Ashes into Jewellery FAQs

Ashes into Jewellery - Inscripture

How do I order Ashes Jewellery?

Here at Inscripture, we’ve done our best to make ordering our meaningful Jewellery as fuss free as possible, as we know the sentiment of our pieces and the importance of them being perfect to exceed your expectations.

Firstly, choose your favourite Ashes into Jewellery item from our range, select your resin colour preference, whether it be your favourite colour or your loved ones and select if you would like the addition of our real diamond dust.

You will then be sent one of our free Ashes Collections Kits whereby we need around half a teaspoon of your loved ones ashes carefully input into the provided container & secured within the sealed bag labelled with your details. There will also be a ring sizer (if required) to ensure you have selected the perfect fit for your Memorial Jewellery.

Once you have completed your kit, simply sent it back to us in the pre-paid envelope. We operate in a sterile environment where only one jewellery order is made at a time. Once received at our office, the ashes, order confirmation form and the jewellery piece are placed together in a sealed bag until needed by our jewellery maker in the workshop. No ashes are discarded during the process and all unused ashes are returned to you along with your jewellery piece. We treat the ashes of your loved with the utmost care and dignity & your item will be carefully curated & dispatched in our thoughtful packaging within 14 working days for you to treasure.

Ashes into JewelleryWhat measurement of Ashes is required?

We recommend around a teaspoon of Ashes to ensure a suitable amount is available for our master jewellers to select the very best particles to be embedded within the resin. We can create up-to 3 pieces with this amount for you & your family to keep your loved ones close.

Ashes into Jewellery - InscriptureHow is Ashes into Jewellery Made?

Our team of master jewellers respectfully blend a tiny amount of the ashes with the unique resin in your chosen colour. Each of our exquisitely crafted pieces of jewellery contains one or more chambers where the resin containing the cremation ashes, hair or fur are carefully added layer upon layer. There are many delicate stages to the process, and when finished, the resin has the appearance of a glossy stone containing the ashes suspended within like 3D floating flakes. The final outer layer is extremely hard and durable to protect the resin and its precious contents.

Can I use Hair or Fur?

Yes you can, simply input a few strands into the provided kit & we will embed these beautifully within your chosen resin.

Are the Ashes set into Glass?

No, we use a highly specialised Polymer resin which is UV resistant. This means that it will not discolour over time even if exposed to direct sunlight. This unique resin will not crack or smash, unlike glass, and it comes in a choice of twelve colours. Our Ashes into Jewellery is made up of several layers of coloured resin mixed with ashes. The final layer is a super-hard transparent one which protects all the other layers. Once made, the ashes are permanently sealed within the resin and cannot be removed. They will remain suspended and visible forever.

What is Diamond Dust?

Our real Diamond dust is the final layer that is added to your jewellery. It is not a glitter or sparkle and its visibility can depend on the design you choose, resin colour, and also the ashes themselves. It is designed to add a a subtle glint in sunlight.

What happens to the Ashes that aren’t used within the Jewellery?

No ashes are discarded during the process and all unused ashes are returned to you along with your jewellery piece. The cremation ashes will be treated with the dignified respect and care that they deserve.

Do you offer a guarantee?

All of our Memorial Jewellery comes with a 1-year warranty on construction defects, and the coloured layer has a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

We want you to treasure your jewellery piece forever, but we appreciate that accidents do happen. We offer a refurbishment service at a cost of £39 which will include re-plating and replacing any missing stones if necessary.

Ashes into Jewellery - Inscripture