a brooch that she often wore near her heart.

As the years passed, people began to take a different perspective on death. Where cremation has previously not been an accepted practice, by the 1960s, more and more people expressed a wish to be cremated rather than buried.

Once cremation became more popular, people developed new ways of treating the ashes of their loved ones. Some chose to bury urns with the ashes inside, while others displayed the container in their homes. Others scattered their loved ones’ ashes in places that were dear to them. But for those who wanted to keep the deceased’s memory alive and ever present in their minds, jewellery to hold ashes made a return as a popular means of commemorating a loved one who has passed on.

How To Have Ashes Jewellery Made

These pieces of personalised ashes jewellery can be worn every day or a piece that is only taken out on special occasions. Because there are so many designs and varieties to choose from, you can decide what design resonates with you the most.

To order a necklace to hold ashes from Inscripture, browse through our catalogue and look at the wide range of designs that we offer. There are pendants shaped like hearts, crosses, simple bars, and other more elaborate designs. Necklaces are not your only option, though. Bangles, rings, and cufflinks in various designs are also available.

Once you’ve chosen your design, you can also opt to customise the piece further by adding a handwritten inscription. That could be your loved one’s name, or maybe a word that reminds you of your relationship. It can even be created in your own handwriting or the handwriting of your loved one.

If this idea appeals to you, simply take a photo of the handwriting and send it to us along with the words or name that you want engraved on the piece of jewellery. From there, we’ll start the process of engraving the pendant, ring, bangle, or cufflink’s surface with the design you have chosen. When the process is complete, we will send it in a gift box along with a funnel kit and instructions on how you can insert the ashes into the jewellery.

Other Customised Jewellery To Remember Loved Ones

As well as necklaces and lockets for ashes, we also personalise pieces that can contain a lock of your loved one’s hair. These are perfect for those whose partners, relatives, or friends are still living, but far away, in the same way that soldiers from the war used to keep their loved ones’ locks of hair in a pendant.

And if you would simply like a personalised message or your loved one’s name inscribed on any item of jewellery, we can do this, also in your handwriting or your loved one’s if you wish.

If your pets are a lifelong passion, we also customise charms and pendants that can bear their paw or nose print. And if you have children, we’re even able to engrave a piece of their artwork onto a pendant.

One exciting new idea is to imprint the image of sound waves on the surface of a pendant, so if you have a favourite song that is special to you and your loved one, or would even like to capture your baby’s heartbeat perhaps, that can also be done by our artisans.

No matter what kind of gift or keepsake you would like, we have a wide range of options for you. Contact us now here at Inscripture, and we can help guide you through the process of choosing the right piece for your purpose. You can call us on 01702 861168 or send us an email through You can also browse through our catalogue and order directly from our product pages.


How much ash do you need for a necklace?

When putting ashes in necklaces in the UK, only a small amount of cremains is required. Around a teaspoon-sized amount should be sufficient for a pendant, a ring, or any other item of jewellery. Not only will you get to wear a beautiful piece, but you can also carry a piece of your loved one with you at all times.

Can ashes turn into jewellery?

The ashes don’t turn into jewellery per se, but each piece of cremation jewellery we offer has a unique design and can be used as a sort of miniature urn to hold some of your loved one’s ashes. Unlike traditional cremation jewellery, the ones we offer are beautiful, stylish and sturdy pieces that you can readily wear on any occasion.

What is memorial jewellery?

Memorial jewellery is handmade and incorporates some of the cremation remains of an individual’s loved one. Memorial jewellery is also known as cremation jewellery, funeral jewellery, or remembrance jewellery. A wide range of accessories such as heart lockets for ashes can be filled with a deceased person’s cremation remains, allowing you to take a piece of them anywhere you go.

What is a cremation pendant?

This is a type of memorial jewellery. Other pieces of this type of jewellery may come in the form of a ring, bracelet, or keychain with a hollowed-out interior compartment. The best ashes jewellery feature interior compartments covered by a threaded screw, which can be filled with a pinch of cremated ashes or a lock of the deceased’s hair.

Can you put ashes in a ring?

Yes. The memorial rings we offer serve this exact purpose. A ring is just one of the many ways to preserve a loved one’s memory. All you need is a pinch of the cremated ashes of your loved one, which will then be put into the interior glass compartment of a memorial ring that you can wear anywhere, every day.

Can I put my dog’s ashes in a necklace?

Yes! In fact, we have this option available for our cremation jewellery. Many people consider their pets as family, and it’s only right to honour them as such when they pass away. A dog ashes necklace is created by adding a small pinch of your pet’s ashes, or soil from a special place, inside a secret compartment in the pendant.

Things You Can Do With Your Loved One’s Cremains

In recent times, it has become traditional to scatter a deceased person’s ashes in a special location – one which holds a significant meaning to you or your loved one. However, nowadays, there are other ways you can preserve a loved one’s cremains, such as incorporating their ashes into jewellery, a charm, or a keepsake.

This is a practical way to preserve a loved one’s memory as you go through the grieving process. With this type of memento, you can hold on to a piece of your loved one, in an urn pendant, for instance, to keep their memory close to you wherever you may be. Inscripture creates customised jewellery to hold your deceased loved ones’ ashes. Our memorial accessories are not only beautiful and stylish; they also serve as a practical way to keep a loved one close. These custom pieces can be in the form of a ring, pendant, or even as keychains.

The Unexpected Rise Of Cremation Jewellery

You might be wondering about the origins of cremation jewellery. Jewellery to commemorate the dead dates back to the Victorian period, which is known for being a period of time in which death was viewed as a part of life.

Mourning jewellery was made from black materials to fit with the day’s strict dress code after a bereavement. While ashes weren’t incorporated into these jewellery pieces at that time because the concept of cremation was still in its infancy, many pieces such as a bereavement pendant from that era contained a small memento, such as a lock of hair.

However, with the rising popularity of cremation over the years, people began to explore other means of preserving a loved one’s ashes – one of which was through the creation of cremation jewellery such as ashes jewellery bracelets or earrings. And while some families still choose to scatter most of the ashes, they may also keep a small amount of it to incorporate within a locket or a ring. This has steadily paved the way for others to memorialise their loved ones in a unique and special manner.

What To Do With Your Pet’s Cremated Ashes

For many pet owners, losing a pet is just as devastating as losing a family member and they deem it equally important to honour their memory when they pass away. There are various ways of doing this with your pet’s cremains nowadays.

1. Keep in your home. Many families keep their pet’s ashes at home in an urn.
2. Bury the ashes. This is also quite common, especially for people with a spacious garden.
3. Scatter the ashes. This can be done at your pet’s favourite spot or even at home.
4. Plant the ashes or make a tree memorial. Some people prefer to celebrate a pet’s
memory with another living thing, such as a memorial tree.
5. Purchase ashes jewellery. This is a practical way to hold on to the memories of a
deceased pet, as you can wear the piece whenever or wherever you may be.

Preserving a loved one’s memory, whether a pet or a family member, can be done in a variety of unique and practical ways. Ashes jewellery is one of these. To own a meaningful and special memento of your loved one, whoever that might be, why not view the beautiful yet affordable pieces created by Inscripture here on our website? We have a wide selection of lovely ashes necklaces, rings, bangles, and cufflinks available.